UFC buys Strikeforce


Ariel Helwani over at MMAfighting.com has quite possibly the BIGGEST news to hit MMA… yes, it’s true… Zuffa has aquired Strikeforce!

Watch the video interview over at MMAfighting.com.

10 Responses to “ UFC buys Strikeforce ”

  1. harry balls says:


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  2. william hatch says:

    well thats the worst news ive heard this month, other than taylor halls ankle sprain. fuck all our lives

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  3. I will fight anyone says:


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  4. DeViLBoY says:

    oh well… Strikeforce was ran terribly… theres room for an organization to grow big enough to compete with UFC but Strikeforce wasnt that org… maybe Bellator can move in as the main competitor to UFC now…

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  5. WeaponX says:

    This could be one of the worst things to happen to the sport!

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  6. alex says:

    Hopefully MFC has some money lying around. All the disgruntled fighters will need to go somewhere

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  7. Priest says:

    I’m personally not too impressed that this deal has went through.

    Strikeforce should have been able to stand on it own two feet, and grow their organization, but when strikeforce was being run so terribly, what do you expect.

    Bellator better jump up in their quality of fighters, and fights that they air, or they’ll just become another Tuff n Nuff

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  8. sergio says:

    dana white is a fuckn geinueus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. MMAmgmt says:

    Money talks, bullsh!t walks…

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  10. canadx says:

    not good for sport.

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