Thanks and Goodbye


With great excitement i would like to announce that I have accepted an exclusive full time position with the Fight Network as Manager of Online Media. I will no longer be involved with Top MMA News and I will be handing over the site to my partner Keith Grienke.

This is a dream job that allows me to pool my unique set of skills from the 20 years in the IT industry to the 15+ years in the MMA world. I am excited to be involved with Canada’s only channel dedicated to combat sports, which is carried on all major cable, satellite and telco systems in the country, in addition to operating and the associated mobile applications available on iphones and Android.

Stepping away from Top MMA News allows the site to be successful and allows myself as Manager of Online Media with the Fight Network to work on future content partnerships, and broker deals between these two excellent properties.

I would also like to thank the many fans who have helped the site grow as it has, for your countless contributions in the form of a comment or forum post. All comments, good or bad, were all we needed to know we had a successful website.

I’d also like to send a special thanks to Leonard Asper, for getting involved in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and entering the Fight world when he acquired the Fight Network. I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for all the hard working folks at the Fight Network and I look forward to joining them in their fight. They are some of the hardest working people around. Everybody at the Network have been great to deal with and it’s been quite a humbling response.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody at Top MMA News, from my partner Keith Grienke, to the many staff who help us run the country’s most visited MMA site from Big Win Don Wilson, Jason Bouwmeester, Ali Lundblad, Cody Rempel, Mike Fischl and many more. Without each of you, I wouldn’t be where I am right now and I can’t ever thank you all enough.

But the time has come where I must depart and pursue my dream of having my passion as my full time job. I believe my style will fit in well with the rest of the hard working warriors at the fight network and we are going to accomplish great things together.

Marc-Andre Drolet

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  1. Gunner says:

    Congrats Marc all the best in the new venture and i am looking forward to seeing your touch on the network. Hopefully unlike Mr Black you can get rid of all those silly shows and stick to fighting on the fight network. Damn you Robin Black Damn You. Best of luck buddy

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  2. Alex Caporicci says:

    Good riddance. I’ve said all along we need more Keith and less Marc-Andre.

    Haha! Congrats buddy!

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  3. On behalf of my team, I’d like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done in setting the bar high for other sites to follow. You burst onto the scene and became top dog!

    I’m excited to see what you will do with The Fight Network, and wish you continued success.

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  4. Sean McManus says:

    MAD – it really was a pleasure working with you. All of your behind the scenes work which benefited MMA in Canada with this site and beyond has not gone unnoticed. All the best at The Fight Network. You’ve laid the groundwork for hands down the best Canadian MMA website. Cheers.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Damn you Gunner, damn you! I’m doin my best to contribute to The Fight Network. I’ll try to be more involved this year! Maybe a Robin Black talk show is what you want?

    Enough about dummies like Robin and Gunner. Marc-Andre, thanks for everything man. Really. I’m so excited you are going to play a huge part in growing The Fight Network and helping it explode in the next year.

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  6. Jason says:

    LOL Alex!

    Was a great run MAD! On to bigger things – best of luck, and I’m sure we’ll keep in touch :)

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  7. Good on you Marc! Hard work,Passion and talent goes along way!! THE FIGHT NETWORK will only grow with you involved!!!!

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  8. harry balls says:

    Thanks so much for your work here, dude. Glad they are taking on a smart dude like you at TFN. Come back and post sometimes!

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    Congrats and best of luck Marc… It was good to finally meet you in person at Aggression this weekend!

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  10. Mitch says:

    Marc i wish you the best in your new career and they are lucky to have you…all the best brotha

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  11. Godspeed, little doodle.

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  12. Huge congrats MAD!!! Great opportunity and best of luck with The Fight Network!!

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  13. kev says:


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  14. Dean Panas says:

    All the best MAD!!!! Atleast we got to meet before you made the announcement….hopefully that wasn’t the final nail in the coffin :)

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  15. Don’t know which is worse. Losing my partner at TMN or losing my coffee partner from Canwest.

    I currently have an opening for morning coffee runs and lunches in the downtown Winnipeg area with anyone who loves talking MMA for hours on end.

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  16. Tyler Davis says:

    you have done great a thing for this sport with this site, so fighters have a place to bicker at each other, find upcoming event cards and hack them down, post videos of frog bjj(amazing) a place where keyboard warriors can insult us so bad with big words we have no comebacks, and annouce the top ko’s of 2010 …..oh wait…..and yes im still monitoring that…..a guy can dream cant he? thank you very much marc the best of luck to you.

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  17. It’s been a humbling response since word spread of this news.

    I’m floored by the positive support from everybody.

    I love each and every one of you.

    Thanks so much for the support.

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  18. Faux Faixa Preta Face says:

    OMG, I thought you had left!! Good-bye, already. JEEZ!!!!!111

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    Congrats MAD!

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  20. One of the best guys to deal with professionally and one hell of a great guy personally. Congrats on the job and look forward to seeing your continued success!

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  21. Kate says:

    Congrats Marc-André! It always been a pleasure to deal with you in the past. You did an awesome job and I’m happy that it lead you to a “dream job” at The Fight Network. However, I have to admit I’m sad you had to left Top MMA News. I’m pretty sure your partners will handle the situation and continue to produce quality content, just as you guys always did. Congratulations again!

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  22. Sean Quinn says:

    Marc-Andre Drolet, is a son of a bitch.

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