EFC 9: Steele vs. McTaggert – Grande Prairie – May 14


Date: May 14, 2011
Location: Grande Prairie, AB

Tyson Steele (3-1) vs. Layne McTaggert (2-1)
***Lightweight Title Fight

Brandon MacArthur (5-16) vs. Allen Hope (6-7)
Tyler Davis (4-2) vs. Gary Espinar (3-2)
Ryan Keough (0-0-1) vs. Brian Coldwell (2-2)
Ed Rincon (3-6) vs. Shon Cottrill (3-0)
Jesse Seberg (1-4) vs. Mitch Edmonds (0-2)
Matt Mazerolla (0-0) vs. Martin Driedger (0-2)
Craig Nellis (0-0) vs. Todd Owen (0-1)
Colin Sharpe (0-1) vs. Mark Drummond (1-1)
Lance Desnoyer (1-1) vs. TBA
Conrad Krystan (0-0) vs. Teague Smith (0-1)
Dwight Chowace (0-1) vs. Rocky Briggs (0-0)
Dan Simms (0-0) vs. Eric Relman (0-0)

107 Responses to “ EFC 9: Steele vs. McTaggert – Grande Prairie – May 14 ”

  1. armlocks4u says:

    Espinar vs davis was an “UNREAL” fight espinar seemed to have davis KO’s at end of round 1 but was saved buy the bell then came back to beat gary with a kick to the groin that the ref stopped the fight to give gary his 5 mins to recover waiving the fight was not over but then the changed his mind and took it away whats with that?

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  2. Tyler Davis says:

    …….. ya about that, liver kick.

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  3. Tyler Davis says:

    i thought it was a great battle as well, i used a left kick to the body that put him down and followed up with like two punches, the ref asked me if it was a low shot because of the reaction of gary. Im sure if you asked gary he would say the same, he said he felt muscle go under the bone or other way around

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  4. Mike Davis says:

    armlocks4u the ref was confused but we have video he grabbed his rib and tried to wave off fight and ref thought it was a groin shot which he did not see. He then asked Gary when he was sitting on the ground and Gary did not say it was a groin shot and said he could not continue cause his RIB seemed out of place and could not stand up. That kick was nowhere near the groin. And saved by the bell, don’t forget Tyler recovered and ended round on top with Gary on his back.

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  5. brandon says:

    You can say something about some of the reffing that nigh. Brutal comes to mind

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  6. A. Shaw says:

    good on davis for recovering the win but ref should have stopped it end of the first. Reffing was only thing worse than the rest of the fight card

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  7. Mike Davis says:

    how should they of stopped it when he was in Gary’s guard? please let me know I am curious.

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