The Black Eye – Robin Talks the Ontario MMA Gold Rush


Five years ago, Robin Black all but walked away from a successful music and television career to pursue his real passion: Mixed Martial Arts.

A true MMA obsessive, Black is an Analyst and On Air personality for The Fight Network and The Score, a color commentator for English broadcasts of Sengoku and DEEP as well as Ringside, CFC, AFC, MFL, The Score Fighting Series and other shows. He has also ring announced and done post-fight interviews for WRECK, CFC and other shows, and is a writer for TheNationalPost and Maxim Canada. In addition, Black manages a stable of 18 athletes (and growing) as managing partner of Black and associates Fighter management.

Black even stepped into the cage as a pro MMA Fighter fighting eight times and compiling a ‘not-quite-stellar’ (his words) professional MMA record of 3-5.

Here’s Robin:


Remember back when there was no legal Mixed Martial Arts in Ontario? Back in the dark days before late 2010? Ontario fighters used to have to head out to distant lands like Winnipeg, Montreal and Edmonton to ply their trade.

It was a simpler time.

I had always heard how hard it was for Ontario fighters to get fights elsewhere, but I never found that to be true. Sure, I knew I could personally get fights because I was that weird guy who wore make-up in a band and was on MuchMusic, I had a good manager, and people were interested in seeing me get beat up, especially at first. I’m talking about getting fights for other fighters. I really did not find it that hard to find fights for guys outside of Ontario.

It was challenging, yes, but very do-able.

But there just was not the professional infrastructure in Ontario to help make it happen for most guys. There were no managers. Fighters themselves, fighters’ coaches, fighters’ friends were trying to get fights. There was no one who looked at management, real professional management, as a hard learning-curve business with a real skill set to study and develop.

And it is a real skill set, a real job, a real business. You have to learn it like learning boxing or jiu-jitsu. And you have to dedicate time to getting better at it. To learn from mistakes.

And that is something strange that I am finding about ALL the professional MMA roles in Ontario. The lack of infrastructure. For some bizarre reason, people in Ontario decide to get into the MMA biz with no experience, with no experienced partners or employees, and figure they are the first people working in a “new” business and just start working without learning.

Sure, everyone who starts anything starts with no experience. However, the smart ones try to learn from experienced people.

Now, before I go on, I am far from an expert in any of this business. I have only been working in various areas of the MMA world for around 5 years, maybe trying to analyze and research for only a couple years before, so I have a LOT to learn. But I do realize the importance of recognizing that every job or career comes with its own requisite group of skills, knowledge and experience, and recognizing that in all likelihood if I am someone starting something new I do not yet have these skills, knowledge and experience. So I need to research, develop, and learn from people who have been there for double that time. That seems like a smart and logical way to approach a new business.

Strangely in MMA, especially in a new market like Ontario, people seem so ready to assume that they know all they need to know and just run headlong into a business that they have no experience in.

In Canada, there are four or five very, very good matchmakers. Guys like Marc-Andre Drolet in Winnipeg, Alex Caporicci or Joey Benoit in Montreal, and Darren Owen in Victoria. These guys have spent YEARS developing the nuances of matchmaking, and have successfully matched dozens and dozens of cards. Learned the hard way. Learned from failures as well as successes. Learned enough to learn what they DON’T know, and start working to know it.

There are massively experienced MMA promoters in Canada, guys like Guisseppe Denetale and Nick Castiglia and Keith Crawford and Mark Pavelich (who is a character but has consistently and successfully promoted the highest level live US televised MMA for a dozen years).

There are MMA promotion people and MMA ring announcers and MMA publicists and people with 10 and 12 years of MMA experience in all business roles.

If I was starting an MMA business in Ontario, I would hire some of these people or pay them as consultants or, at the very least, pick their brains over lunch.

Not in Ontario MMA. For some reason Ontario guys want to go it alone.

And make no mistake, attempting to put on an event with 20 fighters (you will have to deal with 55 fighters and 30 coaches and friends to get down to the 20 fighters you need) that requires publicity, venue, marketing, ticket sales, advertising, legal contracts, medical staff, promotion, live performance experts, non-stop emergency problem-solving, and dealing with a government athletic commission in place to set rules and guidelines for fighter safety and event quality is a BRUTAL and THANKLESS job for the whole team. Each role is hard (and underpaid if paid at all) and each role relies on the other. The promoter cannot advertise and sell tickets until the matches are signed, and the matches could get rejected by the commission, and a million things can go wrong, and a million things always WILL go wrong. Each role in the promotion team is brutally hard.

Now, there are new people, if they are smart and committed and driven to learn, that can fit any of these roles. But you would want most of these roles filled by experienced people, people who have successfully run MMA shows many times before, with a peppering of new talent. But you certainly do NOT want an entire team, a matchmaker, promoter, publicist, broadcast, live talent, organizer team made up entirely of inexperienced non-MMA people.

But that’s what we’re seeing pop up right across Ontario. And that’s scary.

Now there are some guys in there from pertinent fields, guys like Brad Jones (who is putting on a number of Ontario shows starting with London and Windsor) who has 20 sterling years in the concert and event promotion business, and Dave Mair who has been involved at the Olympic level in wrestling and is a smart hard working guy who doesn’t like compliments or attention (so that’s all I’ll say about him), and Tony Lee who has a natural promoting talent and Rob Wynne in Kingston who has fought and been involved in MMA. And others.

But, in a dozen new Ontario shows coming up, there is only one single promoter or matchmaker who has ever successfully run/matched/promoted a single MMA event – Mark Pavelich from the MFC. His show will run smoothly, successfully and painlessly. Because he’s done 30 of them and made and learned from all the mistakes. He knows the business, knows its pratfalls, and is a workhorse.

That is changing with the second wave of Ontario MMA shows. There is a team out of Ottawa/Gatineau, WRECK MMA, who are very successful and run a quality proven product. They will be promoting in Ottawa this fall I understand. And Pete Rodley who is promoting in Sudbury in September has done events before. And The Score Fighting Series will be bringing their proven, successful team to The Hershey Centre in Mississauga this summer.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not shitting on anyone here. Some of the guys I have dealt with every day for my fighters or researched for The Fight Network are impressive individuals who are making things happen.

All I am really saying is how shocking it is to see a dozen new people try to go from 0 to 100 without hiring anyone who has ever put a MMA show on. I mean, if one of these guys spent 4 or 5 grand on an experienced guy who has put on 8 or 10 shows, they would immediately cut their workload in half. The good people they do have would get to work more effectively, because they would be following a proven organizational model. As it is, the good people they have must re-invent the wheel, a wheel that has been refined over 10 years.

The good news is, its looking like this first wave of shows should be really successful in many ways. Ticket sales for the first few shows are very high. Some of the guys doing different roles have turned out to be very smart and competent (like the aforementioned Jones, Mair, etc). Imagine what these guys could do if they had someone who had successfully run 10 or 15 shows working closely with them?

Its rare, but here are some examples of new guys who have come in with no experience and thrived. The guys at Aggression MMA in Edmonton had no experience at all, but on day 1 they brought in Bobby Karimi-Busheri, who has solid matchmaking experience, and involved other experienced people in the MMA world, and worked hard to learn from every mistake or challenge, and now run a high quality show that is improving every event. They are solid evidence that it can be done.

But I can tell you that, due to not having people involved who have produced and reproduced and reproduced the complex details of an MMA show before, the new Ontario guys will be working 3 times as hard as they need to be. These hard working people will be working day and night, down to the wire, to get these shows to fly because they are learning as they go.

People need experienced people so that a system, a proven step-by-step task list system, is in place so that all jobs and tasks are done at the time they are needed, in the order that works, so that the complicated puzzle of a quality fight card comes together.

There have been many moments where, as someone who is insanely passionate about and now makes their living in MMA, I have been scared to see where MMA is going in Ontario.

Too many shows too soon. Not enough Ontario fighters. Half full cards changing daily. So many new promoters with no MMA promo experience. No experienced Ontario matchmakers. A brand new commission doing their best to make it work. Medical requirements for fighters that are double what other provinces have. Its like The Wild West out here. Its too much too soon.

But, because there are some good people involved, people that are willing to work to the death, and a built-in Southern Ontario rabid fan base, its starting to feel like many of these shows will start successfully. And that is great great news.

People keep talking about needing to see home-grown fighting talent develop.

For the survival of MMA in Ontario, we will really need to see some home-grown match-making, promoting, live hosting and MMA business people develop. Either by bringing in experienced people or trial-and-error-ing our way through it until half these shows are gone and the other half develop.

I hope they all make it. I hope the growing pains are short and tolerable for all of them, and we see more and more MMA across Ontario. Man, if you’re like me, you can’t get enough.

BUT, if anyone out there reading this is thinking about jumping into the MMA game in Ontario- DON’T DO IT.

Let the smoke clear for a year and a half. Research, assess and learn in the meantime. See how the landscape develops after the big gold rush. Then test the waters.

I am closing out this blog by saying ‘Thank You’ and wishing nothing but success for all the people out there putting on MMA shows here in Ontario. Humbly, if I or anyone I work with could ever help in any way, if our odd skill collection of skills or experience or contacts or whatever can help in any way, never hesitate to call. You guys are the risk takers, and I truly hope with your risks come great rewards.

There’s definitely great rewards in store for the fighters and fans in Ontario.


Robin Black loves to hear from you and gossip with other fight fans. Please always feel free to leave comments, good and bad, or email Robin anytime at

46 Responses to “ The Black Eye – Robin Talks the Ontario MMA Gold Rush ”

  1. Dean Panas says:

    Great read Birdy!!!!

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Thanks man.

    There are a lot of good people doin great stuff. My man Dave has been awesome to work with, Jones is a smart guy, this guy Jason seems to be building something interesting. The Kitchener guys are pulling something cool and inexpensive together.

    But there’s so many brand new groups that its really really scary. Its scary because we can’t afford to have any flops this early.

    As long as there’s good hard-workin types it should all work out in the end.

    But there’s gonna be a lot of people wondering why the hell they wanted to get into the MMA biz when they’re working 25 hour days trying to make it work.

    Here’s hopin they all succeed.

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  3. Matt Dunning says:

    Great read Robin!!And so true.I would love to see Alex or Joey work with some promoters here to put on great shows.Also You should throw your hat in and work with some of these guys too.You have learned a lot of the yrs and the know the Canadian fight seen well.To bad Marc-Andre is now spoken for he would have done great things in Ontario I think

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  4. Faux Faixa Preta Face says:

    MAD is a sonuvabitch and a quitter! Robin…eats worms. Nuff said.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    I have plenty on my plate man. These are big jobs that need serious focus.

    I’m busy trying to analyze tell the stories. Like, you know, a media guy.

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  6. Alex Caporicci says:

    Thanks for spelling my name right Robin. I appreciate it. :)

    Looking forward to working in Ontario. Big plans coming up. :)

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  7. Joey Benoit says:

    Thanks Matt and Robin!!!

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  8. how on earth says:

    Robin- Enough is enough.. i dont usually mind when you are busy taking the position of someone in the know in this industry as you have done your little bit to promote the athletes which is good.. but please do not come online telling people the ins and outs of the MMA GOLD RUSH.. were you not the same nickle and dime hustler that caused disasters for promoters trusting enough to take your advice in Edmonton- s Aggression mma.. and those poor poor people STAFF + FIGHTERS at Walpole island/london area ??

    Did you do the right this and settle up all the monies and ensure those guys ever even got paid???

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  9. Robin Black says:

    No you are either a troll or misinformed.

    I don’t even know where Walpole Island is.

    And the Aggression guys are friends and very successful and have never experienced any disasters.

    That’s either an honest mistake on your part or you are a zany troublemaker.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Oh, and the only way I’m involved in shows is as fighter or live presenter (ring announcer) or broadcaster (color commentator). I have also worked as a publicist getting the show mentioned in papers and on websites.

    I have helped get ice for fighters and do gopher-stuff to help on many of the 30 or 35 shows I’ve been at as fighter or manager or broadcaster tho.

    But I stay the hell away from promoting or being an organizer or runnin anything or anything with $.

    An I enjoy analyzing the MMA biz almost as much as I enjoy analyzing fighting.

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  11. Faux Faixa Preta Face says:

    Spill the beans Robin. What is really going on here?

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  12. Robin Black says:

    I have no fucking idea. :)

    Troll or confused or trying to invent shit.

    Or there’s some 6’8 fat balding guy with blue hair disguising himself as me stealing money from people on Walpole Island.

    Where the fuck is that anyways? And do they have MMA on this Island? The first MMA event ever is only comin up in 2 weeks.

    Am I going to rip off the good people of Walpole Island next year, and this guy travelled back in time to call me out on it?

    And is this guy trying to insult Harvey and Moin too or what?


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  13. Robin Black says:

    All joking aside, anyone feel free to call me gay, make fun of my haircut, insult my personality or make fun of my sub-par results as a fighter.

    I am not gay, but I do have goofy haircuts, I do rub some people the wrong way (although I try to be a good person), and I lost more than I won in fair fights at my level.

    But it is uncool to tell lies about a man’s honesty or integrity.

    I am a straight shooter, and I have never screwed anyone over in my life. Never. I believe in trying to accomplish things honestly.
    And its working for me so far.

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  14. Faux Faixa Preta Face says:

    There is absolutely nothing straight about you, Robin. Nothing at all.


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  15. Gunner says:

    “I am not gay, but I do have goofy haircuts, I DO RUB PEOPLE”

    enough said

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Nathan Gunn knows from experience. Right big fella?

    no romo

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  17. JayKay says:

    This thread needs 10% more Tink.

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  18. Sean Quinn says:

    Ill give you 5%. No more than that though.

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  19. Papagaio says:

    interesting article.

    robin, we`re on the interwebs…there will always be someone trying to tear you down. i know it isn`t always easy, but call a troll a troll and keep doing what you`re doing.

    i, myself and planning on getting into the business slowly. i`m currently matchmaking amateur muay thai with our first cask sanctionned card set for mid-april. so far so good.

    we are learning from our friends and teammates at the mighty oama.

    it`s fun…but as you said…time consuming and not without it`s share of stress. and i`m not even gettin` paid!! :)

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  20. jason says:

    Hey Robin , they should be thanking the pro shows on Six Nations and Oneida that made and paved the way for letting Ontario have a taste of pro MMA. I am suprised a person who is involved so much in MMA never mentioned that. You were at those shows cheering your fighters on the cards. MMA in ontario only really happen because native shows like IROQUOIS and FIGHT SPIRIT had the balls to challenge the government and host live MMA . Those guys are really the pioneers for MMA and should be awknowledged for the hard work and efforts. I also think that UFC should also be thanking them as well. Just think 10 -15 years from now people are still gonna remember mNative shows for what they had done for this sport in Ontario than all the other shows that followed there foot steps.

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  21. Hagar says:

    I am hoping to see some good shows. Sounds like behind the scenes, things are disorganized. Is the commission at fault?

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  22. i would have just left it alone but you chose to play that silly “who me” “whats he talking about” act??

    no i am no troll as you say and yes you do very well know whats what. again i am not taking away from what you have done, most of it to your benefit which is fine but dont try to pass anything off as some form of charity work for your athletes / the sport.

    anyone silly enough to have you and company manage thier affairs is just an overly optimistic kid folled by that tv show “robin black mma fighter” as so many other were.

    From what i understand as a fighters rep you are not held in high regard. As far as Aggression mma why not have the promoters come online and give you a good word or two? there are tossed around here so freely everyone takes turns stroking eachother and then talking shit about that same person when the chips are its hilarious

    the only real thing i have seen you do is step in the ring/cage and fight (VERY SELECT opponents as well :) and kudos for that….. but as you found out there can be no faking through a fight so you came up short there which again is ok cause not everyone can win but DO not come online/offline or on a phone line talking like someone out for the good of the sport.. you are just a squirrel trying to get a nut and everyone has to live so just leave it alone before i really get specific and blow you whole spot up online cause im getting tired of this.

    what the hell did the native shows do for people? illegal fights with terrible mismatches thanks go no one was badly hurt .. how many of you pepp rally boys would have been crying bloddy murder then and menanding the promoter be jailed.. only to be drowned out by the anti mma crowd banning the sport here in ontario forever.. THINK boys THINK

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  23. And just for conversations sake.. YOU are on tv taking a dildo in the ass from a woman larger than you.. and your are not gay?? anyone not sure what im talking about check this guy out on that tv show …KINK

    robin black KINK.. i dont know if its online but its a real eye openner of how far this guy will go to sell himself…..

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  24. Robin Black says:

    “YOU are on tv taking a dildo in the ass from a woman larger than you.. and your are not gay?”

    See, woman. I rest my case.

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  25. Faux Faixa Preta Face says:

    This sounds very interesting. I hate Robin Black, and would like to know more about this “dildo in the ass business”.

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  26. robin black says:

    I was on that show cuz my gf at the time was a subject of that . Sorry, no dildo in ass tho. I had my clothes on for who deal.

    I am lectured repeatedly by so many people not to feed trolls. But I am such a mark. I guess it’s cuz I’m passionate.

    Troll, you said you’d get ‘specific’.

    Well to be honest, I live my life honestly and with integrity. I have a personal rule to try to do good and do no harm to anyone.
    I work hard and treat people the way I’d like to be treated.
    I try to be a good person. I believe that the only good deal is truly a deal that is good for everyone. I believe that the only way to achieve anything is to work hard, get results, take care of the people you work with, and be honest. And that’s what I do. And that’s what I’m going to keep doing.

    So, what I’m saying is, do your worst.

    There is nothing that I’ve ever done that I’m afraid of anyone talking about. I am proud of how I work with people and how I live my life.

    If you want to make shit up because you don’t like something about me then then there’s nothing I can do about it.

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  27. Faux Faixa Preta Face says:

    So…there is no didlo in ass???

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  28. BigBoi says:

    Dear How On Earth,

    While I appreciate a rambling yarn as much as the next anonymous interweb poster I am struck wondering just what the fuck your point was. I can’t tell if you’re pissed off that Robin is making money being involved in MMA or if you’re just someone who woke up one morning to find out that someone had pooped in his shoe. You make some veiled comments regarding Robin’s reputation in certain circles and then talk about his sex life. Did you mistake this forum for a sex line?

    Robin as a fighter – Yeah he took some bad fights and leveraged off of his name to get some fights he shouldn’t have had. Does that make him a bad person? Not really. Although he should have had a coach behind him making better decisions, fighting Eric P was down right retarded.

    Robin as a commentator/writer – He’s got a niche and he runs with it. He held his own on OTR which reflected well on the sport. As a writer he’s getting better at not towing the ‘public line’ and has started to dig deeper for the truth behind the image.

    Robin as a manager – Dunno, don’t know anyone who’s managing him.

    Robin’s MMA knowledge – He’s new at this and sometimes doesn’t know the things that some of us who’ve been around longer still remember (e.g. that Shannon Bitch is a POS).

    Not sure why you’d bring up his sexual predilections unless you were cruising though. If you are I’m sure I can find a few big boys who’d be more than happy to show you a good time…

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  29. harry balls says:

    Wait, this isn’t a sex forum? I’m not hooking up with any of you guys? Quinn, you’re a fucking liar…..

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  30. canadx says:

    Black has moved from colourful to thoughtful in his last few stories!

    I agree with Black on the need for some expertise and know how. Many new businesses start with too many fuzzy actors and failures until a shakedown occurs and the cream rises to the top. WE are starting to see a hieracy of promotors and fighters being structured.

    What is the bench mark for a good promotion company?

    I’ll throw out a measurable criteria.

    The shows with at least 3 events at which more than 1500 tickets were SOLD (not “given out”) is the dividing line will stand the test of time. Like to ask Black how many this would include? My guess is 10 promotion companies or less.

    If MMA as a sport, is going to stand the test of time, it needs to avoid the mistakes that took boxing to its demise.

    Amature boxing is failing because there are so few matches available. Some boxers train all year and cannot get a fight. At least it has intrigrity

    Pro boxing is failing because 1 % of the boxers make over 90 % of the money. Matchs are not fixed but match makers load the odds by giving opponents a short notice.

    The best thing about MMA is when the match starts all facts/records etc go out the window and noone can predict a winner!

    Comments appreciated but not expected.

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  31. Dana says:

    Boxings demise ? Amateur boxing failing ? Thanks for the laugh.

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  32. harry balls says:

    dunno how you arrived at the amateur boxing conlclusion. it has been alive and well in my part of ontario. I know guys that are getting fights every coupla weeks.

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  33. Dana says:

    Amateur boxing is alive and well and as far as pro boxing failing, I guess someone didnt see the Pacquiao/ Margarito fight.
    Both amateur and pro boxing are doing just fine and I can say without a doubt pro boxers make more then pro mma fighters as far as purses.
    I’d love to know where Candx got the info on the state of boxing.

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  34. Dana says:

    Boxing and MMA are just like soccer and rugby, there both just a ball game

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  35. canadx says:

    Well boxing was dropped by Canada Games and Canada had what 4 boxers go to the last Olympics?

    Has there been even 10 boxing matchs in Canada in last 3 years that out drew an average Ontario-Quebec junior A hockey game? Can more than 2 percent of the Canadian public name an active Canadian pro or amateur boxer who has fought in last 12 months?
    Ok, there are perhaps 10 superfights in the whole world in any given year but not much else.

    Many televised espn fights have fewer than 700 fans in attendence- most of who are casino “compted”.

    I take no joy from this as I count myself as a very active boxing fan. Yes folks– boxing is dieing. Sad but true. I wish I was wrong.

    Prove me wrong please!

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  36. Boxing is doing great in Quebec, its the rest of Canada that does not appreciate it. Bute just sold 12,000 tickets to the Bell Centre and Pascal packed Le Colisee in his last fight.

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  37. Dana says:

    Well I guess we see it two very different ways, as I help run a boxing club in Ontario and we have club shows every weekend with three to four tourments a year.
    As far as the pro’s I would put the blame on Ken Hyashi for not permitting more shows, trust me when I say there would be alot more pro shows if Ken weren’t slow in granting the license. In fact in the last year there have been 5 pro shows all of which sold out with the last one two months ago in Barrie.
    I’m as much a boxing fan as I am mma to me there both enjoyable combat sports.

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  38. canadx says:

    thanks for comments. canada needs a set of twins like o sulivan and dewit or donny lalonde to light a fire under the sport. Is donny Orr or troy ross up a big canadian fight? Is there any big crowd pleaser ready to step up?

    I hope so. The big fight towns are still halifax, edmonton and montreal. Kitchener delveloped some good ones.

    my hat off to builders and sustainers like Danna who will proveme wrong.

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  39. Dana McArdle says:

    There is going to be some great amateur boxing Apr 1st-3rd in St. Cathrines if anyone is interested. My daughter will be having her second fight, my oldest son was to fight but the other boy pulled out. Hard to find him fights when he is 14,6’2 and 170 pounds.
    There are so many who would love to pit MMA and Boxing against each other I for one dont see the point in that at all and think that both sports can grow together without one taking from the other.
    I have a question I would be interested hearing opinions on. If there were absolutly no Canadians fighting at the Rogers center would it still have sold out?

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  40. Dana McArdle says:

    By the way Troy Ross was suppose to fight for the Canadian title in Barrie and Ken Hyashi said it couldnt happen because Troy was too good. Ridiculous if you ask me.

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  41. Dana McArdle says:

    Since this is first and foremost a mma forum, there are going to be shows in KIngston (Proving ground mma) May 14 and Sudbury (Freedom Fight)September 11th. Both shows will be showcasing some great Canadian talent.

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  42. canadx says:

    The sports biz world is about elimating competion. UFC knows this and as such has no serious rivals. Toronto maple leafs is another example- a totally terrible team that sells out every game and successfully screwed ontario out of an nhl team.

    Yes, I wonder about colusion and payoffs between UFC and Montreal/Toronto/Vancouver. Why have these cities frozen out Canada based MMA promoters and most Canadian fighters? I smell under the table money to mayors, commissions or provincial ministers. Police should look into this.

    In answer to Dana, I suspect Rodgers center would have sold out if the usa grey nuns were fighting the Japanese sumo wrestlers cause there was great latent demand to see big UFC first hand. The harder question is how will UFC fare over time in Canada if there is not more Canadian content. The tuff selling of Buffalo Bills tickets in TO may tell us Canadians like to see Canadian talent

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  43. Dana McArdle says:

    Well I guess MMA in Canada is alot like American football more Canadians need a legit chance to show their talents.

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  44. canadx says:

    afc is on tv tonight, chanel 6 in victoria/vancouver– check times in rest of country. march 25.

    Incidently dana– jason heit got ko of theyear in 1995 for koing troy ross in first round.

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  45. canadx says:

    sorry march 26, saturday nite

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  46. Dana McArdle says:

    I have no doubt your right about Troy getting K.O’D but for whatever reason Hyashi wouldnt let Troy fight in Barrie and we were told that the comission thought Troy was too good.
    At any rate there is going to be some great amateur boxing in St Cathrines Apr 1-3 for the Mcgibbons gloves if anyone wants to watch some great boxing. Two of the boxers being my oldest son and my daughter.

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