PFC 7 – Red Deer – May 13


Date: May 13, 2011
Location: TBA in Red Deer, AB
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Ryan Machan (12-7) vs David Hulett (18-5)
Advin Omic (6-2) vs. Joel Powell (2-2)
George Belanger (4-4) vs. Josh Powell (4-0)
Chris Mattock (1-0) vs. Sheldon Doll (1-1)
Allan Munroe-Rosen (2-2) vs. Sheldon Vogt (1-1)
Mitch McPhee (2-0) vs. Jesse Fox (4-3)
Mark Marusz (2-2) vs. Drew Weatherhead (1-2)

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  1. Update: Rob Yundt vs Ryan Machan

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  2. I’m curious who’s sanctioning this event.

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  3. Paul St.Jean says:

    @Marc-Andre Drolet- Im pretty sure its a Red Deer commision as they were the ones who sanctioned the last PFC in december last year. Not 100% sure but thats who did it last year.

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  4. Frenchy says:

    3 guys from my team are fighting! :) Allan Munroe vs Sheldon Vogt @ 145lb, Mitch McPhee vs Jesse Fox @ 135lb and Mark Marusz vs Drew Weatherhead @ 145lb

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  5. Mike Davis says:

    Fox vs McPhee should be a goodie but I think Fox will be to much for Mitch. Weatherhead is fighting after EFC still is cool. Thanks for update Frenchy this card is getting no talk cause zero updates.

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Joel Powell replaces Jason Gorny against Advin Omic

    @ Mike Davis, for some reason we rarely get updates from PFC… If anyone has contact with them they should pass along our email address!

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  7. konrad says:

    george is fighting the brother of joel powell i think his name is josh hes 4-0 but yea joel is not fighting twice that night lol

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  8. Frenchy says:

    Go figure Drew is out!! Wich is to bad cause Mark is looking so good and wanted to fight!! JayMac had another guy named Chris Prickett but he backed out also… :( I guess next time!!

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  9. Mike Davis says:

    ya I saw on George’s facebook its a Powell who is 4-0, man if shows want to get hype on there show send in card to as much media as possible!like EFC.

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  10. UPDATE: David Hulett replaces Yundt who pulled out.

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  11. KC says:

    Why the curiosity Mr. Drolet? We both know it’s sanctioned by those goofs that used to run Rivercree out of Enoch. There is not and never has been a commission in Red Deer, and yet Kliperchuk and his twin send in results, suspend fighters and the list goes on and on. Just because they have permission from the City Council of Red Deer, who are completely useless when it comes to this sport, and assume it would be a great sporting event since J Mac involved.

    What a joke Western Canada MMA is and will continue to be. From a Calgary Commission who don’t have a clue what to do for martial arts and the fighters, to the inability of an Edmonton Director who thinks he is god but could pick out some great synchronized swimmers. I could go on and on but someone will be killed at one of these hokey shows. Hope Munroe is okay after his fight.,

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