Kang Off Battlefield Card


There were rumours today that Battlefield Fight League was looking for a replacement for Denis Kang who was pulling out due to injury.  The rumours were confirmed within the past hour when Kang poste the following statement on his Facebook wall:

After much consideration with my manager and coaches, I have to make the very hard decision to postpone my fight with Battlefield FL on march 26th. I can’t give a half-ass performance in a fight that means so much to me. I will recover properly and be back at full power for the next event May 28th.

Kang was scheduled to face Jesse Taylor at Battlefield Fight League 7 in 10 days time.  Battlefield president Jay Golshani also confirmed the withdrawal with Top MMA News saying that Kang had an injured bicep and that they are actively looking for a replacement.

The Canadian is also scheduled to face Eun Soo Lee in Korea’s Road FC 2 card on April 16th.  There is no word on whether his injury will force him to pull out of this event scheduled one month from now.

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9 Responses to “ Kang Off Battlefield Card ”

  1. CHINA says:

    100% he got a case of the Korean Flu

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  2. UPDATE at 12:48 – Jay Golshani comments added to the post.

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  3. ruckus780 says:

    too bad was looking very much forward to this fight,,get well soon

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  4. Bigtoe says:

    If you are not feeling 100% you don’t want to step in the ring with JT. I’m sure Jason Day would agree.

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  5. chris pye says:

    Ryan ford?

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  6. Ford is Welter. JT is Middleweight.

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  7. ruckus780 says:

    I dont know why that fight keeps getting tossed around Ford is happy at ww and jt says he will never cut to ww unless its an absurd payday

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Any word on replacement?

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  9. Darren Owen says:

    Clay Davidson vs JT Taylor @ 202

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