Which Canadian Welterweight Should Ford Fight at Next Aggression?


Ryan Ford wants to fight for the Aggression Welterweight belt in June. He also challenged Top MMA News readers in his interview (click here to watch it) with us to choose his next opponent. We are a helpful bunch, so let’s do it! Here is a list of 10 top Canadians outside the UFC. Who would you like to see the Real Deal fight?

Which Canadian Welterweight should Ryan Ford fight at the next Aggression?

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65 Responses to “ Which Canadian Welterweight Should Ford Fight at Next Aggression? ”

  1. Hank902 says:

    Cory MacDonald!! Most people will say Mein but I think Mein has proven himself and needs to wait on the UFC now. MacDonald vs Ford would give 2 guys, who catch a lot of flack about their opponents, a chance to show where they stand!

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  2. DeViLBoY says:

    John Alessio… Ford needs a win over a big name to get in the UFC

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    I think Alessio would beat Ford

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  4. Robin Black says:


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  5. twizz says:

    chris clements!!!! i know this dont really make sense but their styles would create a very action packed fight

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  6. I will fight anyone says:

    mein wins easy vs ryan “the real fraud” ford

    chris clements destroys ryan “the real fraud” ford

    cory macdonald puts ryan “the real fraud” ford to sleep.

    alessio is on another level then ryan “the real fraud” ford

    sheldon westcott submits ryan “the real fraud” ford

    and on and on

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  7. harry balls says:


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  8. Mike Davis says:


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  9. william hatch says:

    i have to agree with balls there and change my vote to colletti his mom will bang out ford, lmao ford and mein be best and and neither guy will walk thourgh the other. it will be a war, and little jordan mein isnt gonna get lucky lke he did agnist keto

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  10. David Letourneau says:

    How exactly did he get lucky against keto? Keto shot in mein Intentionally grabbed his neck and sunk in a guillotine until keto lost consciousness, I dont believe in luck in a fight, when a fighter intentionally throws a punch kick or submission its by design, its up to the other fighter to defend if he does this its because he recognized it and defended if it gets through its because of luck?

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  11. Tyler Hardcastle says:

    I saw the fight, Mein definitely didnt get lucky against Keto… It was a quick finish, and if Mein didnt have talent he wouldnt have closed it, I dont believe in fighters getting caught, because getting caught means you as a fighter made a mistake to get caught… so Mein definitely didnt get lucky, he made a nice finish and capitalized on his opportunities.

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  12. bc says:

    ya as if william hatch is one to talk smack against mein go get beat p by a grandpa hatch u r brutal learn sum ju jit ur the next bobby k

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  13. ruckus780 says:

    I will fight anyone your a fraud,Ford is the best welterweight in canada period point blank the end,You got so much haterade in your blood it makes me laugh,Westcott as talented as he is just lost fuck a draw he lost to denny, Who I garrentee would not last a round with the real deal,cory macdonald gimmie a break,,Travis brier gimmie a break,Alessio is scared as fuck of ryan and I got the facebook messages to prove it,,,Mein is talented but does not have the chin the hunger or killer instinct to handle Ford,And I am not dissrespecting any fighters cause yall have my utmost respect but this is undisputable everybody mentioned does not stand a chance against Ford And if you all looked at realistically and removed your hate out your hearts you would realize that, Dont get mad cause Ryan Ford packs whatever venue he is in or that he is unquestionably the most popular canadian welterweight outside the ufc,,Tuck it in everybody hating on Ford is sounding rediculous

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  14. Joey Benoit says:

    Ford had no chance to win against Chris Clements or Alex Garcia!!!

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  15. Patty Whackers says:

    To have the most exciting fight for Ryan Ford would have to be against Travis Briere! This fight would prove to be fight of the night. As for Ryan going to the UFC I don’t think it is going to matter who he fights unless he only fights on the UFC cards in Canada.

    To have fighters with criminal records fight in other countries is costs lots of money on Bonds(insurance), and it is a supreme headache. This is one of the reasons they had gotten rid of the Irish HandGrenade.

    Ryan Ford does have talent and he is exciting to watch, and he does have what it takes to fight in the UFC. Just hope for his sake he makes it there one day.

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  16. Wolf says:

    Allesio or Mein vs The real deal it would be a gd fight!

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  17. JOhn says:

    Ruckus780- im not scared on anyone! PERIOD…. whatever facebook message you have dont mean nothing, not scared of Ryan Ford or any welterweight in the WORLD…….. especially RYAN FORD! you must have a small mind or something, stuck in Edmonton, the world is a bigger place then Edmonton or Ryan Ford

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  18. JOhn says:

    now im out! going to fight Siyar Bahadurzada, much better welterweight!!! but wait you probably unfamiliar cause hes not from Edmonton or Canada. lol ………. Hope you understand im just messing around but dont ever say im scared of someone! thats ignorant

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  19. robin black says:

    Any of my nerd friends will tell ya I’m a big Ford supporter.
    The guys is exciting, works hard, knocks people out, has continually worked on his skills, has lotsa sizzle, sells tickets, etc.

    I’d like to see him in the UFC too and, regardless of background or whatever baggage might be kickin around, I think we will see him there.

    Even if the major league is scareda someone’s past, if they keep slayin all the buzzed-about dragons that league will have to get them eventually.

    Anyone who doesn’t think Ford is around the top of the heap at 70 isn’t paying attention.

    Having said that, I think big Ford supporters are making the mistake of thinking he’s the only 170 up there.

    When you’ve got a 22 year old 170 pounder who’s won 17 of his last 20 fights, has 12 KOs and 7 subs in his 20 wins, went 7-1 in the last YEAR and, in his last 2 fights, choked an up-and-coming hotshot unconscious in 30 seconds and surgically dismantled a veteran of 6 UFC fights and 7 Strikeforce fights, and you refuse to put him up there with Ford, you gots yer blinders on my friend.

    The fact that Jordan is up there with Ford is not an insult in any way to Ford. It’s just a deserved compliment to Jordan.

    The easy and cool way to get people to stop talkin about a kid like that, and take all that attention back, is to go and try to knock him out.

    That’s all people are saying I think.

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  20. Cody Rempel says:

    Just putting this out there…

    Fight Matrix has Jordan Mein ranked at #59 and Ford at #84! I’d love to see them fight but why not do it in the UFC, IMO they could both be just a win or two away!

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  21. Jamie Locke says:

    I am a fan of Ford as well, but realistically he is not the best ww in Canada.

    He can pack a venue in Edmonton, but I doubt he would sell many tickets elsewhere.

    If the question is which Canadian fighter he should face, than I think it should be Mein. If it is international, then there are tonnes of guys out there.

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  22. trent_thorne says:

    i dunno man i have friends all over the country and let me tell you, there constantly asking me whats up with Ford and when he might fight in a show near them! I think this guy has marketted himself so well that he could sell a show out just about anywhere!

    I would love to see Ford vs Mein! that would be a great fight for the fans without a doubt!!

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  23. BRD AT WRK says:

    MEIN VS FORD is a great fight for the fans and a very stupid fight for the fighters not worth the risk and there is enough names out there that would get more international attention and not be as risky of a fight for them and their rise to the UFC.

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  24. beefstorm says:

    ok well I would like to see ford vs winner of hinchcliffe fight or the mein kid!! Those fights would both be good for fans and great for canada mma scene. Alessio has faught top competition his entire career and is on a roll, he has never said no to a fight and has not ducked anyone!!! ever…. john has won 7 in row finished every fight and picked up a tpf title along the way. After the gg tourney is over and he wins John will no doubt be ranked in the top 15 in world and still ranked 2 in canada behind only gsp. I am bias but I think ford is good just should win a couple more fights before alessio is brought into the picture.
    ALL BEEF!!! ALL DAY!!!
    p.s. diego wilson is a stud and he will come back real soon!! that hill dude looks tough!!

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  25. william hatch says:

    first of all not hating on mein, i am a ford fan, mein was gonna win that fight regardless. but the manner in which he did win, wouldnt have happend 9 times out of 10 . I really dont know who would win between mein and ford. that would be a war. aand bc, i’ll pay for your ticket to the next card i fight on, cause obviously youre misinformed, and i can admit i might have stepped in over my head, but i still went out there, and it taught me something and i been training ridiculously hard. Id rather turn you into fan than a hater. so hate if you want but feel free to check me out!

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  26. bc says:

    i dont hate you hatch i dont know you, hate is a strong word. I just dont agree with you saying that meins win was a lucky win when it was his skill that put it all together and i have seen one of your fights against a lower level guy at kotc and dont think you shuld be talkin smack against a fairly good ju jit guy when you dont seem to know it

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  27. william hatch says:

    i wasnt talking smack, i just didnt see jordan mein running through keto allen like that. i thought it would go to the second and then allen would get tkod, and in regards to my fighting skills come check out my next fight cause i been in the gym training my ass off, so that i can step up my level of competition. like i said ill even pay for your ticket.

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  28. Bc says:

    When’s that against who or is it unk

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  29. william hatch says:

    well where waiting, my proposed opponent got hurt. so im waiting to hear back from my managment, about whats been offered and what they want me to do. so hopefully next month or 2 ill be back in there. i been training in a new enviroment with new people. so ull see a progression from fight 1, too now. i wil defeinetly let you know, cause id rather make a fan out of you, than sit and beef online, cause that isnt me!

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  30. Bc says:

    Roger that

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  31. ruckus780 says:

    Allessio Dont make me pull those facebook messages,,,For real,,,remember the ones where you were saying you were going to be training with ford at zuma and blah blah blah,,,Ford will do to you way worse then my boy semtax did and you know it,,,just on the record If it was a canadian ww I agree Ford vs Mein or even Ford Vs Clements,,,But I still think At least Mein along with Ford,,,Deserve some established names such as Ben Saunders Dustin hazleut Or Paul Daleys,,,And John I already chumped you to your face when you tryed to get in a picture with me and your coach,,So seriously dont make me pull your hoe card

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  32. john says:

    RUckus- pull out anything you want, saying we might train at some point together has nothing to do with me being scared..wow u got a small mind! Chumped me with what picture??!!! yeah ok…. you are just showing how ghetto you really are, go ahead and pull out your hoe card as you say..hahahahaha. you make me laugh, ghetto man, grow up! i do remember you, and u got ghetto on my facebook and i asked you not to write stupid stuff on my page cause i got a son that looks at it. Remember how you got ghetto?? then you appoligized!

    go swing from Ford nuts

    ps. Ford is a good fighter and has a bright future, scared of him i am NOT, will we fight?? i doubt it, Edmonton promoters cant pay me what i get paid in other shows, i fight for $$$$$

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  33. Robin Black says:

    John Alessio is a top level professional athlete who is a pioneer in Canada in MMA. Dude started fighting in 1998 before his 19th birthday and has fought incredible fights around the world against guys like Pat Militich and Thiago Alves in his 45 fights.

    How anyone on a keyboard can disrespect John Alessio is fucking beyond me.

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  34. john says:

    thanks Robin!

    some people dont have respect

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  35. Mitch Clarke says:

    what’s a hoe card?

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  36. beefstorm says:

    does ruckus fight???? But everyone is tough guy on computer (even me lol) The reason john was going to train at zuma is because I was training there and adam is a great coach and his guy’s are top level. So when john comes home to visit it is nice to have a different gym to go to we also go to IMMA with jason heit. john dismantled clements and has showed in all of his last 7 fights that he is a force in the ww division and when he smashes sayir he will be in top 20 in world FORD is ranked 80ish. I think ford is super tough and ready for a bigger stage I hope we get to see him fight a top opponent soon!!! Fords biggest win is Spratt john choked spratt with a broken arm… I think tha mma is for repectable people, not haters that don’t fight

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  37. The purpose of polls like this is to talk about matchups. I have no problems with a guy saying “Alessio will sub Ford” or someone saying “Ford will KO Alessio”.

    However, show some respect while doing it.

    No need for someone to call Ford a fraud. Nothing fraudulent about stepping into the cage and smashing guys like Spratt and Speers.

    And no need to say Alessio is scared. I would be terrified to fight Siyar Bahadurzada, another day at the office for John. The Natural has knocked off Fioravanti/Spratt/Clements and 30 others.

    Lastly, thanks to Ford and Alessio for commenting. Keep winning guys.

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  38. ruckus780 says:

    Ok heres the thing with you john and once again I respect anybody who steps inside a ring cage or whatever and there is no denying your spot in the sport you are a grizzelled veteran, And nobody not even my ghetto ass can take away from that but heres the facts, When you signed with the mfc you popped shit to every publication about how untalented and one dimmensional Ford was,Then mfc had a press conference and where both you and Ford were in the same room,And a reporter asked you about your comments, Not only would you not reiterate the things you were saying but you would not even look at him, You were shook its ok,
    Then when you wrote me on facebook you were giving Ford all kinds of respect, And told me you were going to go train at zuma with adam I inquired and everybody was like wtf you talking bout allessio aint training or going to be at zuma,

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  39. beefstorm says:

    @rukus read above^^^ when visiting in duncan, john would be with me training, and I was at zuma so I asked adam if it would be ok for him to come to zuma, with me, which he did on 2 different times. John lives and trains with extreme couture and dysdales for jits in vegas. But when he comes to visit his me, and family it would be cool to train with a great gym like zuma and adam has givin an open invite so ask him if you guy’s talk.

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  40. john says:

    excatly what beefstorm said!

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  41. Robin Black says:

    I like that Beef character. I would like to subscribe to his newsletter.

    Listen, Ryan Ford is a bad ass. Whoever he fights, I’ll watch it.

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  42. ruckus780 says:

    John if you think me stating how I see these things as dissrespectful I reiterate I fully respect everything you have done from kotc to ufc everywhere in between,,Your the tachi palace champ, But This is how I feel, Your actions scream scared, I mean If I go talking a load of shit about someone then when in the same room I quiet up like a church mouse, And wont even make eye contact, You could call me scared to but I never did that,You did, Then after you talked all that shit about Ford you had 2 chances to make that fight happen but didnt, He wanted it He was ready,And he wasnt the one running his mouth being dissrespectful,And on to the whole zuma thing, John you said you was going down to train specifically with Ford and all arrangements were made which was a flat out lye,Im not saying you or your friend didnt have an arragement with Adam but that was a lye straight up,

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  43. ruckus780 says:

    And as far as me thinking Ryan Ford Is the best welterweight in Canada,,Heres my reasons he has been training what 3 years. I’m not sure about everybody else on this list, But I do know for a fact aint nobody dominated there opposition like Ford and thats just keeping it real,Like I said respect to everybody who does this, But it’s frusturating to see how hard he works, Never misses weight,In the gym learning everyday, Hes the biggest draw in albe5ta, and sill constantly hes getting shitted on

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  44. Robin Black says:

    Anyone who shits on Ford is an idiot.

    But just because Ford is damn good that doesn’t magically mean other guys aren’t. You know what I mean?

    And dude, seriously, you gotta drop the nonsense about Alessio. That ‘this guy said this but then said that and disrespected this guy in his face so now its time to throw down’ shit is for thugs and bullies, not professional athletes.

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  45. Beefstorm says:

    @ruckus, ford was going to be there when we were going there to zuma so I asked if ok because mfc was tryin to pushing ford vs alessio. The talks for fight broke down, so the problem between ford and john ends, because its not like they had a real issue it is the fight game. “What r u supposed to say I think that guy would smash me” “I am scared to fight him.” If you think like that u should be in a different game. Anyway if you fight yourself ruckus, I have an amature kid that would fight you any time, any weight sanctioned with ref of course (and who knows you might win), cause no problem but I mean sometimes you got to put up or shut up. no disrespect to topmmanews but sometimes I think guys should just fight.

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  46. Darren Owen says:

    Who are these people? John Alessio, Ryan Ford, Josh “Beefstorm” Spong, Adam from Zuma, Jason from IMMA. Never heard of any of them. Help me out here Robin.

    Ruckus- GSP is the best welterweight in Canada PERIOD!

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  47. ruckus780 says:

    Robin I Respect you Fully beefstorm I dont know you,,Nobody saying you gotta agree with my opinion this is a internet forum and I am expressing my thought that John alessio is scared of ryan ford,That is my opinion,Not fact maybe he is Maybe he isnt,But in my eyes all his actions say he is beefstorm you aint have the dialogue that John and I have had, So you dont know as I keep saying,Maybe you had an arrangement with zuma but alessio made it look like he was going to b Training Parters with Ryan, And they was buddys when that was never the case,,,Now if you want to go off wondering if im a fighter or if i train,I got this to say before you go sending amatuers after me,,,Come at me yourself,,,Understand this my name is Cody fucking wood I aint cut weight I aint like refferees I smoke weed drink wiskey eat cheeseburgers and ill kick your amatuer in the nuts and headbunt you till im retaded so Keep trying to agitate me I aint hard to find,,,Still no dissrespect intended its my feelings Just like If we was betting on a fight,,,I smell the bitch in John alessio Yall can hate me Because no Dought,,He is an accomplished mma athlete,,But these are my veiws and wont back down till proven differently and that is not something you can do by trying to threaten me,,Only john can do that
    P.s robin I appreciate that you think im wrong but its real,,, im not trying to be mr man,,mr internet tuff guy nothing you all on my facebook,,,You know who I am and its nothing but respect on my part just my feelings if im wrong im wrong but fuck it im riding

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  48. ruckus780 says:

    and robin I never said anybody was not talented but as a fan I do whole heartedly and honestly think ryan ford is on a whole different leval as far as the whole package charisma agression killer instinct everrything and thats not to take away from nobodys talent gifts not allesios Meins Garcias or anybodys,,,Its all good

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  49. Robin Black says:

    “I smoke weed drink wiskey eat cheeseburgers and ill kick your amatuer in the nuts and headbunt you till im retarded”.

    ruckus780, you are a-ok in my books man. Dig it.

    Hey, you and I both agree Ford is a great fighter and has it all. And I just realized you’re not angry, you’re just passionate (and likely quite high) which is totally cool man.

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  50. Robin Black says:

    Darren Owen says:
    March 16, 2011 at 12:09 am
    “Who are these people? John Alessio, Ryan Ford, Josh “Beefstorm” Spong, Adam from Zuma, Jason from IMMA. Never heard of any of them. Help me out here Robin.

    Ruckus- GSP is the best welterweight in Canada PERIOD!”

    Something has gone very wrong if you don’t know who those guys are but you know who I am sir.
    Very very wrong.

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