Shonie and Farmer Unstoppable at WRECK


Wreck MMA is proud to announce details for Wreck MMA: Unstoppable on May 6th, 2011 at the Casino Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec. Presented by The Score, the event will be headlined by Ottawa’s Craig ‘Farmer’ Brown who takes on one of the world’s most popular fighters, ‘Mr. International’ Shonie Carter.

A veteran of practically every promotion in the world, Carter has made Canada a second home. With over 60 MMA bouts on his record, Carter is one of the world’s most experienced fighters having won titles around the globe. Brown is coming off an injury that forced him off the last Wreck event and he’s looking to re-establish himself as one of the country’s top middleweights. A win against the veteran Carter may put Brown in a position to fight for the middleweight title this September at the first event in Ottawa history.

In the co-main event, the Wreck Bantamweight Title will be on the line as John ‘The Haggis Basher’ Fraser steps up to face Saskatoon’s undefeated prospect Eric Wilson. Fraser is on a four fight win streak and in his last fight he defeated the talented veteran Thierry Quenneville for a featherweight title. Wilson is coming off a win against rising star Roland Delorme that cemented him as one of the nation’s top bantamweights. A win against Fraser would put away any doubts whether Wilson is the real deal and firmly establish himself among the elite.

In the second title bout of the night, Jesse ‘The Ghost’ Gross returns to Wreck to face veteran Brad Cardinal for the Wreck Lightweight Title. This fight is Gross’ toughest challenge to date and will show where Gross stands among Canada’s top prospects. Cardinal has been around long enough to not be affected by the hype surrounding Gross and wants to leave Ottawa with some shiny new gold.

In a featured bout, Team Bushido’s Nabil ‘The Thrill’ Khatib returns to Wreck as he faces one of the bad boys of MMA, Markhaille ‘Showtime’ Wedderburn. Khatib’s last fight in Wreck ended controversially and Khatib is looking to leave no doubt with this one. Both fighters have shown a great deal of heart and expect this one to be a real test of will with the victor being the one who refuses to break.

In a fight of the night candidate, Nathan ‘Gunner’ Gunn from Thunder Bay takes on Winnipeg’s Lindsey Hawkes in what is expected to be a slugfest. The winner may also have a title aspirations at the fall event in the nation’s capital.

Also scheduled to appear are OAMA standouts Stephane Bernadel, Jeff Harrison and Randy Turner alongside talented Ottawa based fighters. On the card are Ronin MMA’s Mustafa ‘Mufasa’ Khalil, Bluewater Martial Arts’ Mike Reilly, Tapout Gatineau’s Pablo Santos and RAMA’s Marc Lefebvre.

Wreck MMA: Unstoppable is proud to be supporting the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and life-altering injuries by providing entertainment, education and family activities that help them cope with the pain, fear and isolation of prolonged illness. Tickets for this event are available via or by calling (613) 755-1111. Buy your tickets now as there are only 1500 seats available and this event will once again sell out!!

Date: May 6th, 2011
Venue: Casino Lac Leamy
Location: Gatineau, Quebec

Main Event
Shonie ‘Mr. International’ Carter (Iron Academy, Chicago) vs. Craig ‘Farmer’ Brown (FIT MMA, Ottawa)

Co-Main Event for the Wreck Bantamweight Title
Eric Wilson (Outlaw MMA, Saskatoon) vs. John ‘The Haggis Basher’ Fraser (Supreme Martial Arts, Sarnia)

For the Wreck Lightweight Title
Brad Cardinal (BDB Martial Arts, Calgary) vs. Jesse ‘The Ghost’ Gross (Adrenaline MMA, London)

Markhaile ‘Showtime’ Wedderburn (Team Sufferaz, Toronto) vs. Nabil ‘The Thrill’ Khatib (Team Bushido, Ottawa) Cory Houston (WAMMA, Winnipeg) vs. Stephane Bernadel (OAMA, Gatineau)
Seiji Sugiman-Marangos (Shah Franco, Toronto) vs. Mustafa ‘Mufasa’ Khalil (Ronin MMA, Ottawa)
Lindsey Hawkes (WAMMA, Winnipeg) vs. Nathan ‘Gunner’ Gunn (Leading Edge Gym, Thunder Bay)
Mike Sledzion (Dragon’s Lair, Orillia) vs. Marc Lefebvre (RAMA, Rockland)
Joel Paquette (Supreme Martial Arts, Sarnia) vs. Pablo Santos (Tapout Gatineau, Gatineau)
Khaled Konga (BAMA, Egypt) vs. Scott Edward (BTT Canada, Montreal)

TBA vs. Jeff Harrison (OAMA, Ottawa)
TBA vs. Chris St-Jean (OAMA, Ottawa)
TBA vs. Randy Turner (OAMA, Ottawa)
TBA vs. Mike Reilly (Bluewater Martial Arts, Rockland)

23 Responses to “ Shonie and Farmer Unstoppable at WRECK ”

  1. MMA loser says:

    Awesome card, but why do you have two title fights on the card and neither of them are headlining? I think either title fight is more significant than Brown vs. Carter

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  2. The Dude says:

    I thought Shonie retired

    glad to have him back. Farmer better be ready to fight

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  3. The Dude says:

    Also, why will Wreck or any other Canadian promotion not give Sean Quinn more fights? What does a brotha gotta do to get his brotha on a fight card, hmmmmmmmm????

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Everyone loves the Quinn, and he comes to fight every time.

    It is a weird situation. He is an interesting match-up for top guys, but his record is officially only 5-4, which makes him undesirable for them. And he’s from Regina, so it costs a touch more to get him (flight).

    But he is worth it and makes a card better. And he’s very positive to have around, which is desirable to promoters.
    He’s alo good TV, which gives him a shot on televised cards like this.

    I think we might see him on The Score card in June in Mississauga.

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  5. Jon says:

    Whatever happened to people actually just respecting entertainment that a fighter has brought to the sport and have the fighter make a special appearance. Shonie WAS a great guy to watch because of his flash and he was tough, but has since retired and has had 6 loses in a row. Why entice him out of retirement to be a MAIN event. Shonie was a welterweight now fighting middleweight and Brown was a light heavyweight and now a mediocre middleweight that has pulled out of his last three fights and this is a fight that could set him up for a belt, thats just as much as a joke as W1. On a card that has two title fights set with some great up and coming talent this is the MAIN event on the Score, whata Canadian joke.

    MAIN EVENT…more like a special attraction.

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  6. Jon, Shonie vs Farmer should be a fun fight. Lets remember that out of the two title fights, not one of the four guys is from the Ottawa area. The main event features Farmer Brown who is from Ottawa and who will sell a ton of tickets against a known guy in Shonie who fans recognize who will give him a good fight. MMA is a business and a big part of successful, regional cards is local ticket sellers.

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  7. Jon says:

    Keith, a fun fight is something an exhibition match brings, this is professional MMA. I’m not saying don’t have Brown on the card but at some point lets start seeing some great fighters making a main event so we can respect this is a strong developing sport. Brown isn’t an athlete of the sport and he’s fighting a retired veteran who has lost his last 6 fights it doesn’t do much for the sport or Ottawa MMA. Khatib looks like he’s back on the card because he sells tickets, probably more than Brown but he’s not a main event. Yes MMA is a business and if you look at the card Wreck has 4 of its schools fighters on it and a number of the fighters are from Ottawa, they only have to sell 1500 tickets (some shows used to sell between 2500-3000 tickets) and chances are the Score kicks in money. Yes this is business and hopefully with cards now happening in Ontario promotions will feel pressure to start showing some athletes.

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  8. Dean Panas says:

    It looks like a very good card with some great match-ups!!! Keith is bang on with his opinion on having a local guy in the main event!! There is no doubt that the two title fights showcase some of Canada’s top talent. But unfortunatley most fans in attendance won’t know who, and how good, those fighters are. Most of the people in attandance at MMA events are there to see local guys. If you were to have a main event featuring out of town guys, you risk losing a big majority of your crowd.
    There is no doubt that people who read forums like this follow Canadian MMA. But when it comes to a live show (I’ll use Edmonton as an example), the vast majority of people in attendance have no idea who the top “up and comers” are. They are there to see people they know fight.

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  9. Great fight card! Good luck to Eric Wilson and Nathan Gunn!!!

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  10. Hawkes says:

    Hey Kurt, you mean good luck erick wilson… Boo nathan gun right? lol

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  11. Alex Caporicci says:

    Should be a great night of fights.

    Dean and Keith did a good job summing up what we are thinking. But, Craig is a top-10 Canadian middleweight who is fighting someone who is a legend. How many guys in their career can say they stepped into the cage with a legend? I think all that Craig has done for the sport in Ottawa, he deserves the opportunity to have his name out there against someone the casual fans recognize. Shonie is great at marketing himself and putting on a great show so we can attract a different type as fan as well. We have a big step in front of us in September.

    Ideally we would like to have someone who has fought for our event in the past as our main event. Our main event last show was Jordan Mein vs. Joe Riggs, but the most popular fight was Mark Holst vs. Showtime. So we’re looking to give you great fights with great Canadian fighters and have to make sure our locals are taken care of as well. Its a fine line between success and failure in this sport.. and so far Wreck’s been #winning that battle.

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  12. harry balls says:

    I’m down with Farmer headlining; I dig local MMA and he’s a known dude who comes to scrap.
    If I had my druthers, though, I’d rather see him fight a Canuck at LHW with a similar record. Either way I’ll be there.
    Please make Reilly-Hardcastle happen.

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  13. Jon says:

    Okay, the Shonie attraction thing has already been done in Gatineau by W1 (save the trying to attract the different casual fan) and if you’re trying to sell tickets then sell them but lets not rationalize this. Brown is a casual MMA brawler that is fighting a retired fighter on a losing streak. If he was a true top ten athlete he would of at least won one of the fights that had him step up in competition and he’d be looking for legit middleweight competition and you as a promoter would reward him with legit middleweight competition.

    This is what pisses the dedicated MMA fan off, we resent that the sport isn’t taken serious and the athletes that really do represent the progression of the sport and continuously train and are dedicated are rarely ever rewarded in the proper light because they sit behind the old days.

    How about promotions figure out how to promote a proper fight, not has beens or guys who have a debate their full training camp if they’ll make weight or not (as the case with Showtime….again the PRO in Professional MMA needs promotions to aid and assist!

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  14. peruvian neckbone says:

    Farmer is probably going to get hurt again anyways

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  15. harry balls says:

    Farmer is on the cover of OBJ if anyone is interested. Him and Nick Castiglia are interviewed….

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  16. This is a great fight. Lets not forget the point of this fight. ITt’s for TV.

    The fact that W1 used Shonie before makes it a bigger reason to use him!

    Only difference is Wreck has a clue and won’t spend 5x more than they need to, to make it happen.

    But i guess if the money being used to fund the show is dirty, then who cares right?

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  17. harry balls says:

    Do tell!

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  18. Jeff Harrison says:

    Nick was also on TV today check out the vid:

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  19. harry balls says:

    Word to Throwdown in O-Town! About Thaime! (see what i did there)
    I don’t think Kurt Stoodley does any kind of prep before these interviews, and that’s unfortunate. He looks clueless in the Boots interview he did…

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  20. BigBoi says:

    Katib should not be fighting. The guy is so far past his prime that he’s just hurting his reputation and giving Showtime an easy win.

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  21. Rick James says:

    I guess it’s not a bad fight considering Farmer is coming off a layoff and injury. Shonie has a bit of star power and he’s fairly well known. I’m assuming Farmer should win this which should set up a more interesting matchup down the road. Maybe they can grab Doerksen/Starnes/Kang for the show in Ottawa.

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  22. Jon says:

    Marc-Andre, I really hope wreck got Shonie cheaper than W1, W1 had Shonie in 2009, that was 8 fights and 7 losses ago and they have the same guy doing the matchmaking for wreck that did it for W1.

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  23. harry balls says:

    I heard Shonie is out. Man Farmer is snake-bit as far as opponents if this is true.
    And i heard Reilly will not be on the card as well. Too bad, awesome kid. Still stoked though…

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