CFM 2 – Winnipeg – May 13


Date: May 13, 2011
Location: Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Mike O’Neill (0-1) vs Tang Thongpheng (0-1)
Ryan Boux (0-1) vs Ian White (0-0) – 185
Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (1-0) vs. Henry Rowsell (0-2) – 170
Joe Keesick (1-0) vs. Lee Gaudet (1-2) – 155
Louis Fisette (0-1) vs. Michael Glover (0-2) – 135
Martin Trendota (1-0) vs. Aaron Shmyr (2-1) – 170
Alex Popov (1-1) vs Brandon Hrycyshyn (0-0) – 155
Brad Robinson (0-0) vs Adam MacDonald (1-0) – 205

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  1. Joe Doerksen says:

    For the fighters, it’s a chance to get some experience, so game on.

    I will be unable to attend, but good luck to the guys from WAMMA!

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  2. David Letourneau says:

    Gabe gave me my first shot when i was totally unknown at 0-0. if not for him i wouldnt of had the chance to compete at mfc or cfc on tv so Big huge thanks to gabe, We need shows like this to bring up the next nathan gunn or big name other wise its the same circle of guys fighting each other on different shows. Keep it up gabe. If I was closer I would attend

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  3. Winnipeg MMA is an interesting scene.

    I might be enlightening everybody soon on my thoughts :)

    Stay tuned

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  4. Guys,
    Well I finally have some time to catch up on all this stuff I think its to funny! Its comical, all the statements made are good and bad. Everybody talks about running shows and want to tell us how to run our shows but its all about investment and budget! So if you don’t like whats going on re mortgage your house spend 100K and put on a show and see what kind of ROI you get for it! for the non business people that’s “RETURN ON INVESTMENT” If I pay for big names to come in and I ask people to pay $50.00 a ticket they scream. I have a wealth of experience in business and MMA promoting as I worked for the UCW group and watched them bleed money show after show as well as all the other so called promotions making money they pop up and are done after a few shows and go broke. All I can say if you don’t like it then don’t come! I am happy to give guys fights and see them start out on my shows! my whole business model is built on that concept.

    Cage Fighting Manitoba MAY 13th!!!!!!!

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m interested to hear where MAD stands?

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  6. Robin Black says:

    One time I bought a girl 3 drinks and boy oh boy did she make my night fun, if ya know what I mean.

    Now THAT’S roi I say.

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  7. Gunner says:

    I once bought robin 2 ceasars and i only got one back that is BS.ROI

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  8. lmao good one Gunner!!!

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Business management 101 Gunner: Always bet on Black.

    (Except in fights cuz, based on record, there’s a slightly higher than 50% chance that that will be a bad bet.)

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  10. LOL @ So called promotions

    I thought you were doing this for the love of the sport? Sounds like it’s just a business thing for you.

    Which promotion is broke?

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  11. If it’s CFC you are referring to, then i would take that a bit personally (After I finished laughing)

    If not, curious who you are referring to then.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Popcorn is made.

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  13. Sean McManus says:

    I’m guessing we’ve heard from MAD…is there a possibility of shedding some light on if/when CFC will bring some shows back? In all seriousness – MAD brought me out once to shoot CFC4 and coming from the east end of things (Quebec shows) I was blown away by the CFC show…sad that they’ve had a hiatus…

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  14. Joe Doerksen says:

    Robin Black is a genius.

    MAD is a pretty smart guy too.

    I was smart once, then I got punched in the head a few times. Now I’m just average, plus ten per cent.

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  15. George Carlos says:

    Gunner summed it up…live cage fights and BEER!!! Too bad you can’t make it down or I would buy you a few more Caesar’s to add from your Quebec – Did Hawkes buy you drinks yet???

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  16. Marc,
    I did not say anything about CFC did I? so lets keep things positive here! I did not think CFC is broke just taking a break! As for the love its always been about the love for us, there’s no question about that! I was just speaking business 101 If your payables are more then your receivables you are broke! You of all people could name a shit load of guys that are not promoting anymore. peace!

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  17. Mike Davis says:

    think about the amount of buzz a CFC is going get when they come back though, not going be funny. Easy sell out also on there part cause I am dying to see a CFC show pop up with there regular list like E Perez I love watching and so many more. When he list a show its going get a ton of attention.

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  18. Sounded like you were talking bout us for a minute.

    My bad if you weren’t. Best of luck this weekend.

    We’ll be back as soon as we can.

    We are dying to get a date! We will run a show as soon as we can.

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  19. Thanks Marc for the well wishes! We hope to have a great show and see some good fights!

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  20. no problem, I’ll be there as always.

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  21. Updated: Frank Marques vs Jared Silverthorn pulled from card.

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  22. Olivia Boldt (CFM) says:

    Everyone in every profession needs to start somewhere, otherwise the world would not have people like Rampage, George St. Pierre just to name a few. I think that there is a place for all promotions in Winnipeg big and small and instead of throwing stones or calling names we should all help the sport thrive here.

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  23. Robin Black says:

    CFM is the first rung for these guys. You need a first rung if you’re gonna go to a second rung, third rung, etc.

    If the tickets are cheap then people can check out guys just getting started if they want.

    Ya, a lot of fans want to wait to see if guys will develop into good fighters first but, since the tickets are cheap, checking out a few fights and having a few beers is not a bad way to spend a Friday.

    Its just really important for the growth of the sport, and for the sport to grow fans, that this kind of first rung show is not presented as something more than it is. So that fans who go know they’re in for some quick fights with a little less skill (guys still developing) and they enjoy that. Then they won’t be disappointed and they’ll see more MMA.

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  24. Sean Quinn says:

    How much are tickets at the door. Im getting into town later tomorrow night. I may swing by and catch a few fights if tickets are reasonable. Ill probably miss half the fights anyways.

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  25. Last row table seat for $25, I believe.

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  26. Sean Quinn says:

    Thanks Keith. Might be worth it depending on when i get in.
    p.s Keith, love the sight. Now MAD freeish. I think you should ban his sally ass.

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  27. CR says:

    OK, CFM will be the farm team, and CFC can be the big league team. Maybe they could work together, alternating shows, and sharing fighters. That way we could have more than 2 shows a year.

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  28. Sean Quinn says:

    lol, the way MAD and Gabe go at eachother, i dont think that will be happening.

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  29. I’ve offered to allow some of our guys to fight on their cards if we weren’t using the guy.

    I would never hold a fighter back if we weren’t going to use him.

    But you could poll our roster and not many of the guys would be interested. The guys are happy with what we are doing with them and wouldn’t want to fight anywhere else.

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  30. I love these fights, when new guys fight, it has a cool nervous energy to it.

    You never know who is going to rise to the occasion. Makes for some fun fights.

    I wish there were cards like this monthly.

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  31. Jamie Locke says:

    That’s a righteous attitude MAD. It’s all about giving opportunity to the up and comers and local talent. Guys have to start somewhere.

    I find when it’s their debut fight, guys aren’t concerned about fighting safe at all, they like to go out and fight to win. They are more concerned with putting on a good show for the fans and hearing the cheers at the end than anything else.

    I’m excited to see how the guys look at the weigh in- the first one for many. Tomorrow night will be exciting.

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  32. Dean says:

    Totally agree about the nervous energy MAD. Makes for good, exciting fights. First time infront of a big crowd and early career jitters. I like both promotions. They both bring different aspects and both do what they do well to give MMA fans a chance to see different levels of the game. The price is reflected well for both shows and I dont think it hurts to have two different shows. Competition usually makes everyone elevate their game. I personally enjoy both shows.
    Sean, I have some fourth row tickets left at the shop for $26.25/each if you need.

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  33. Sean Quinn says:

    I wont be in til prob 9oclock or so. Can i get tix at the door?

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  34. Dean says:

    Not sure. The show is scheduled to start at 7 so the card could be anywhere by 9.

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  35. Sean Quinn says:

    MAD will be there. I will just keep in touch with him. If its worth it to drop in when i get there i will come and say hi to the FTF guys.

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  36. Sean,

    Call Gabe and he will hook you up when you get in! 799-8865


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  37. hawkes says:

    Come to wammas pro class in the morning quinn… Should have some good guys out

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  38. Dean says:

    Cool Sean, thanks.
    Not to step on anyones toes as Im just a dude with a store but I just posted my first blog at and would love to get some feedback if thats cool.

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  39. mdfan says:

    Gabe, do you have ucw dvds for sale? I want to see ucw 14, and 15.

    Anyone to contact?

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  40. Sean Quinn says:

    Lyndsey, fb me your number. I will try to hook up with you guys when i get in.

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  41. Sean Quinn says:

    Carrie, thank you.
    I will txt or call him when i am near town if its not too late. :)

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  42. There goes the neighborhood. Quinn is back in town.

    I’m excited to go watch the show and enjoy being a fan.

    Good luck to all the fighters.

    See everybody there.

    There is no reason everybody shouldn’t go to support this show and the fighters.

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