Top MMA News – Canadian Featherweight Rankings – March 2011


Its been seven months since Top MMA News looked at the Featherweights. Unfortunately, not many of the 145ers were fighting.

Due to Aggression MMA this month, there has finally been some movement in these rankings. Here is the new Top 10:

Top Canadian Featherweights
1. Mark Hominick (20-8) – Previous Rank (1) – Mark Hominick was the most active Featherweight in the Top 10 since the last rankings going 2-0 in that period. Hominick made quick work of teammate George Roop and cleanly beat Leonard Garcia, although it was officially a split, in those last two fights. Next up for the most dominating Featherweight in Canadian history? The UFC Featherweight title perhaps? Hominick will face champion Jose Aldo at UFC 129 in his home province of Ontario. Next Fight:  vs Jose Aldo at UFC 129 on April 30

2. Yves Jabouin (15-6) – Previous Rank (2) – After two tough losses in the WEC, Jabouin took out Brandon Visher via Decision when his Zuffa future was on the line. Possibly the most exciting Featherweight in Canada, Jabouin will next face Pablo Garza in the Toronto UFC. Next Fight:  vs Pablo Garza at UFC 129 on April 30

3. Antonio Carvalho (12-4) – Previous Rank (4) – Carvalho has not fought since the last rankings, but he moves up to number three since Nick Denis has been moved to the inactive list due to not fighting in a year and only fighting at 135 for the near future. Pato fought twice last year.. First he beat Eddie Fyvie at W1 and then he KO’d Juan Barrantes.  The former top three world Featherweight is definitely a top five talent in Canada could be as high as number two.  In the last three years, Carvalho is 5-3 with one of those wins over Hatsu Hioki.  Next up is a fight at Casino Rama. Next: vs Tony Hervey at MMA:The Reckoning on April 2.

Lorenz finishes his takedown on Will Romero (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

4. Adam Lorenz (5-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – For the first time since 2009, Adam Lorenz is back in the Top 10. Lorenz won a decision victory over the number five ranked William Romero at Aggression MMA to vault to the number four spot. Lorenz easily could be undefeated except he took Dwight Sutherland’s quick hips for granted and got caught earlier in his career. Next: vs Mike Adams at Aggression MMA in June.

5. William Romero (5-2) – Previous Rank (5)– After losing to Patrcio Friere in Bellator, William Romero lost his second in a row to the previously mentioned Adam Lorenz at Aggression MMA. Top MMA News is sure that the former paratrooper will head back to Iron Tiger to regroup and win his next bout.  Next fight: TBD

No change for the next four fighters, all of whom have not fought since the last rankings.

6. John Fraser (7-3) – Previous Rank (6) – John Fraser took on the number five ranked Thierry Quenneville at W1 and pounded him out to win the W1 Featherweight belt.  The win was The Haggis Basher’s fourth in a row since taking a three year layoff from the sport of MMA.  Fraser heads down to 135 next. Next fight: vs Eric Wilson at WRECK MMA on May 6

7. Mitch Gagnon (6-1) – Previous Rank (7) – After winning the Ringside title, Mitch Gagnon was due to defend his title against John Franchi. Unfortunately, Gagnon got injured. However, he is now ready to defend and will do so against Rejean Groulx   Next fight: vs Rejean Groulx at Ringside 10 on April 9.

8. Thierry Quenneville (15-9) – Previous Rank (8)– Following at W-1 title loss to John Fraser, Quenneville is taking some time off from fighting. Let’s hope he comes back to the sport soon as he is an awesome 145er. Next fight: TBD

Adams sinks in the Guillotine (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|

Adams sinks in the Guillotine (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|

9. Mike Adams (6-0) – Previous Rank (9) – Something is in the water at Team Toshido.  Everyone knows Rory MacDonald and Gary Wright is very good as well.  Now Mike Adams is taking a run up his weight division.  Adams finished the formerly 7th ranked Graham Spencer to keep his record perfect at Aggression MMA 3 in May.    Next fight: vs Adam Lorenz at Aggression MMA in June.

10. Graham Spencer (6-1) – Previous Rank (10)– After losing to Mike Adams to drop to 10, Top MMA News was happy to see Spencer rebound with a win over the larger Mukai Maromo.  This month, Spencer takes on Roy Bradshaw at Battlefield Fight League after Dave Scholten went MIA. Next fight: vs Roy Bradshaw at BFL 7 on March 26

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Nick Denis (inactive list and staying at 135)

Close to the Top 10:
Guillaume Lamarche (6-3)
Nick Driedger (4-1) – Next fight: vs Brendan Frost at AFC 5 on April 2
Shawn Albrecht (7-3) – Next fight vs Bruno Capdeville at BFL 7 on March 26
Tim Wadsworth (5-0)
Rejean Groulx (5-0) – Next fight vs Michel Gagnon at Ringside 10 on April 9.

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Nick Denis
Ben Greer
Bob Shabaga
Stephane Vigneault
Greg Compton
Len Tam
Adam Laporte
Len Smith

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  1. m says:

    what about bibiano fernandes he is definatly number 1 considering who he has beatin. He is also still ranked 5 in the world in all maajor mag’s

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  2. It is Top MMA News’ understanding that Bibiano does not have Canadian citizenship.

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  3. Big Jake says:

    I’m disappointed to see that my fighter Matt Veal is not on the list. He’s on a tear….

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  4. MM says:

    Thierry Quenneville @ 135? Awesome 155er and 145er but never 135….

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  5. Just a typo. Should say 145er.

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  6. Great to see Adam back up on there!

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  7. Rob says:

    Where is Ivan Menjivar?

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  8. sergio says:

    romero lost 2 in a row , and still at #5 , were the hell is groulx at !? cant wait for april 9 , shits gonna change real quik!!!

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  9. Groulx moved up to “just out of the Top 10” for beating Bernadel who dropped out of “just out of the Top 10”.

    Menjivar is fighting 135 and that is where he will be ranked.

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    When are these puppies going to be updated? I think there will be lot of changes.

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