BFL 7 Quick Results – Jesse Taylor Dominates


Battlefield Fight League 7 is tonight in Nanaimo. If you are unable to attend live, Top MMA News is the place to get live results as Robert Henry is cage side.

Jesse Taylor defeats Clay Davidson by Unanimous Decision
Could easily be a 30-24 fight. BFL announces that Kang will fight Taylor in their May 28th event.

Graham Spencer vs Roy Bradshaw ends in No Contest
Both fighters crashed through the gate in the second round. Bradshaw landed on his head and was knocked out. Doctor calls the fight off. Speculation on whether the pin was properly placed to lock the gate.

Matt Baker defeats Jose Cornejo by KO (Elbows) in Round 1, 1:02
Bastien Huveneers vs Mike Hackert fight is cancelled due to Hackert missing weight by 11 pounds.

Bruno Capdeville defeats Shawn Albrecht by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Mike Chiesa submits Darcy James by Triangle in Round 1, 1:36
Ryan Chiappe defeats Levi Alford by KO in Round 1, 3:20
Marcus Aurelio submits Ken Tran by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 1:50
Mike Jorgensen defeats Darwin Douglas by KO in Round 2, 2:25
Mike Hill defeats Bill Fraser by Unanimous Decision
John Elam defeats Mike Ironside TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:15
Daniel Swain submits Tak Sasaki by Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:48
Ryan Ballingal submits Dave Logan by Anaconda in Round 1, 0:59
Rachel Swatez submits Wendy Roy by Arm Bar in Round 3, 3:01
Nick Ramsey defeats Dwayne Ganderton by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:35
Travis Peterson defeats Morgan Bently by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:15
Steven Best submits Jason Noble by Guillotine in Round 2, 1:25

37 Responses to “ BFL 7 Quick Results – Jesse Taylor Dominates ”

  1. MMA Rocks says:

    The matchmaking on this card makes me sick. Baker and Chiappe’s KO Wins (both by GNP) were totally predictable given the gross mismatches (Matt Baker (4-2) vs. Jose Cornejo (0-1); Ryan Chiappe (6-6) vs. Levi Alford (1-1).

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Looooooooooong night of fights…. I arrived at 7:15 and just got home at 1:15….

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  3. Sean McManus says:

    why so many fights on this card?

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  4. trent_thorne says:

    i could be mistaken, but wasnt Marcus Hicks sposed to be fighting on this card?

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  5. Phil Baroni says:

    levi alford has a 6-2 amateur record and extensive ring experience according to the trailer for the fight..brutal ko by chiappe though

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  6. trent_thorne says:

    not singling anyone out. just looking at the card and noticing some things is all!

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  7. Justsayin says:

    The matchmaking on this card makes me sick. Baker and Chiappe’s KO Wins (both by GNP) were totally predictable given the gross mismatches (Matt Baker (4-2) vs. Jose Cornejo (0-1); Ryan Chiappe (6-6) vs. Levi Alford (1-1).

    Pad, Pad, and Pad!

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  8. Hicks was suspended and did not get cleared by the Manitoba Commission to fight.

    Roy Bradshaw got up and was walking and talking in the cage after going through the door.

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  9. trent_thorne says:

    Shitty deal man! Hicks just cant seem to catch a break man! I was looking forward to seeing how he made out this fight!

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    Hicks vs Vinicios didn’t go down because Vinicios got injured. I think Hicks was cleared to fight here.

    Roy Bradshaw was all good after the cage door incident, the way I saw it was this-

    the lads go through the door, Bradshaw was on bottom and was rocked hard by the fall, ref John Cooper called the fight immediately(and rightly so)… After some boos from the crowd and Graham Spencer showing he was pissed, Roy got up and said he’d still fight… Once a call is made, you can’t take it back, so the fight was off… Too bad for both guys.

    John Cooper recently passed the COMMAND course with Big John and he knows what he’s doing in there. After a fall like that, there is no fair way to resume the action. I think John made the right call at the right time, had he not called that fight when he did, the boys would have had at it again, with Roy possibly having an injury from the fall.

    Good call John, shitty break for Graham and Roy.

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  11. beefstorm says:

    The spencer fight was good sad to see it end like that but BOTH fighters should get win bonus and a sincere apology from the organization. Neither did, and that is a terrible mistreatment of guy’s that put in there work. A fight should be won,lost,draw or no contest in the cage. I did like the production of battlefield they just need to clean up a few things. I hope the organization reads this and sees my point.

    AFC 5 next saturday april 2nd come see what a beefstorm looks like!!!!!
    ALL BEEF!!! ALL DAY!!!

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  12. Mike says:

    The entire show was HORRIBLE!! The cage doors opened up a number of times with the fighters flying out! causing the matches to end. The mismatched fights were despicable!! Whoever made the fights should be shot or be put in the cage with a Lesnar to get a taste of what he/she did!! If Jamie Locke-from another post- is correct from an earlier post it’s some AHOLE named Golshani! Totally and utterly DESPICABLE!!!
    This could end MMA as we know it if this Golshani, who know absolutely nothing about MMA gets someone killed!

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  13. Rick James says:

    Lol at this could end MMA as we know it. I agree the matchmaking was not great and the entire card seemed to fall apart somehow. No idea why Hackert came in over by eleven pounds. If they had known they might have been able to matchup Huveneers with Taylor instead. Result would likely have been the same however.

    Their amateur shows seemed pretty good, interesting to see if they do another one on the island after this.

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  14. Mike says:

    Hey Rick,

    If this clueless matchmaker gets someone killed it’s all over for MMA in BC. That’s pretty much what the BC government is waiting for so they can say, ‘we told you so!’ and they just love goof balls like this Golshani….that has no clue as to what he’s doing

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  15. Hicks is still suspended. You can look him up on and see the suspension.

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  16. Thomas says:

    This was horrible, these promoters are going to get someone killed and I’m scared.

    Thats why there is a commission. But what kind of a commission lets a guy with 12 pro fights fight someone with 0 fights, and a guy with 6 pro fights fight someone who is 0-1?

    And the cage, what a huge mess. Those guys are lucky to not have broken their necks.

    The refs let fights go on way to long.
    Battlefield scores a zero out of 10, props to the athletes though, they did their jobs.

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  17. Thomas says:

    oh ya and what about the 60 lb weight difference in the ironside fight. Thank God BCMMA is there to police battlefield at their amateur events, something the Nanaimo commission is incapable of.

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  18. SP says:

    I heard that Bastian Hooveneers didn’t get paid for his fight even though his opponent didn’t make weight by 11 lbs???

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  19. SP says:

    that is a low blow to a great prospect

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  20. Bobby Hall says:

    Wow I wonder was I at the same fight as some of you.The cage door opened once. Fighters fell out once. Yea a few of the fights ended quickly because of mis-matches but the majority of them were good hard fought wins and losses.
    Has nobody any praise for the two women that put on a show stopper that had the crowed on their feet.
    I do not go to MMA contests to see a fighter maimed or killed and guess what… I did not.

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  21. Bobby Hall, The ladies put on a hell of a fight. Great performance.

    SP, Jamie Locke commented on here that Bastien Huveneers did get paid his show money.

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  22. Jamie Locke says:


    I posted that Baz Cunningham got his show purse.

    Bastien Huveneers did not get paid his.

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  23. Jamie Locke says:

    and Rachael vs Wendy was FOTN for sure! Great fight and sick finish for Rachael!

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  24. robin black says:

    Jamie, you won this one fair and square sir.

    Double or nothing on an AFC fight? Main event maybe?

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  25. Jamie Locke says:


    thems my picks.

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  26. robin black says:

    I have $1000 fake dollars on Spong and I will give 3-1 odds to anyone who wants to bet real fake money with me.

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  27. MMA Rocks says:

    Phil – You can’t compare Levi’s ammy record with Chiappe’s pro record. There is a difference in the caliber of opponents in Pro vs Amateur circuit. Not to mention some promotions and States in the US have modified rules for amateur bouts (GNP, elbows, etc)

    Chiappe is a 31 yr old KOTC champion, Levi is a 23 yr old up and coming fighter. Even if you knew nothing of their experience, just looking at the weigh in pics you knew Jose and Levi were gonna get ktfo. (And so did everyone on Facebook!)

    Now, I love a good KO as much as the next guy, but fights designed to give local fighters big R1 KO wins in front of a home crowd are distasteful and give MMA a bad name.

    Thomas – yes the Nanaimo Athletic Commission should also be held accountable for sanctioning the bouts

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  28. Nate says:


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  29. Mike says:

    The commission should never be the matchmaker!! It’s this AHOLE Golshani that should take the entire blame! He’s F** useless and gives the sport of MMA a bad name!!

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  30. Mike says:

    Sorry I should of said Battlefield Fight League, but the rumour is that (EDITED) Jay Golshani is the matchmaker for the organization. Get rid of him!!

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  31. Mike… in my opinion, you are going overboard. There were mismatches on the card, but that happens on most regional mma cards. Roy/Swatez, LHW Davidson/MW Taylor, Huveneers/Hackert, Kang/Taylor, Aurelio/Tran, Capdeville/Albrecht, Douglas/Jorgensen, Spencer/Scholten were all decently matched on paper before the fights started or before they got scratched from the card.

    And yes….I do believe Davidson vs Taylor was a decent matchup before the fight. Of course it turned out to be a mismatch, but no one saw that coming.

    You want to talk BC mismatches? How about Bobby Kalmakoff and Mike Ciesnolevicz on the upcoming KOTC?

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  32. Jamie Locke says:


    I thought Taylor vs Davidson was a very clearly one sided match.

    Bobby K vs Ciesnolevicz is definintly worse though!


    It is up to the match-makers to come up with entertaining and fair fights, but ultimatly, the commission is the authority who decides if it is a fair fight or not.

    I think Golshani did know that some of these fights were one sided, but it’s probably part of their marketting plan to build up their choice fighters. Keith is right, this happens all over the place. It’s up to the local commission to not approve these fights, and in this case, the Nanaimo commission was invisible…

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  33. BigBoi says:

    Levi and Taylor should not have been in those fights this weekend. To even compare this to Bobby K shows you how bad the match ups were. I realize that a promoter wants to keep ‘named fighters’ on their cards when fights fall through but to fill that spot with the first warm body is not the right course of action.

    Just because a fighter says they’ll fight someone doesn’t mean its a good match up. Promoters need to be held to task on this and the commission needs to give their head a shake for not questioning the replacements.

    Also, its been a while since I saw a cage door fly open… really lucky no one was seriously hurt since those guys came down hard and from a few feet up.

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  34. Klems says:

    One more example of Golshani and some of the stupid shit he does. He talks trash about WCpromotions being poor at matchmaking and he puts some of these fights together. He is a complete dick to his “fans” on facebook. I think he is riding on the tips of some of the coaches in the back rooms of their gyms, to protect his golden boys. The guy thinks he is Dana White and can say whatever he wants, I bet within two years he will get his face smashed in. Has this guy even trained in a martial art in his life? what’s he know? Didn’t he try and overturn a ref’s call once and the BCMMA had to step in because he was wrong? He puts together a top P4P list of ammy fighters for BC and they all are or have fought for BFL, and then he “trys” to bash reporters for their lack of knowledge when they put out their own list. He is always talking shit about WCpromotions and their management team. I think we should get a fight lined up between him and Manny. It’s no more one sided then the Chiappe fight. It’s funny when I go to a casino and the events promotional people know what a dick he is and are talking about him.

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  35. bc says:

    How about Bobby Kalmakoff and Mike Ciesnolevicz on the upcoming KOTC? Keith this isnt kotc match up is perstige fc in fortmcmurray which is an un commisioned fight

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  36. Mike C and Bobby K are not fighting.

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  37. Bc says:

    U are sure they aren’t fighting? I am also pretty sure that mike c won’t be fighting anyone because prestige has no legal commission it was created by the promotor to appear ok. But now the people who provide medical standby know this and will be boycotting the event which means no medics, and bylaw knows, they are going to raise hell and lay every charge on them on a business and fighting level, and the RCMP is assiting them. Council has been made awhere swell as the mayor and they are not pleased that the last one happened illegally. Without an unbiased legal commission we can’t ensure fighter safety and then we risk the young sport of mma being shut down in various places or harder and more costly to hold events. Prestige f c will ruin it for those organizations running legit events that are safe. Please weigh in keith

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