Hybrid Combat Proving Ground 1 – Gatineau – April 15


Date: April 15, 2011
Location: Pierre Guertin Community Centre in Gatineau, Quebec
Tickets: Art Martiaux Evolution 819-246-2787

Eric Girard vs Kevin O’Hearn

Cindy Bertinato vs Karine Villeneuve

Mathias Bedard vs Eric Nadon
Saul Chung vs Gabriel Greatest
Steve Roxborough vs Matt Long
Taylor Murray vs Mathieu Lemay
Bilal Mobarak vs Jean Maxime Chevrier
Rindi Pippers vs Goergy Fontaine
Harley David vs Mike Carrier
Randy Dube vs TBA
Sean Lalonde vs Ben Laporte
Andrew Coupland vs Eric Kayolo

5 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat Proving Ground 1 – Gatineau – April 15 ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Can’t wait. what’s the idea behind Proving Ground? Will the rules be a little different than the other Hybrids?

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  2. Proving ground is different than the “H#” series. Proving ground is for newer amateurs, while the “H#” series is for more experienced amateurs.

    Hybrid did not have room on the card for all the beginners and there was a lot of demand to get on the show.

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  3. harry balls says:

    Ah. I was wondering. But didn’t Peppers and David already fight on the H# cards?
    Regardless, it’s good to see guys (and gals) getting ammy under their belts.
    If you are in the capital,get to this show. The matchmaking is always good…

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  4. harry balls says:

    Weigh-ins all good, but David’s opponent a no-show (not Carrier,Jordan turner). Hope he gets to scrap.

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  5. c d says:

    Lemay fought a good fight. Good for him :)

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