BFL 7 Play-by-Play


A full card that went on till one in the morning even with a succession of first round TKO’s. The Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo, BC was the venue for BFL 7: INVASION. The line up had some fabulous talent with fighting styles that ran the gamut from raw power and guts to learned technical perfection – we saw it all.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Rachel Swatez & Wendy Roy
  • Submission of Night: Rachel Swatez, Arm Bar for Roy Victory
  • KO of the Night: Mike Jorgensen for his overhand right that KO’d Darwin Douglas

First 3 fights were Amateur:

Fight #1: Steven Best vs Jason Noble 155lbs
Round 1
Both fighters come out to center ring and trade a few range finding left jabs. Best and Noble both throw straight rights at the same instant that puts them in a clinch. The fighters, still in close quarters, make their way to the fence. Best attempts to apply a muay thia clinch while bringing up a few knees, Noble turns to his right out of the clinch then back to the left to complete a hip toss. Best now on his back, holding onto a guillotine attained as he was airborne, was trying to sink his arm under the chin of Noble. From the top, with his posture held down by Best’s relentless attempt to finish the guillotine, Noble landed some fierce body shots, advanced to side control placed a few more left elbows and right punches to Best’s head and torso. Noble was in Best’s guillotine till the horn ended the first round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Noble

Round 2
Best and Noble move quickly to the center of the cage where Noble landed a stinging left out side leg kick to the right thigh of Best. Best countered with a spinning right back fist that just missed Noble but allowed Best to follow threw with a quick clinch. Best quickly advanced the clinch to a full on guillotine, brought both his legs up above Noble’s hips and pulled Noble down on top of him to finish the fight by tap out due to guillotine @ 1;20 of the second round.
Steven Best submits Jason Noble by Guillotine in Round 2, 1:25

Fight # 2: Travis Peterson vs Morgan Bentley 185lbs
Round 1
the fighters met with a flurry of combinations and kicks that settled into Jabs and a revaluation of attack strategy by both fighters. Bentley shot towards Peterson attempting a 2 leg take down that Peterson stuffed as he backed up against the cage. Peterson turned Bentley, backed off the cage and both fighters went to center ring. Peterson started on a campaign of inside leg kicks that seen one go errantly into Bentleys groin. Ref stoppage lasted for a full minute as Bentley regained his composure.
Back to mid mat Bentley lands a few left jabs and misses with a looping overhand right. Peterson lands some wicked body shots to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Peterson

Round 2
Peterson and Bentley come to center ring where both fighters start off with jabs. Bentley strikes first with a right hook that Peterson absorbs than counters with a right uppercut that sends Bentley’s mouthpiece 20 feet in the air. Confident that he has found both timing and range, Peterson attacks Bentley with a combination that starts with a left jab followed by a succession of right hooks and left crosses that crumple Bentley. TKO ref stoppage due to strikes @ 1:15 of the 2nd round
Travis Peterson defeats Morgan Bently by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:15

Fight # 3: Nik Ramsey vs Dwayne Ganderton, Heavyweight
Round 1.
Ganderton and Ramsey approached each other cautiously. They circled, getting closer with each revolution. Then, as if a signal known only to the fighters, they clashed at center ring. From the grapple, both fighters fought for positioning. Ganderton prevailed with a guillotine on Ramsey but it was short lived, Ramsey, using his enormous power and left leg, tripped Ganderton and popped his head out of the guillotine as he pushed Ganderton’s elbow off the side of his head while transitioning out of Ganderton’s full guard. Ramsey quickly gained half guard all the while landing wicked hammer fists to the head and body. From Ganderton’s half guard, Ramsey landed five hard elbows to Ganderton’s face then took side control. Ramsey landed plenty of unanswered hammer fists, punches and elbows to the head and body of Ganderton till Ref Stoppage.
Nick Ramsey defeats Dwayne Ganderton by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:35

The Pro-fighter preliminary, fight #4 till #9

Fight #4: Rachel Swatez vs Wendy Roy 135lbs
Round 1
The fight was actioned packed from the start and did not slow down. When the fighters met at mid cage, they both sent each other a loud and clear message There would be no backing down, they delivered. Roy began with some range finding kicks and landed a few jabs to the chin of Swatez. Swatez countered with some wicked right inside leg kicks to Roy’s left thigh. Then both fighters went to war. Roy landed the left jab, straight right combination after combination only to be answered back with combos, leg kicks and knees by Swatez. The fighters made their way to the fence where Swatez got a muai thai clinch on Roy and landed some nasty knees. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Roy

Round 2
This round started out the same as the first with both fighters advancing and retreating only when hit hard enough to force them back. Roy was the first to find her range and landed body kicks, left jabs and right hooks. Swatez, swayed but not wavering, rushed Roy and put her up on the fence where Swatez landed some left hooks to Roy’s ribs, a right hook to the mid section, and followed up with four good knee attempts, two of which landed on Roy’s upper body. Roy landed a mean right leg kick to the head of Swatez as they broke from the fence. Back at mid mat, Swatez came in with a left outside leg kick to the shin of Roy as well as a few jabs and straight rights. Roy countered well until a left from Swatez stood her up. Swatez runs Roy up against cage. Roy working with her back to the cage lands some short rights and lefts, Swatez retaliates with the muai thai clinch, knee to the ribs and a right elbow to Roy’s chin at the horn. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Swatez

Round 3
Both fighters meet in the middle for a bit of toe to toe with Roy landing a nice combination of left jabs and straight rights that provokes Swatez to attempt a double leg take down that Roy stuffs and moves away from. Back to the toe to toe, circling the ring all the time, both fighters landing jabs, coming together in a jumbled blur of hooks, upper cuts and inside straights. Swatez moved away from Roy only long enough to land a liver pounding, spinning back heal kick. Weakened by the heal kick, Roy was taken down by Swatez’s double leg take down. Swatez went straight into full mount and proceeded to land full on rights and lefts to the face of Roy. Swatez grabs an arm and submits Roy. Great fight!
Rachel Swatez submits Wendy Roy by Arm Bar in Round 3, 3:01

Fight #5: Dave Logan vs Ryan Ballingal, 185 lbs.
Fighters approach each other cautiously as the round begins. Ballingal throws a overhand right that Logan sidesteps and counters with a right hook. Fighters then got in close with some inside body shots coming from Ballingal. They clinched and both hit the mat on their sides. A quick transition put them in the north south position with Ballingal on top. Ballingal then transitions again into an anaconda choke and puts Logan to sleep. Logan moves to 0-9.
Ryan Ballingal submits Dave Logan by Anaconda in Round 1, 0:59

Fight #6: Daniel Swain vs Tar Sasaki 170 lbs
Round 1.
Sasaki and Swain come to the center of the cage with Sasaki using his forward momentum to propel a wicked right leg kick to the side of Swain. Swain grabs Sasaki’s leg than bends down, so he could lift Sasaki up by placing his right arm between the legs of Sasaki and slamming him onto the mat with crushing force. Swain than took side control where he landed some left and right hammer fists. Sasaki maneuvered Swain into half guard where Swain continued to land short rights and lefts to Sasaki’s face and body. Swain then exploded with a flurry of hammer fists than a quick transition to a arm bar. TKO due to arm bar tap out.
Daniel Swain submits Tar Sasaki by Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:48

Fight #7: John Elam vs Mike Ironside, Heavyweights.
Round 1
Fighters met at center ring and traded a few jabs. Elam attacked by stinging Ironside with a looping right. Ironside answered with a vicious spinning back fist. The fighters then got into a clinch and went sideways into the fence. The action subsided as both fighters jockeyed for position, Elam came off the fence throwing a spinning right elbow that put Ironside on the mat. Elam mounted Ironside and started to rain down destruction. Just as the ref was about to jump in, the horn sounded. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Elam

Round 2
Ironside comes at Elam with searing right leg kicks. That seemed to get Elam’s attention. Elam threw a left hook and right uppercut followed by a flurry of straight rights and lefts that crumple Ironside. Elam stood over Ironside to land some punishment but the ref jumped in.
John Elam defeats Mike Ironside TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:15

Fight #8: Mike Hill vs Bill Fraser, 175 lbs
Round 1
The fighters came together in the middle of cage and clinched. The pair made their way to the fence, both vying for a dominant position. They stayed in tight quarters until Hill worked free at the halfway point in the round. Back at mid cage, both fighters landed some good kicks and punches. Hill with some damaging leg kicks to Fraser’s ribs and Fraser connecting with some right and left hooks. Hill than countered with a straight right to Fraser’s nose that scores. Fraser shoots in for the double leg take down that Hill easily stuffs as the horn sounds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill

Round 2
Hill came out swinging with looping lefts and rights followed by nice jabs and overhand rights. Some landed most hit air. One overhand right that did land stunned Fraser for the split second needed for Hill to take Fraser to the mat. Hill jumped quickly on Fraser’s back only to have Fraser roll out of the attempt and pull guard on Hill. Hill popped out of Fraser’s guard and both fighters returned to their feet. The fight then went back to the clinch and up against the cage till the horn. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill

Round 3
Hill and Fraser meet in the middle for some toe to toe. Fraser lands 3 hard right leg kicks to Hill’s side and leg then attempts an overhand right. Hill grazed by the punch, countered with a hard right hook and a clinch that took both fighters to the mat. Hill surfaced on top of Fraser and started to posture up. Fraser got in some excellent right hooks from the bottom as well as a few hammer fists. Hill shrugged off the assault and landed some body shots with his right, when Fraser moved to cover his ribs, Hill dropped down left elbows with bad intent. The round ended with Hill dominating from Fraser’s guard. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill
Mike Hill defeats Bill Fraser by Unanimous Decision

Fight #9: Mike Jorgensen vs Darwin Douglas 185 lbs
Round 1
The fighters came out very aggressive. After a few seconds of feeling each other out they clashed. Jorgenson landed some hard left and right leg kicks to Douglas’s shins and thighs as well as a pair of well placed jabs to Douglas’s chin. Douglas countered with a few body kicks and devastating body punches and a right upper cut that shook Jorgensen for a moment. The fighters used up most of the mat with plenty of back and forth toe to toe action till the sound of the horn. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Douglas

Round 2
Douglas comes out after Jorgensen with fierceness. Douglas danced in and out of Jorgensen’s defense with ease. Douglas landed leg kicks to Jorgensen’s shins and body at will. Douglas seemed to have got the timing down and the range set as he pummeled Jorgensen with an onslaught of left jabs to the face right hooks to the body and tight right and left elbows. Jorgensen missed with almost every counter punch and landed two leg kicks to Douglas’s shin. Douglas came at Jorgensen to finish the fight with a big right that missed, Jorgensen countered with a looping overhand right that started inches from his feet and ended on Douglas’s chin. Douglas was out before he hit the mat.
Mike Jorgensen defeats Darwin Douglas by KO in Round 2, 2:25

Fights 10 to 16 were the main card

Fight #10: Marcus Aurelio vs Ken Tran 170lbs
Round 1
Aurelio exploded from his corner showing the crowed his excellent Capoeira skills. Taking Tran by surprise, Aurelio whipped kick after kick in a flowing constant towards Tran’s vicinity. A couple of the wildly thrown kicks hit home and Tran was visibly shaken by the impact. Tran rushed in on Aurelio and grabed a single leg to assist in a trip that takes Aurelio to his back. Fast transitions for dominance by both fighters on the mat took place until Aurelio used the cage to work his way back up to his feet. Aurelio and Tran trade punches. Aurelio with a unconventional striking stance that Tran overcame and scored with left jabs and hard straight rights and hooks. Aurelio went back to flinging feet Capoeira style and slipped to the mat. As Aurelio regained his feet, Tran landed two inside leg kicks, the 2nd kick was a bit off the mark and hit Aurelio square in the groin. Aurelio finished the round without stoppage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Tran

Round 2
Aurelio came out with a succession of spinning kicks that Tran avoids by ducking under the onslaught causing Aurelio to roll over the back of Tran and onto the mat. Tran backs up to the center of the cage and got set to counter whatever Aurelio came at him with. The first strike was a wicked spinning back kick by Aurelio that Tran barely avoided. Tran than landed a right leg kick to the body of Aurelio followed by a left jab and 2 right hooks that landed in the face Aurelio. Aurelio answered back with a left jab and a flurry of straight right and lefts from his unorthodox stance. Aurelio then got Tran in a clinch and drags him to the mat where Tran got the dominant position and dropped down some ground and pound on Aurelio in the form of elbows to the face and hard body punches. Aurelio used the fence to get back to his feet, turned away from Tran and backed into the center of the mat. Tran came at Aurelio with a flurry of punches. A straight right landed on Aurelio’s nose and a left hook backed him up. Aurelio faked a kick and ducked in for a two leg take down that put Tran back on the mat. Aurelio got the full mount and was just starting to tee off on Tran when the horn blew. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Aurelio

Round 3
Tran and Aurelio attacked each other with a ferocious tenacity. The fighters were trading punches and kicks from all angles. Aurelio backed off and wound up a juggernaut of Capoeira kicks that seemed to get increasingly faster and more accurate. Tran was struck in the face by a bone jarring kick that sent him to the mat with Aurelio landing right hands into the ribs of Tran. Seeing that Tran was hurt Aurelio took Trans back and sunk in a rear naked choke. Fun fight!
Marcus Aurelio submits Ken Tran by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 1:50

Fight #11: Ryan Chiappe vs Levi Alford 185 lbs
Round 1
Chiappe and Alford both came out with bad intentions. Alford placed a left jab in the face of Chiappe then landed a left leg kick to Chiappe’s mid section that seemed to spark Chiappe into serious hurt mode. Chiappe came at Alford with a superman punch that missed but the left leg kick to Alford’s head did not. Another superman punch by Chiappe caught Alford on the shoulder then Chiappe tried to take Alford to the mat. The first attempt was stuffed by Alford who countered with a pair of left jabs and a straight right. Chiappe was tenacious. After sucking up Alford’s punishment, he succeeded on his second attempt with a take down. Chiappe mounted Alford and after a baker’s dozen of unanswered right elbows and fist to the face the ref stopped the fight as Alford is unconscious.
Ryan Chiappe defeats Levi Alford by KO in Round 1, 3:20

Fight #12: Mike Chiesa vs Darcy James 155 lbs
Round 1
Chiesa and James squared off in center ring. The fighters circled for 30 seconds, attempts at kicks were made by both fighters but no damage was done. James threw a straight right that caught air, Chiesa rushed in and grabbed James with two under hooks, pulled James down into his guard and worked his legs up to apply a triangle. Ref stopped fight.
Mike Chiesa submits Darcy James by Triangle in Round 1, 1:36

Fight #13: Bruno Capdeville vs Shawn Albrecht. 145 lbs
Round 1
Capdeville and Albrecht were cautious for the first half of the opening round. The few punches thrown by both fighters were tentative and ineffective. Spurred on by a restless crowed, Capdeville attacked Albrecht and ran him into the fence. Capdeville than attempted a guillotine that Albrecht pulled out of. The action moved back to the center of the cage and toe to toe combat ensued. Capdeville was effective with the jab than landed a right leg kick to Albrecht’s ribs. Albrecht caught the leg of Capdeville and landed 3 straight rights to the face of Capdeville before he could wrench his leg free. Albrecht was accurate in his range and had Capdeville’s timing figured out. Albrecht went in for a successful single leg take down to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Albrecht

Round 2
Toe to toe action with Albrecht landing right leg kicks to Capdeville’s thigh and ribs while Capdeville connected with straight rights and leg kicks to Albrecht’s mid section. The combatants than clinched and pressed against the cage reversing position till they broke. Capdeville laid a kick on the ribs of Albrecht, Albrecht caught the leg and landed three straight rights and trips Capdeville to the mat. Capdeville catches a punch and tried to pull off an arm bar that Albrecht yanks out of. Albrecht dropped into Capdeville’s guard and lands some right elbows and left fists into Capdeville’s face. Capdeville did well from his back, connecting with excellent strikes. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Capdeville

Round 3
Albrecht comes out after Capdeville and succeeds in getting the single leg take down. After a quick scramble, both fighters are back on their feet. Capdeville, not to be out done, goes for the double leg take down and works Albrecht to the mat. Capdeville, from Albrecht’s guard, postures up and lays into Albrecht’s face with a left elbow and wicked rights from the top. Capdeville transitions into side control. Albrecht rolls out and regains his feet. Capdeville shoots in for a final double leg take down, succeeds and the horn blows. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Capdeville
Bruno Capdeville defeats Shawn Albrecht by Split Decision

Fight #14: Matt Baker vs Jose Cornejo. 185 lbs
Round 1
Cornejo and Baker circled the cage for a few seconds. Baker feints in but backs off. Cornejo moved in to place a jab then Baker struck with a wicked right hook, followed in and grabbed Cornejo around the waist, hoisted him up in the air and body slammed Cornejo to the mat with tremendous force. Baker than postured up on a dazed Cornejo and landed 6 heavy right elbows to the face of Cornejo and knocked him out.
Matt Baker defeats Jose Cornejo by KO (Elbows) in Round 1, 1:02

Fight #15: Graham Spencer vs Roy Bradshaw
No contest due to cage malfunction. Fighters go through the cage door and crash onto the floor. Referee John Cooper waves the fight off. Crowd boos heavily but Bradshaw landed terribly on the floor and this undoubtedly would have affected the outcome of the fight. The two will have a re-match.
Graham Spencer vs Roy Bradshaw ends in No Contest

Fight #16: Jesse Taylor vs Clay Davidson 195
Round 1
Taylor went after Davidson and within seconds had Davidson with his underhooks and spun him to the ground. Taylor, on top of Davidson, landed a continuous barrage of left and right elbows as well as a uncountable amount of hammer fists. A extremely nasty elbow opens up a cut on Davidson’s forehead. Taylor connecting time after time with punches, elbows and hammer fist. Davidson made it to his feet by backing up against the fence. Davidson immediately shoots in for a 2 leg take down on Taylor, Taylor transition’s from his back to pin Davidson to the cage where he dominated Davidson with more ground and pound from side control. Taylor landed painful elbows and hammer fist till the horn. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Taylor

Round 2
Taylor comes out with a wicked right leg kick to Davidson’s head. Taylor than shot in for a 2 leg take down, climbs into Davidson full guard and starts in with the ground and pound again. Another cut is opened up on Davidson’s head due to wicked elbow landed by Taylor. Taylor moves to side control and mauls Davidson who is now trying to escape by turning away from Taylor. Taylor transition’s back to half guard and stacks Davidson up against the cage. Davidson was doing a good job at this point avoiding punishment but was offering up no offense. Taylor got a few more licks in on the stacked Davidson and kept up the domination till the horn sounded.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Taylor

Round 3
A repeat of rounds 1 and 2. Taylor took Davidson to the mat and dominated him with superior skills and beat him up. Davidson took a lot of punishment from Taylor but offered up no solution to the situation. Whenever Davidson tried to escape, Taylor would stack him back up against the cage and land more elbows and hammer fist. The ground and pound of Taylor was flawless. The third round ended as the 1st and 2nd did, with Taylor on top and Davidson getting hit with elbows and hammer fists. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Taylor
Jesse Taylor defeats Clay Davidson by Unanimous Decision

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