TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Episode 1 Recap


TUF 13 starts with the introduction of the head coaches Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos showing their past history and highlights of their career in the UFC.  Brock Lesnar opens up with his stereotypical sayings on how he is going to beat JDL and other empty threats, meanwhile the opposing fighter Junior Dos Santos expresses the fact that he will be the victor.

Soon after the TUF contestants enter the the gym. We learn a little about the first German Ultimate Fighter Nordin Asrih (one of the more modest ones of the bunch). Dana White soon opens with the welcoming announcements. He then reveals some changes in the TUF show; one of the biggest ones being that you, once again, do not have to fight your way into the house and the fighters cheer. He congratulates them all and goes on to describe the meaning of the wild card.  Dana goes on to explain that the wild card is the opportunity to automatically advance even if you have lost. Dana then proceeds to go on about how you should keep your priorities straight and focus on the show, as it is the only reason why they are there.

Brock Lesnar and JDS soon enter the set and Dana talks about their past fighting experiences. They both share a few words of excitement and competitiveness before they leave so the evaluating can begin.

Right away we see the unique training styles of each coach and their team. Brock Lesnar starts off with some heavy conditioning, strength and agility tests, meanwhile JDS almost completely focuses on the fighting itself. Lesnar mostly gets his candidates to run treadmill tests to see their heart right while Junior Dos Santos has his future fighters sparring and grappling. After the fighters vigorous tests have been completed, Lesnar asks each a few questions on why they are on the show and their past histories. JDS soon shares his opinions on the top fighters of the group.  He names  Shamar Bailey and Edmonton’s Ryan MacGillivray as the two best with Shamar Bailey being the best out of the bunch.

Miles Jury takes a blow and he is out to the ice machine as it is hurting him.  Soon it is time for the picks. Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos enter a room and Dana flips a coin and Lesnar wins the toss. Out of his two options, the former champ chooses to pick the first fighter rather then picking the first fight.

Lesnar’s first pick is Len Bentley. Junior Dos Santos’ first pick is Shamar Bailey.  Canada’s Ryan McGillivray is picked fourth, while Keon Caldwell is the last pick of the draft.

Here is the complete draft order:

Team Lesnar
1. Len Bentley
2. Charlie Rader
3. Tony Ferguson
4. Clay Harvison
5. Myles Jury
6. Chris Cope
7. Nordin Asrih

Team Dos Santos
1. Shamar Bailey
2. Ryan McGillivray
3. Javier Torres
4. Ramsey Nijem
5. Zach Davis
6. Mick Bowman
7. Keon Caldwell

The fighters now enter the well known UFC house.  Full of excitement, the fighters investigate the house choosing rooms and such. It ends up being that teams have to completely share rooms, one team on the top floor and one on the bottom.

After the first night, Junior Dos Santos has his team’s first training session after picking to see who has the proper conditioning to fight immediately. Lesnar then has his team’s training session and it is mostly conditioning yet again.  We then see a doctor who informs Myles Jury that he tore his ACL and Dana White informs Jury that he is off the show.  Chuck O’Neil will replace him on Team Lesnar.

After both teams have completed their training sessions, Junior Dos Santos picks the first fight. His pick was Shamar Bailey (JDL’s top pick) vs. Nordin Asrih (Brock Lesnar’s last pick). Each fighter talks about one another and both talk about past experiences and how their past experiences will help them.  They also speak about the importance of their religion – Nordin Asrih is a devote Muslim and Shamar Bailey is a son of a minister.

Prepping for their fights, they both share some arrogant things about one another with the camera man. Nordin talks about how superior he is to him and Shamar says he’s going to knock him out.

Nordin Asrih vs Shamar Bailey
Round 1.Shamar immediately goes for the takedown and quickly gets side control.  The get to their feet
and Shamar takes him down once again.  Bailey in half guard drops some punches.  Bailey keeps
top position.  Big right by Bailey and Asrih cannot get off his back.  Still on top, Bailey is
not inflicting too much damage and seems content on top.  A few rights by Bailey and then some
hard left elbows. Round ends with Asrih still on his back.Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bailey

Round 2. Asrih attempts a right high kick but lands on his back.  Shamar gets side and then quickly gets full mount.  Asrih bridges Bailey off but Shamar once again puts Asrih on his back.  Bailey, in side mount, lands some rights.  Quite a few right elbows by Bailey as Nordin is pinned on his back.  Bailey starts landing knees.  Full mount now by Bailey and Asrih gives up his back. Asrih turns again and its full mount time and Bailey drops some rights and lefts.Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Bailey
Shamar Bailey defeats Nordin Asrih by Unanimous Decision (20-18 x 3)

After the fight, JDS says the strategy was to keep Nordin down the whole time.  That is exactly what happened as Bailey was clearly a dominant wrestler.

Dana White calls it “not the most exciting fight in The Ultimate Fighter history.”

Brock Lesnar said it was expected as “they put their first pick against our last pick.”

The episode ends with clips of future shows. Come back to Top MMA News tomorrow with TUF 13 contestant Ryan MacGillivray’s column on Episode 1.

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  1. Zach says:

    Does this mean that Asrih is eliminated?

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    That’s how it works one wildcats spot tho

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  4. harry balls says:

    I ain’t really feeling this season.
    Heh the bible and koran gets busted out right away. When is some guy gonna be on that show and say “I’m an atheist”….

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