EFC 8: Aggression – Lloydminster – April 23


Date: April 23, 2011

Greg Welsh (4-1) vs Drew Weatherhead (1-1)
***Featherweight Title Fight

Paul Grandbois (2-2) vs. Allen Hope (5-7)
***Middleweight Title Fight

Ben Stewart (3-0) vs. Aaron Shymr (2-0)
Nick Heynen (1-0) vs. Jon Cowan (2-0)
Mitch Clarke (8-0) vs. Ed Rincon (4-5)
Phil Deschambault (2-4) vs. Mitch Edmonds (0-1)
Matt Arcand (0-0) vs. Drayton Angus (0-0)
Neil Anderson (0-1) vs. Myles Anderson (0-0)
Desmond Jackson (0-0) vs. Jess Veltri (0-1)
Tyler Clemence (1-0) vs. Sean Gailer (1-1)
Markus Tanner (0-1) vs. Brian Denniston (2-1)
Jesse Seberg (1-4) vs. Cory Knapp (5-16)

28 Responses to “ EFC 8: Aggression – Lloydminster – April 23 ”

  1. lets go says:

    Its getting close we should be clearing up some of these TBA’s who’s fighting.

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  2. BigBoi says:


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  3. Sorry sir. I’ll get right on it

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  4. Mike Davis says:

    Owen Carr (3-2-1) vs. Marc Beausoleil (5-1)

    THE REMATCH!!!! take away the TBA the card has a fantastic start.

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  5. Ben The Butcher says:

    Lots of home town boy’s she’ll be a full house, and like always we’ll put on a good show.

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  6. Irishian says:

    This looks great. also a quick plug for one of the TBAs: some might say it’s too soon to tell, but my brother is just getting started and isn’t going away anytime soon! Too bad ‘Couver is too bloody far away

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  7. Update: Full card is updated.

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  8. HoodRatt says:

    LOL at Mitch Clarke vs Ed Rincon? TFC Champ vs an 0-1 fighter.

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  9. LBoutin says:

    Ed Rincon is not 0-1, he’s around 4-5-1 or something close to that.

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  10. Luke…where were his fights then? Are you thinking of Eddie Rincon who is from Nevada? He is 3-4-1.

    Or is Sherdog’s Ed and Eddie Rincon the same dude?

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  11. Zach b says:

    It’s the Eddie from Nevada

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  12. Catsmasher says:

    Owen Carr not fighting now???

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  13. Owen Carr says:

    I would love to fight… Unfortunatly, Marc hurt his thumb and pulled out the other day. dissappointing but shit happens. I will still be attending. Although it would be nice to see my record to be accurate(4-1-1) and see others records more accurate as well, not to mention names. And dont talk shit about mitch. not to many people want to fight him, if someone good steps up to fight mitch, im sure hed be down

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  14. guint says:

    UPDATE….Jesse Seberg is out and micheal Glover in to fight corey knapp just heard

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  15. kendo says:

    So any predictions for these fights?

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  16. L-Boutin says:


    It’s the same dude I’m pretty sure. Jose Rodriguez fought him last december in the EFC. Tough guy from Hawaii, takes a beating and keeps coming forward.

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  17. L-Boutin says:

    Owen Carr-

    What’s your record ?

    mma.tv has you at 3-3-1
    Sherdog has you at 3-2-1

    It’s tough to find accurate records online for mma, but usually going between those two sites is your best bet.

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  18. Mike Davis says:

    Corey Knapp going for 2 wins in a row row quick, first Adam Bodwell then Jesse Seaberg/Michael Glover. He will win both of these fight or any of them. Good to see him take a step down in competition and get him self some wins. He does have skills just needs to use them in the cage.

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  19. Jesse says:

    How is a guy that has 12 fights fighting a guy with 4???? Also how are two guys without winning records fighting for a title?? What a Joke I guess the middleweight division in canada is weak !!! (sarcasm)

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  20. Jesse says:

    Next thing we know Bobby K or TJ Colletti will be fighting for titles!!! Hope is better but should not be fighting for a strap!!

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  21. Owen Carr says:

    My record is 4-1-1
    mmanewscanada is an accurate site….

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  22. Jason says:

    Owen – most times these names/records come straight from the promotion. At Top MMA News we try to be as accurate as possible but there really is no 100% accurate place on the net to find all MMA fighter records.

    In fact, these past couple weeks have been going through old pictures and I had the same fighter with three slightly different last names, he fought for the same promotion and the spelling I got off of printed materials provided at the fights.

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  23. Jason says:

    Owen – just curious, which fight does Sherdog have wrong? http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Owen-Carr-44447

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  24. Mike Davis says:

    its so common like try and find Ryan Brigham’s accurate record cause no promotion spells his name right so he has like 3 different spots on Sherdog. They even had mine wrong what I had to fix cause they said I had a loss to Eric Perez and someone else I did not know, while back it said I was 1-4 when I was 1-2 so hard to go off those sometimes. A lot of sites also like Sherdog add ammy fights from old RITC events.

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  25. Owen Carr says:

    sherdog has my loss to cody petrovic, that was a split AMATURE loss at Rumble in the Cage. Lee has had troubles with sherdog before. Also missing my first pro win against Pierre Dumont. just sucks cause this usually causes some issues when dealing with contracts etc.

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  26. roddy daniels says:

    good luck to my bros micheal, tyler, and phil. go get em boys

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  27. LBoutin says:

    Owen –

    Was your fight against Dumont was at an XCW show ? (The unsanctioned, unregulated event that Lochert runs in SK)

    MMA.tv has you losing a fight to Alex Kay on another XCW show. Is that a mistake ?

    It’s tough to find accurate records no matter what site you check i guess.

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