EFC 7 Weigh-in Results


Evolution Fighting Championship will hold an event in Cold Lake tonight. Here are the results:

Tim Chemelli (205.8) vs Jon Ganshorn (206.0)
Jon Simonar (155.6) vs Dean Cox (156.4)*
Jon Cowan (155.6) vs Tony Stiles (154.0)
Sean Kirk (166.1) vs Tyler Clemence (165.3)
Tyler Davis (135.1) vs Tony Bibby (135.7)
Corey Lautischer (136.3)* vs Micheal Glover**
Phil Deschambeault (144.9) vs Marc Beausoliel (145.9)
Chuck Pelc (179.1) vs Rene Grenon (174.2)
Darrell Okeynon (174.7)* vs Aaron Shymr (170.7)
Nick Heynen (157.0)* vs Martin Dregier (159.2)*

* missed weight
**weighing in tommorrow- car broke down on highway.

12 Responses to “ EFC 7 Weigh-in Results ”

  1. Mitch Clarke says:

    I would like to state that the commission used a weight watchers scale bought at Wal Mart and was then place on carpet to take the weights of the fighters. Total bush league weigh ins by the commission

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    Nailed it Mitch, I was shocked there commission is a joke, read the rules ? Saying it was bush league makes it sound good, never seen such a unorganized event.

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  3. Mitch Clarke says:

    I can’t blame the event Mark and Travis are upset as well as to what transpired. What pissed me off was the head of the commission drinking beer prior/and while the weigh ins were starting. Glad I got a picture of that, any have an email for the ABC?

    Best of luck to all the fighters and to the EFC guys.

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  4. Troy Schmeichel says:

    No one from the commission was drinking any alcohol before, during or after the wiegh in. Check with the wait staff. One was drinking diet coke and the other was drinking water.

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    Bibby vs. Davis is gonna be fight of the night!

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  6. Mitch Clarke says:

    Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know the wait staff wore shirts that said Commission on it. My bad.

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  7. Vicious Beast says:

    5 guys missed weight, thats gay. hopefully that was the walmart/carpet error

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  8. Mike davis says:

    It’s not event commission that’s what was saying and that’s nuts Mitch I did not see that. Going be an interesting night that’s for sure.

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  9. Corey Lautischer says:

    Typically I don’t participate in internet forum drama, but weighing in @ 136.5 on a medical scale in edmonton, using the bathroom twice and then missing weight is frustrating.

    I work very hard to make sure I fight on weight. I took all the necessary steps to make sure I was on weight, then I am recorded as missing weight because of a cheap scale that had no business being used.

    Very disappointing.

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  10. Tyler Davis says:

    ya i agree corey i made wieght on both my scale and the medical scale at the army base 135 on the dot and then the little walmart scale said 136.8 then and kinda shocked they had it on carpet. So we then went for a drive with the heat cranked to try to lose a little when i returned they then said the scale had a 1.6 pound allowence???????? then second wiegh in i was 135.8. it was pretty unprofessional

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  11. Tyler Davis says:

    and thanks Cody i appreciate being known as an exiting fighter,although i apologize for that first round

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  12. canadx says:

    Have to weigh in here- yes, a good scale is needed. I feel bad for the fighters who missed weight based on that fact. Maybe Cold Lake could go back to Rocky movies and weigh then a meat locker scale.- where’s Paulie and Adiene when we need them?

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