Its Hammerin’ Time for Horodecki


“The Polish Hammer” Chris Horodecki is bringing his MMA game to Casino Rama tonight at MMA: The Reckoning. The Adrenaline Training Centre fighter will help usher in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts to Ontario. If Horodecki cannot be fighting in the UFC, he maintains that fighting on the first show in his home province is the next best thing.

“This (first event) is huge. Its a historic card its an honor to be a part of it. To kick start something like this for all the Ontario fighters is a huge deal to me. I feel that I am representing all the strong group of fighters from Ontario. We have worked so hard to bring MMA here.”

The 16-3 fighter is coming off his first run in the WEC where he crafted a respectable .500 record.  After losing one of his last three fights to WEC title contender Donald Cerrone, Horodecki was suprisingly cut from the roster just prior to the UFC merge.

“I am still shocked that they cut my contract.  I am absolutely trying to get back in (the UFC).  After a couple of fights, I will be right back in the mix.  The UFC roster is just so stacked and so filled with great talent, they just had to let guy go.”

The road back to UFC starts tonight against Dave Castillo.  Horodecki’s opponent has generated a 9-2 record and is looking at Horodecki as his stepping stone to the UFC.  The Polish Hammer seems very focused for this fight and believes Castillo is in trouble tonight.  Horodecki states,

“I studied his (Castillo’s) tape. He is from Jeremy Horn camp, so you know he is good, but I think he is more of a slugger. This is a great fight for me – a  great stylistic match.  I am stronger in all aspects of the fight. He may be slugger but I can hold my own with the best of them.”

Horodecki had been training hard for Castillo for six weeks in Vegas and then moved camp to be in London with his Adrenaline teammates. With so many of his teammates readying themselves for upcoming fights, his trainer Shawn Tompkins has actually returned to London, Ontario to train Horodecki, Hominick, and all the rest for these fights.  Horodecki holds Tompkins in very high regard and maintains that Tompkins is the key to the development of such great fighters in the London area like Stout, Hominick, and himself and why Adrenaline is building the second round of great fighters.

“Shawn Tompkins did a great thing here in London. He built a great group of fighters and then he opened a lot of doors when he moved to down to Vegas where we can further advance our training there.  Now we keep developing our guys in our own Adrenaline Training Centre that we opened two years ago. Its a fully functional facility. We keep expanding our knowledge and sharing it with our team. Now fighters come in from Windor, Sarnia, Toronto, Hamilton, and all over to train with us.

With Horodecki’s training and weight cutting now over.  All that remains is the fight in front of a huge following of friends and family.  Even his Grandfather has come from overseas and will be in attendance.  Horodecki will enjoy the fact that he can fight in front of his home crowd, but states that this is still just a fight once the door is closed.

“This fight is just a fight. This is not my first rodeo. I am confident that I have prepared and I am ready to fight anywhere.”

Horodecki definitely is focused and confident.  If he is just as focused and confident when the cage door closes tonight, one would not want to be Dave Castillo.

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  1. sheila says:

    Good luck to all tonight!!! What a great event for us Canadians show off our talented mma skills!!!

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  2. MMA Rocks says:

    Shocking that they would cut Horodecki just because he lost to Cerrone (which was a tough match up for the Polish Hammer to begin with), and yet they kept Downes who was easily beat by and no match for Horodecki

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    They kept Downes and gave him another shot (which he won) cuz Downes took the Horodecki fight on short notice.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Still I was suprised quite Horodecki was cut.

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  5. MMA Rocks says:

    Bobby- I’m aware of that but it still unfathomable that Downes is in the UFC while Horodecki is cut when Horodecki is the better fighter, hands down

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Horodecki is def better!

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