Canadian Rumour Mill – March 21


Hello boys and girls,

I was hanging around the water cooler last week and well some people were a little distracted and started gossiping.

  • Some new promotions are popping up (or at least coming back)…

1. Slammer in the Hammer – Hamilton, ON
2. GNP – Saint John, NB
3. ECFP (East Coast Fight Productions) – Trenton, ON
4. Hope Products “Throwdown in Y-Town – Yarmouth, NS
5. Colloseo Championship Fighting – ?????

  • Speaking of Colloseo, (Yay for me!), honestly reading that press release (read it here) I was thinking what is this guy Lino talking about, confusing?!?!?  Do you understand the words that are coming outta my mouth? ( oktah ektoh onski
  • Aggression vs MFC in June? Rumour has it both shows will be throwing a card on the same weekend.
  • The garbage can throwing, smack talking Loud Mouth Assassin, Marcus Hicks is scheduled to fight on the upcoming BFL show, but… he’s still under suspension by the ABC over the Cage Fighting Manitoba issues. Hope this can get worked out as Marcus Hicks always brings at least some hype to the show he’s competing on.
  • Heard this from a few people… Armageddon might be getting their wagons hitched up coming out to the prairies. YEEHAW!
  • HeatXC where you at?
  • From everything I’ve heard from a bunch of people… the Cold Lake Commission is a gong show!
  • Confirmed Canadian champs at TUF Tryouts: Elite1 145lbs Champ Justin Bourgeois, KOTC Canada 135lbs Champ Ryan Knysh, former KOTC Canada 135lbs champ Clayton Sheen, EFC 135lbs Champ Owen Carr, Former KOTC Canada 145lbs Champ (He probably holds other belts too) Nick Denis, BFL Amateur 135lbs Champ Gary Mangat, W1 145lb Champ John Fraser. Anyone else?
  • Who wants boxing in a cage with MMA gloves!?!? “Ultimate Cage Boxing” might be coming, brought to you by Elite1 MMA promoter Steven Williams. UGH!
  • Not sure if you read the internet rumour for UFC Vancouver, but it sounds like Brock Lesnar vs Junior Dos Santos in the main event.  YUM!

Just wanted to say, I’ve been receiving some good tips and leads recently. I really appreciate it!  Keep them coming to:


22 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – March 21 ”

  1. BigBoi says:

    “One thing that that makes us different then are competitors in the internet news market is that we have are own soundstage at are disposal”

    Wow! Did Pasquali hire the same guy who writes Nigerian internet scams to write his press release?!?

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  2. Again with the stupid Pride rules.

    Where are they planning on running these shows? Which commission do we need to shit on next?

    Wow, setting up their own internet station. That’s awesome.

    Seriously WTF is this guy smoking?

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  3. harry balls says:

    Quinn , Wooley, a few others at TUF. More Elite 1 baloney. The John Williams freak match should have been the clue to just forget about the whole mess.

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  4. BigJatt says:

    FYI Gary Mangat is the 145 lbs Champ not the 135 lbs champ who by the way is still considered an Amateur but is more skilled than 70% of the 145 lb Albertan fighters. These boyz from Revolution dont play.

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  5. beefstorm says:

    Corey Gower (3-0) and I (3-1) sent in a highlight/interview dvd. I hope we can get the call!!! Also I think mangat is a tough dude, but I think you have to have at least 3 pro fights to be considered for the show… That is why corey took the fight (kotc) on a weeks notice at featherweight(145). Why in alberta is 135 fly weight?? i think 125 is fly weight everywhere else on the planet??

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    1. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
    2. Applicants will grapple and hit pads so please dress appropriately and bring all necessary gear
    3. Participants MUST HAVE a professional MMA record with at least THREE (3) fights

    …and I know they told Dan Shenk at the TUF 13 tryouts that he would not be considered due to having a losing record, not sure how it works for guys with a .500 record

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    @beefstorm… It’s actually just King of the Cage specifically that calls 135lbs Flyweight, not sure of the reasoning but KOTC Canada and U.S. both do.

    Their 125lbs division is called Junior Flyweight and their 145lbs division is know as Bantamweight.

    They also have a Junior Welterweight (160lbs) and a Cruiserweight Division (230lbs), I guess they just march to the beat of their own drum! lol

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Adrian Wooley Former TKO and W-1 champ also at trials.

    Good time here. Canadian guys did really well and it was great to hang out with them. All represented with class.

    Mustafa Khalil also here and looked like Dr. Phil. In a good way.

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  9. Hank902 says:

    I didn’t think StJohn had a commission. ECFP is in Trenton NS

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    Saint John does not have a commission, these guys have been petitioning the city council to get one set up.

    As far as I know, there are many councilors on board and this amateur show is to test the waters.

    GNP is using ISCF to sanction their event and ensure everything is done safely.

    I hope everything goes well, as Saint John has some bad ass dudes that could capitalize from fighting in their home town instead of travelling to Halifax, Moncton or Quebec.

    I just posted the other day about Elite 1 and how their last show was good and their next one looks to be good as well. Minus Dan Severn and Butterbean, the cards are great. I think this boxing crap is a massive step in the wrong direction….

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  11. cody krahn says:

    Boxing in a cage with MMA gloves? Why not just stand outside of a 7-11 at 3am on a weekend to see the same thing for free

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  12. hawkes says:

    Roland delorme at trials… And he sent a vid… I hope he makes it. That dude is a fighter!!!!

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Wagnney Fabiano

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  14. Mike Davis says:

    * From everything I’ve heard from a bunch of people… the Cold Lake Commission is a gong show!


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  15. ECFP is my promotion and is definitely in Trenton, NS on May 27, 2011. It’s a great venue where I fought my first fight as have many others for Jason MacKay’s promotion Absolute Fighting Canada. We’re doing our promotion a bit differently but the same location. Check out for more details.

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    Allen Hope fought on the ECFP card. He had nothing but good things to say about the show and Ricky. Also I dealt with Ricky on the show and it was no hassle and very smooth. Glad to see ECFP.

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  17. Gossip Queen got one wrong. Mark Pavelich left me a voice mail stating that the MFC has no plans to hold a card in Edmonton on the June 24th weekend.

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  18. harry balls says:

    ha you guys are chummy again?

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Ricky Goodall really does a good job out there.

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  20. Derek LeBlanc says:

    ricky does a great job indeed robin. For the event in Saint John, Jamie you are right. Saint John does not have a commission, the city council did approve last year of having events in the city but couldn’t because of it. The reason it came up because a concert promoter in Saint John tried to do the match of Tim Syilva vs Wes Sims but couldn’t because there is no commission. He tried to do the event in Halifax but pulled it because he only had sold 600+ tickets in the first two days and thought it would be a losing effert.

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  21. Tyler Hardcastle says:

    I will be shocked if there no canadian guys on the bantamweight/featherweight TUF… Absolutely Shocked!

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  22. babyface assassin says:

    the yarmouth card will be a disaster

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