ECFP 2 – Trenton – May 27


Date: May 27, 2011
Location: Trenton Rink in Trenton, Nova Scotia
Tickets: ECFP

Main Event
Ricky Goodall vs Lenny Wheeler

Semi-Main Event
Jeremy Josey vs. Troy Wilton

Josh MacKenzie vs. Adam Hunter

Anthony Craig vs. Darcy McKenna
Aaron Myers vs. Cory Odo
Coel Peach vs. Shawn Wallace
Chris Kelades vs. Chance Whalen
Mike Malott vs. Mike Imperato
Gavin Tucker vs. Dave Spence
Jeff Black vs John Williams

Muay Thai
Jason Rorison vs. TBA
Brian Chisholm vs. TBA
Westin Myatt vs. TBA

28 Responses to “ ECFP 2 – Trenton – May 27 ”

  1. craig says:

    MMA back in Pictou county!!!! Woo hoo! This is going to be awesome!

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  2. Hank902 says:

    MacIntosh vs Jeremia Bernard would be an interesting fight.

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  3. Update: MacIntosh vs Vanja Vojvodic for the main event.

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  4. Josh says:

    except it would be a bad day for bernard lol i hope ur joking about that fight.

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  5. Hank902 says:

    Bernard went 3 rounds with Goodall on maybe a week or 2 notice and lost the majority decision so he’s no slouch or would you like to argue that point?

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  6. Hank902 says:

    With Wilton being KO’d on the weekend I’m doubting he’ll be cleared for this event.
    Maybe Kent and Keith again or Kent vs Acorn?

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  7. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Actualy it looks like Wilton will be cleared to fight Kent. From what I heard backstage from a few fighters that the only thing that was at question was Wilton’s nose and it was not broken. A Keith rematch would be cool to see and although Acorn has looked good in his last two fights, he is too big to make the drop to 185 in a short span.

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  8. UPDATED the undercard with some new fights.

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  9. Update: Mike Kent off the card.

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  10. Update: Mike Mallot vs Mike Imperato

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  11. Update: John Williams vs Jeff Black

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  12. jim says:

    this is sick most of card changed. you sell tickets on fighters. when one fighter drops. u get another to step in.

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  13. jim says:

    dont make promoter main event.not a bright way to sell tickets.

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  14. BigBoi says:

    After all the damage Seafood Williams has done to the sport I’m really bothered by them still getting press coverage.

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  15. derek leblanc says:

    Unfortnally both guys who were the original main event had to drop because one got ill and there was a death in the family for the other. They needed someone to step in and I say good for Ricky for stepping up. Although Wheeler doesn’t fight in the same weight class, it is a dangerous fight for him and also props to Robin Black for giving the chance for Wheeler to fight Goodall. Goodall is from the area and his name will help sell tickets and there are other local guys like Josh Mackenzie that the local crowd will want to see plus flying in a top prospect in Mike Imperato doesn’t hurt. For the other part on big Boi.I am sure you are thinking of the Jon Williams who works and fought for elite 1 at the age of 70. It is not the same guy. This one is in his late 20’s early 30’s with a record of 4-5. This mistake happens often.

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  16. BigBoi says:

    Thanks for the clarification Derek. Much appreciated.

    If a mod wants to edit my earlier post please do so as it is off topic.

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  17. Mitch Clarke says:

    @Derek: I thought both Wheeler and Goodall were both 155ers now

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  18. derek leblanc says:

    With the short notice the fight will be a catch weight of 165. Unfortnally I was wrong with Wheeler. I thought he was a 145 guy because I remember Mike Murphy was going to fight him at the last ecc show but wheeler got injured. Where Murphy fights at 145, I thought that maybe wheeler was stepping down in weight

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  19. jim says:

    josh mac kenzie is who i am talking
    about he want to fight but is off card.
    i am not talking about williams.

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  20. louise says:

    we bought tickets to see josh.

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  21. jeff says:

    i say ricky make more money stepping in

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  22. Evan Blakely says:

    Wheeler v Goodall is at 160

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  23. Robin Black says:

    Lenny vs Ricky is a big fight on the East Coast.

    Yep its at 160

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  24. derek leblanc says:

    When I was talking with Ricky last week he told 165 but I guess things change. Either way can wait to see this card

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  25. jimmy says:

    yup it is but josh never got to
    fight again since he knocked out
    mike.wanted to see him fight again.

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  26. smash says:

    Mike Malott is going to knock Mike Imperato unconscious. That young kid is a super talented striker!

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  27. Update:John williams out vs Jeff Black, IN0 Stephen Isaac Clement

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  28. Kyle Jarvis says:

    Definitely looking forward to seeing how lenny does also to see how Darcy does with this fight good luck to both fighters

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