Ford to Take on Parisyan at MMA Live


Ryan Ford will be fighting Karo Parisyan at MMA Live 1. According to Ryan Ford, the fight will take place at the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario on May 19th.

Ford, 14-3, has won six of his last seven fights including his last two against Pete Spratt and Johnny Davis. Now Ford will be facing his biggest challenge to date in Karo “The Heat” Parisyan.

Parisyan is 19-6 in his career and was a one time contender for the UFC Welterweight title. Although his last fight was a loss to UFC veteran Dennis Hallman, Parisyan has beaten fighters such as former UFC Welterweight champion Matt Serra, current Strikeforce Welterweight champion Nick Diaz, and current MFC Lightweight champion Antonio McKee.

Update: Top MMA News has heard that the commission has not approved the matchup yet.

43 Responses to “ Ford to Take on Parisyan at MMA Live ”

  1. evmister says:

    Glad to hear that this actually got put together!

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  2. brad says:

    Even with Parisyan being not nearly as good as he once , I don’t think Ford stands a chance.
    **Parisyan 2nd round submission**

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  3. Phil Baroni says:

    karo by submission

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  4. MMAFAN says:

    Ford By KO/TKO in the 2nd if it makes it out the first! This will put Fords skills to the test.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Nah, Ryan will have no problem with this.

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  6. brodes says:

    perfect fight for Ford.

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  7. Dean Panas says:

    I like the match up for Ryan. As long as he can “throw the switch” and become the Real Deal he will be fine. He will be fighting outside of Edmonton for the first time…that will be the real test.

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Actually it’s the third time outside Edmonton Dean… Ford fought Adil Abbas in Halifax in ’07 and Nabil Khatib in Calgary in ’08!

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  9. plus he took those long trips to Enoch. :)

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  10. Dean Panas says:

    OOPS!!! However I feel there is a big difference between now and then. Ryan will be in the spotlight this timw!!
    It is very noticeable when Ryan thinks to much. I have said it many times to him. He is a TOTALLY different person when he becomes the Real Deal.
    I’m very interested to see how this one plays out!!!

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  11. Graham "Drillbit71" Froland says:

    Glad to hear of this matchup.Make Alberta proud of the “Real Deal”

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  12. Big Wooly says:

    this will be a fantastic fight. Ryan will KO this guy as long as he does his homework and is in the right frame of mind. Don’t be shocked to see him climb up one more rung after this fight. GDUP!

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  13. Jay says:

    Good lord people. Karo is a serious f*ckin’ test for Ryan. He’s not going to walk though him or KO him. He’s been only knocked out three times and he’s been challenged by the best. Thing is if the only three guys are Hallman, Alves and Sherk. Ford ain’t there yet.

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  14. william hatch says:

    I really believe that it will got to decison, and I’m think it will be fords hand held up, but karo is still a dangerous fighter and can’t be counted out.

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  15. MMA loser says:

    Karo by sub first round. You guys think a guy who can’t beat Pat Healy is gonna take on the Heat? lol

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    Karo isn’t the fighter he used to be… doesn’t seem like his head is in the game the last few years with the injuries and addiction to painkillers. Still gonna be the toughest test of Ford’s career but I still think he takes it!

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  17. Fred Kitchen says:

    Ryan Ford is the man and this fight will prove what i have been saying forever. Why Isnt Ford in the big show?????

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  18. Gunner says:

    Karo 5 or 6 years ago would have been a real threat to Ryans skills (at this time) but i think right now Karo has no where near the drive or willingness to fight through an early onslaught from Ford. Fords skills have been getting better every fight and i think Karo will fold and early in this one.

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  19. MMA loser says:

    I bet the commission doesn’t approve this fight due to Karo’s past drug issues. If thy do, Ford gets whooped he is not “Big Show” material, who has he beaten at that level? He doesn’t fight tough opposition and when he does (Healy, Lima) he loses and those guys aren’t even UFC calber. Ford is a great small show guy but big show? not at all

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  20. Gunner says:

    I beg to differ, Healy and Lima are both guys who are near or in there prime and there whole game is based on weathering a storm and catching you in a slip up. and both are definatly high caliber fighters who (Lima) will be in the big show and (healy) who is well doing damn good for himself where he is.

    Karo is no where close to where those guys are now. (a few years back yes Karo was dangerous) but i do not think he has the heart or will to take a ford onslaught and fight thru it.
    Just look at Karo’s stature he has been getting softer and softer and does not look like he has even been putting in the gym time to stay or to get in the kind of shape you need to be to stick with ford klong enough to catch him in a sub.

    Just my opinion Karo is definatly still dangerous if Ford slips but i don’t think Karo will last long enough to get that chance to catch him.

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  21. jiffy pop says:

    Ford is a fraud and very overrated. Even a confused and out of control Karo beats Ford, anyone with even a bit of skill beats that criminal 99 out of 100 times.

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  22. Robin Black says:

    I agree with Gunner.

    2011 Ford vs 2007 Karo would be tough. But 2011 Ford vs 2011 Karo is a cakewalk for Ford.

    Like seriously, dude looked absolutely sad against Hallman.

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  23. Paveldouche says:

    The big question should be, where is Ford training for the fight?

    I know he was unable to go to Zuma for his last fight. Wonder is he can make it there for this one?

    If Karo can’t get it together for the UFC it is hard to see him being able to put the time in to prepare for this show.

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  24. Jay says:

    LOL @ cakewalk Robin I love you the way I love my smaller cross dressing second cousin I don’t talk to but buddy…. really, Cakewalk?!?

    Ford is incredibly athletic but that’s about the end of his game. If you let yourself get overwhelmed you’re in trouble but I don’t see Karo making a rookie mistake.

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  25. BigJatt says:

    Ford is going to crush Karo. Karo is a washed up fighter with a history of mental and drug problems. Robin Black is right, the 2007 Karo would give Ford a run for his money. I would rather see Jordan Mein or Allessio fight Ford. And lemme tell ya, there aint no way Ford is walking through Mein.

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  26. Jay says:

    If Karo is washed up why is Ford fighting him? If Ford’s goal is to get to the UFC then why waste time fighting washed up fighters who he’s just going to walk through?

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  27. Jamie Locke says:

    I think this is a great match up. Sure Karo has had issues with pain killers, anxiety and has been looking pretty soft, but he still is one of those “just released” names that guys are required to beat in order to get into the big show.

    The argument of whether Ford is ready for th UFC or not doesn’t really matter for this fight. What matters is that he puts together a solid training camp and shows up focused and ready for the 2007 Karo that was oh so dangerous.

    Yes Karo is looking soft these days, but he is still a tough opponent, I don’t think this is an easy go for Ford at all. I think it is just the test he needs.

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  28. Totally agree with Jamie on that one. Really curious to see how this fight will go. I’ve always been a fan of Karo, but I hope Ford comes out with the win.

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  29. I agree with Jamie, Gunner, Robin and Dean. Karo is a walking prescription pad from what I hear and hasn’t put time in the gym like he used to. The problem is that these just released guys think they’re gonna go smash some “no name” or “hometown hero” and get another notch in the win column. What they fail to realize is that the guy their fighting is hungry as hell to make a name off of them. It’s your typical Rocky story…minus hitting frozen meat and a weird brother-in-law named Paulie.

    Regardless, Ford will overwhelm him and it will be alot for Karo to handle. If it goes the distance, Karo could catch him slipping but I don’t see it happening.

    Ford needs to get back to ZUMA and get back to the “Real Deal” mode like Dean says. You can get in that mode easily when you come out to 4000 of your own fans there at home, but he won’t have that type of support out there. This will be a great test and a great name to add to his resume.

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  31. ruckus780 says:

    I use to be a fan of Karo,,but jumped off the bandwagon before the pain killers and depression,,fact is I truly believe he does not have the heart of a fighter yet alone a champion,,Look back a few years to when he was assured a ww title shot but when the shot kept going to other cats he started trying to pick and choose his fights he avoided matt hughes jon fitch thiago alves till he had no choice and got stopped by alves,And I dont think hes got the heart for a beast like ryan ford,And i believe Ryans wrestling will cancel out the heats judo,,I think this may be the worst beating Karo has ever tooken but still needs to be respected cant stand how fans call a fighters carreer an end after a few losses mma fans are so thickle,,,,,
    p.s jiffy pop your worse then a jehovas witness stop bringing up shit from ten years`ago,,,I am sure you got bones in your closet you dont want brought up like the male blow up doll and the big green pickle shaped vibrator in your nightstand you queerbait loser

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  32. Tony Lee says:

    Both Karo and Ryan have been a pleasure to deal with. MMA Live Canada is looking forward to this match!!!.

    The best of luck to both of them

    Tony Lee

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  33. Bc says:

    Is it not extremely evident why ford would want this fight it’s all about the names he’s taking n karo has taken a long list of names good on ford to bad he didnt box yesterday tho kinda a let down funn to watch

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  34. Mike Davis says:

    smart fight for Ford why would you not want to take out a name like Karo over the hill or not its a chance to fight a big name. Mayhem fought Sakuraba for the same reason knowing well that he will win. Its a great chance to get a big vet on your record and its a logical step if he wants to get in the UFC’s eyes. Take out guys who are on there way out with a UFC career and you will get noticed pretty fast.

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  35. Reality says:

    Ryan Ford will never be in the UFC, there is no way in hell the UFC would ever promote some gangster who cut an old lady’s fingures off, it doesnt matter if he gets a pardon or what, the UFC will not promote people like Ryan Ford. That is why he will always be a big fish in a small pond of edmonton

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  36. Bc says:

    Do u work for the ufc? U must right?

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  37. mmafan says:

    promote some gangster who cut an old lady’s fingers off????

    Think you need to get your shit straight it was another gangster who he did it to not some old lady. Plus it was in 2003 its 2011 now. Im not saying what he did was right but everyone deserves a second chance and from what ive seen of Ryan and what change he has done with his life from before he is the guy who DESERVES that CHANCE!

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  38. Jamie Locke says:

    Who cut who’s fingers off? This sounds juicy…

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  39. Robin Black says:

    everyone move along nothin to see here

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  40. Phil Baroni says:

    robin blacks hair cut is p4p and maybe the guy should of gave ford his money..just joking

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  41. BigBoi says:

    Old news is old.

    Ryan was class A dirt bag in his past. A quick google search will tell you more than you need to know. The jury is split as to weather or not this should be used to define him today.

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  42. ruckus780 says:

    Anybody want to bring anything about anybodys past up,,,Hit me up,,,I dont train Im not an mma fighter,,,,But ill meet who ever whenever nomatter size shape color or cree,,,If you bringing shit up people did when they was kids just for negative purposes,,,You a pussy,,your mommas got crabs your ugly ass girlfriend said they tasted rotten but shed rather eat your mommys nasty clit cause its bigger then your dick and balls together,,,as far as the ufc and fighters with criminal pasts do the research Im not calling out anybodys name,,,cause im not a rat fagot bitch goof snitch punk or some self rightous holier then thow pussy

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  43. ruckus780 says:

    ps free lee murray

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