It Will Take More than an Earthquake to Stop Megumi Yabushita


Despite the tragedy in her homeland Japans Megumi Yabushita continues to train on getting ready for her April 2nd fight against Sarah Kaufman at Armageddon Fighting Championship 5- Judgment Day. The veteran of nearly 40 professional fights has maintained her focus throughout the devastation of her country.

When asked if she has been distracted by the recent tragedies she responded “I have been training and working throughout the disaster. I feel really bad for all these victims, and my prayer goes to every single one of them. I actually went through Hanshin Earthquake as well so this is my second experience dealing with a huge natural disaster so I am somehow calm. But compared to what all the victims are going through, I am lucky that I can pursue my fight career. I am honored to be able to fight Sarah Kaufman, and I am thrilled to be able to fight in front of the Canadian fight fans.”

Armageddon Fighting Championship Executive Producer had the following to say about her. “Megumi Yabushita is a great representative of the Japanese fighting spirit; throughout everything she has faced lately she carries on doing what she has to do to prepare for one of the biggest fights of her life.” She is walking into Sarah Kaufman’s backyard for this fight, Sarah has a lot of fans here but Megumi Yabushita has already earned the respect of the fans and the AFC due to her mental strength throughout her countries tragedy. She will have a lot of fan support on April 2nd. We will have the Red Cross at this event collecting donations that will go directly to the Japan Earthquake Fund.”

AFC 5 takes place April 2nd at Bear Mountain Arena in Colwood, B.C. Tickets are available at Juan de Fuca Rec Centre, Island MMA, Sports Traders and online at or by calling (250) 478-8384.

Tickets range from $25-$125

AFC 5- Judgment Day Lineup

Sarah Kaufman (12-1) vs. Megumi Yabushita (19-17)

Nick Hinchliffe (17-7) vs. Ryan Machan (12-6)

David Perron (4-0) vs. Andrew Buckland (12-8-1)
Derek Medler (4-0) vs. Jarod Milko (3-0)
Josh Spong (3-1) vs. Dan Lin (3-1)
Ryan Janes (2-1) vs. Duncan Wilson (2-1)
Connor Wood (2-2) vs. Dia Grant (3-4)
Nick Dreidger (4-1) vs. Brendan Frost (2-2)
Karl Bergen (2-0) vs. Todd Mabbott (3-2)
Nathan Swayze (0-1) vs. Warren Anderson (1-1)
Chris Jones (2-1) vs Leif Optland (1-1)

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  1. canadx says:

    Bringing in someone from japan? hey this is cool.

    Global match making!!

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  2. canadx says:

    derek medler, nick and dave perron will show well

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  3. canadx says:

    afc is televised tonite on check 6 at 8 pm saturday nite march 25. i want to see it again!!

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  4. canadx says:

    sorry march 26

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  5. Scott says:

    I’m always rooting for you, Megumi.

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