KOTC: Brawl in the Mall 4 Weigh In Results


Weigh ins for King Of The Cage: Brawl in the Mall 4 were held at Sea Lions Rock in Edmonton, Alberta tonight. All fighters made weight including Lightweight Title combatants Chad Freeman and Troy Sorenson as well as Flyweight Champion Clayton Sheen and challenger Ryan Knysh.

Weigh In Results:

Chad Freeman (155.8) vs. Troy Sorensen (155.8)
***Lightweight Title Fight

Clayton Sheen (135) vs. Ryan Knysh (134.8)
***Flyweight Title Fight

Cory Gower (146) vs. Patrick Besarra (145.6)
JJ Daoust (135.2) vs. Matt Knysh (131.2)
Chad Olmstead (246) vs. Terry Robertson (229.4)
Tim Jefferys (135.4) vs. **Nick Smith
Mariusz Zastawny (216) vs. Jason Rorick (211.4)
Travis Matthews (134.2) vs. Travis Pigeon (133.6)
Henry Rowsell (170.8) vs. Cameron Loutitt (167.6)
Danny Doig (155.8) vs. **Shawn Detillieux

**Late to weigh in, will weigh in later

14 Responses to “ KOTC: Brawl in the Mall 4 Weigh In Results ”

  1. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    Nice! We will have some fights tomorow! Go BC boys, I sure hope Nick Smith shows up to fight. I think Sheen will stop Knysh and I think Rorick is in ALOT of trouble aganist Zastawny. Also interested to see doig fight.

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  2. ruckus780 says:

    Very dissrespectfull topmma I expect more fom yall

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  3. scott payne says:

    To who’s posting that i didnt show up for a fight dont get twiated final negotiations where never made i just fought and am fighting again may 6th at Unified 8 so to kotc get it right next time

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    No disrespect intended Scott… just going off what Orest told me!

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  5. ruckus780 says:

    no dissrespect intended to yall at topmma,,,But before you posted that, Do you not think you shouldve confirmed that that was indeed the facts,
    Because If I didnt know that scott was not fighting, And I was just some fan, Id be questioning Scott’s character,
    However I do know Scott and am fully aware that he is a complete professional,Who Diets makes his weight trains hard and diligently,,And there was never a contract to fight on this K.O.T.C event, There was talks But that was the extent,And whoever Put this out there to you guys like this owes both Topmma and Scott Payne A apology

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Good point ruckus… I should have gotten Scott’s side before I posted that and for that I do apologize! Best of luck at Unified 8!

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  7. NakMuay says:

    Should be an easy win for Zastawny. However this is a high pressure fight, if he were to would lose this fight it would be a really tough loss

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  8. Jayson Peck says:

    Scott Payne if they are callin your name at the weighins and you were askin for a fight then you should have been there !. Not signing the contract looks like an excuse for an easy out. I know that your fighter didnt show up for your last fight so they set u up with an easy win !… no offence to your opponent.

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  9. scott payne says:

    lighsten jason peck u wanna talk shit man im makin sure unified brings u in may 6th. They should’nt have been calling my name at the weigh ins anyways and u talk about easey wins i watched ur films joker

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  10. Jayson Peck says:

    Ya i already committed to evolution may 14th and and ill honour that !. Lets make it happen !….. Then we see who the joke is !.

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  11. Sean Quinn says:

    Lady’s, come on now.

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  12. BigJatt says:

    Sean Quinn it should be you fighting Sheen for the belt instead of Knysh. Quinn WINS via Ground and Pound TKO 2nd or 3rd round. Also Quinn, you are quite right, there are a few Sask boys that are going to make waves soon, Kurt Southern will be the new AMMA Lightweight Champ, and watch for some slick wrestlers from the UOFR to make some waves when they are done school.

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  13. kev says:

    oh fly to jesus.

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    Kurt and Adam have been doing awesome things lately. Both are studs.
    Im gonna beat up somebody this year. Soon, i hope.

    Who from the U of S is looking to fight??

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