AM Ford Fight Night – Trail – April 16


Date: April 16, 2011
Location: Trail Memorial Centre in Trail, British Columbia
Tickets: 1-800-961-0202

Main Event
Pro – Brad Causey (8-1) vs. J.J. Mix (4-5)

Pro – Del Melnyk (3-2-1) vs. Stephan Frictra (0-0)
Pro – Wesley Neil (3-1) vs. Mark Aparico (3-6)
Pro – Jordan Knippelberg (4-1) vs. Curtis Blackmore (1-0)
Pro – River Jones (0-0) vs. Cheryl Chan (0-0)
Pro – CJ Bagg (2-1) vs. Steve Gilkes  (2-1)
Pro – Ron Forry (1-2) vs. Rene Grenon (1-6)
Amateur – Jake Rudkoski vs Darby Sooprimo
Amateur – J.J. Shubert vs Jose Cornejo
Amateur – Chris Luening vs Ryan Foster
Muay Thai – Curtis Ready vs Sukh Gill
Amateur – Nathan Johre vs Jeff Blackmore
Amateur – Chelsea Brough vs TBA
Amateur – Sandy Bagg vs Kyle Fortch
Amateur – Bill Cameron vs Ian Odland
Laura Coombs vs Carly Frew (?)
Pro – Sheldon Doll (0-1) vs. Callum Ross (0-0)

5 Responses to “ AM Ford Fight Night – Trail – April 16 ”

  1. Updated the entire card

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  2. Haley says:

    Isn’t Jesse haywood fighting Jake rudkoski?

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  3. These were the names I received from the promotion on March 14th.

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  4. Danferguson says:

    here is a recent post from the promoter Glen Kalesniko on the Canadian UG:

    Looking for a 155lbs pro fighter to fight a fighter with a 8w1L record on AM Ford Fight Night April 16th in Trail B.C
    Will pay $1000 to show $1000 to win & flight and hotel

    Email me

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  5. Dan…was this posted before the 14th? If it was, I guess 1/1 gets you JJ Mix fighting Causey. If it was after the 14th, I guess we wait and see who steps up for 1/1 to fight Causey. Thanks for the post!

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