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Hey everyone this is Ryan McGillivray from TUF 13 just going over a recap of the premier episode and some inside thoughts. I will be doing this after each episode throughout the season so I hope everyone enjoys.

The episode starts with all of the fighters entering the training centre and the first thing we see is the man, Dana White. After the three month try-out process, in that single moment, everything hit me – I had finally made the show and my career was on the line. We waited patiently for Dana’s first words as most guys were trying to figure out why there were only 14 fighters. As soon as he told everyone we did not have to fight into the house, you could feel the tension in the air cut in half. I was very relieved and excited that my hard work had paid off and I was in the house. For me, the biggest reason for this relief was that in such a short time frame, fighting three times instead of four is much easier on the body and makes the process seem much shorter.

We only had a moment to enjoy the relief of being in the house. Immediately after the announcement, we were in our gear ready to impress the coaches. I was with Brock first and was excited to get everything started. Brock had a lot more cardio evaluations and was pretty tough though I was feeling really good. I knew he was looking for wrestlers and since I have no wrestling back round I could tell he may have dismissed me. With little to no break we were over to Junior’s team where I felt I had more of an opportunity to show my skills. We did a lot more live sparring for his evaluations. I was very happy with how I was doing and felt confident. They paired Shamar Bailey and I up in a straight wrestling drill. He has years of training in wrestling and I have none so I did the best I could though I have to admit I got worked haha. I apparently impressed Junior enough to be picked 4th overall and 2nd pick by Junior. That felt really good and boosted my confidence a lot. I was hoping to get picked for Team Dos Santos the whole time and was thrilled to be there. They have amazing coaches and I fit in really well there.

We drove straight back to the house and got our first tour. It is an awesome house and is very big. I kept asking for a map to try and find the third bedroom. They don’t show the third bedroom but that was where I ended up. I had met Shamar through the try out period and had some history with him and felt we got along quite well. It was a short time so I hadn’t got to know everyone yet to decide what I thought of them.

We had the pick for the first fight. Given Nordine’s long flight and that Shamar in many ways was most ready to fight, it seemed like a great match-up for us. The fight went much as I expected with Shamar getting takedown after takedown and establishing control. There wasn’t a moment in the fight where I was worried for Shamar. Some people, including Dana, thought the fight was boring and in some ways it was not the most exciting fight ever. But in Shamar’s defence, I hope people understand the pressures. He was the first fight out of anyone, only a few days into being there and with a lot on the line. He executed the coaches’ game plan to a T and did his thing in there.
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  1. BC Fan says:

    Awesome to see you on the show Ryan. Is it hard to understand Dos Santos?

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  2. Adam Lorenz says:

    ^Somebody I was watching TUF with last night said, “He isn’t that much harder to understand then GSP.” Made me laugh ’cause it might be true.

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  3. Jon says:

    Nice to see a Canadian on the show…you go Ryan!!

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