Canadian Rumour Mill – March 28


Hey lovers,

I’ve been using my femme fatale skills this week and managed to get some juicy bits for all of you to nibble on…

  • Some crazy info is slipping out from the cancelled MFL show, “fake” flights, contracts, etc…  I passed the info to Winnipeg’s number 1 stunna, Keith Grienke who will surely have an explosive investigative article on this.
  • If you can’t lock your cage door properly cuz you got either Bill or Ted working it, don’t punish the fighter for your incompetence, pay them the win bonus or at least split the win bonus between them!
  • Strong rumour from one of my sugar daddies in the States… the MFC is looking hardcore for a replacement fighter for one of its big title fights in April.
  • Robin Black coming out of retirement Jay-Z style?
  • “Shaolin” Shane Campbell’s newly opened gym has ceased operations with Shaolin moving to the Aggression/Kamikaze gym. N.W.O.
  • Chris Clements pulls out of the Ringside show (title fight) due to injury, but is now fighting on the MMA Live card in Ontario?
  • Cage Fighting Manitoba looks to fill the void left by the “hiatus” (?) of Canadian Fighting Championships and will hold their second show on May 13th.
  • Ha, I guess ammy cards where you don’t have to pay fighters are much easier to stage than pro shows. Not a Baz Huveneer’s fault if his opponent is unprofessional and fat!
  • KOTC Canada is holding a show way up in Dawson Creek, BC. and their gonna hold a bout between Bobby Kalmakoff and Mike Ciesnolevicz. Disgraceful on KOTC Canada and whatever commission that’s sanctioning this circus freak show!!! Shame on both! I’d love to hear an explanation.
  • No one wants to fight Adrian Woolley!  Any of my Bantamweight boys out there wanna step up?
  • ECFP will definitely be coming back and holding a show in Trenton on May 27. Thanks Ricky!
  • Quebec’s MMA scene is simple: All Ringside all the time!
  • Ontario’s commission is making it difficult for promoters to run shows, lotsa rules, lotsa meds, short time frames, lack of MMA knowledge, high fight fees, high official costs, etc.  Boy oh boy!
  • Someone’s upset with me (Actually it’s probably more than just 1 person) Sorry? :)

NOTE:  These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen.  If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email


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