Battlefield Fight League 8 – Nanaimo – May 28


Date: May 28, 2011
Location: Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo, BC
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Professional Bouts:
Denis Kang (33-12-2) vs. Jesse Taylor (18-6)
Graham Spencer (6-1) vs. Bruno CapDeville (3-1)
Ryan Chiappe (7-6) vs. Bill Fraser (2-3)
Matt Baker (5-2) vs. Ryan Ballingall (4-5)
Jacen Brooks (0-0) vs Levi Alford (0-1)
Gary Mangat (0-0) vs. Mark Delgado (0-3)
Mike Jorgensen (6-2-1) vs. John Elam (1-0)
Marcus Vinicios (4-6-1) vs. TBA

Amateur Bouts:
Jer Kernelsen vs. Micha Brakefield
Ray Wilkinson vs. Marco Caffiero
Chris Day vs. Eli Wyse
Brett Deacon vs. Nik Ramsay
Joe Boldo vs. Johny Wilson

15 Responses to “ Battlefield Fight League 8 – Nanaimo – May 28 ”

  1. Phil Baroni says:

    Chiappe FTW

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  2. Phil Baroni says:

    maybe few less fights this time also would be a good idea show didnt end until like 1am..just throwin that out there if the promotor is reading lol

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    We’ll possibly see a Ryan Ballingall vs Matt Baker. BFL posted on FB asking if the fans want to see it.

    I can tell you right now Ballingall wants the fight.

    I’m with you Baroni, less fights for certain. Or I’ll be paying the babysitter mad overtime again!

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Bruno Capdeville takes on Graham Spencer in the Co-Main Event

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Bill Fraser to take on Ryan Chiappe

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Matt Baker will take on BFL Amateur Welterweight champ Jacen Brooks in his pro debut (4-0 amateur)

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  7. UPDATE: Baker fights Ballingall and Brooks fights Alford as well as other changes.

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  8. in the know says:

    jesus Chiappe taking on another below .500 fighter…

    “fights for his own reason”

    that reason must be, to rack up some easy wins!

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  9. Jamie Locke says:

    I thought Chiappe was vacating the KOTC strap to get with a better promotion and get better competition. He comes to BFL fights an 0-0 guy, then makes fun of the guy while he’s KO’d in the cage (real classy) now he’s dropping to 170 and fighting a loding record. Don’t get me wrong, Bill has great jitz, but I don’t think he’ll be much better competition.

    When Bake and Chiappe came to BFL, I was hoping to see them fight guys like Huveneers and Hackert, more their level…

    I like the Baker vs Ballingall fight… It’ll be a slugger for sure.

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    Pretty sick preview vid just released by BFL!

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m torn over the main event, but here’s my picks:

    Kang R2 TKO (Taylor will win if it goes the distance)
    Spencer UD
    Chiappe R 1 KO
    Ballingall R2 TKO
    Brooks SD
    Mangat UD
    Jorgenson R2 KO

    JerK- SD

    Eli R1 KO

    That video got me more pumped for this show. Great production from BFL.

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Who’s Vinicios fighting?

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  13. Cody Rempel says:

    He’s fighting Tim Skidmore.

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    BROOKS!!!! BROOKS!!!! BROOKS!!!!

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  15. ccanadx says:

    Sorry i missed it– heard it was asellout- also heard only 350 seats sold– what’s the real story?

    What was kang fight like?

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