Ryan Ford Recaps Win, Challenges Readers to Pick Next Opponent


Aggression MMA LogoAggression MMA LogoCody Bargholz caught up with Ryan Ford after he defeated Johnny Davis in the second round of his Aggression debut. Ford talks about taking a boxing fight next. Ford hopes to fight for the Aggression Welterweight belt in June. Against who? Ford tells Top MMA News to put up a poll and let readers decide.

Why not vote on who you think the Real Deal should fight next?

Which Canadian Welterweight should Ryan Ford fight at the next Aggression?

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54 Responses to “ Ryan Ford Recaps Win, Challenges Readers to Pick Next Opponent ”

  1. Hank902 says:

    Cory MacDonald!! Most people will say Mein but I think Mein has proven himself and needs to wait on the UFC now. MacDonald vs Ford would give 2 guys, who catch a lot of flack about their opponents, a chance to show where they stand!

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  2. Brando says:

    Ford vs Mein please

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  3. Robin Black says:


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  4. Jason says:

    Funny how often I’ve run into the Ford vs Mein conversation recently…

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  5. harry balls says:

    MacDonald. On an Ontario card.

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  6. harry balls says:

    ,,,and he forgot to thank Tony Touch….

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  7. Ryan Ford says:

    I Wasent Talking About Fighters From Canada. Pick Some Guys From The Top 40 170 Pounds In The World. No Distespect To Amy Of These Fighters Listed They Are All Doing There Thing.

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  8. harry balls says:

    All those guys on there are legit. I dunno if I speak for other posters, but i would rather see you fight top Canadian guys right now…

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    Ryan do you consider Alessio and Mein top 40?

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  10. william hatch says:

    pete sprat, dustin hazellet, bothbe great fun to watch

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    He’s already beaten Spratt twice… he’s got nothing left to prove against him!

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  12. bc says:


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  13. chris pye says:

    Marius Zaromskis

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  14. chris pye says:


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  15. Ryan Ford is just a great guy to interview. Always has something interesting to say and good personality for interviews.

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  16. chris pye says:

    scott smith

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  17. chris pye says:

    ben saunders

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  18. chris pye says:

    josh neer

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  19. lee edwards says:

    sheldon westcott

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  20. Tyler Davis says:


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  21. Ryan Ford says:

    K Im just gonna say I don’t need to fight any Canadian fighters unless they are in the UFC. So if you say I pick my fights now all good lol. Any of those other guys listed I’m down to get down.

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  22. logically speaking says:

    No disrespect to Ryan but u say all this but let’s look at it logically. Even in point form.

    1. Yes u have some nice wins over legit bad guys BUT u also have losses to legitimate middle men. U ask for TOP 40 LIMA is not top 40 and he dummied you.
    2. Yes u have some nice wins over bums like last night that have glorified records
    3. You say only canadian guys who r in the UFC?? U r not in the ufc and they are not fighting for aggression!!!
    4. MFC is not necesarily the best place BUT they ARE the only company who did and wanted to give u TOUGH fights????? U LEFT

    So after all that and there are many other points but unless u r in strikeforce/UFC u WiLL not be able to be CALLING OUT top 40 guys plain and simple.

    How about we put it this way who is AgGression willing to bring in for u that actually requires a real pay cheque and has a record to deserve that paycheque????

    Again no disrespect but let’s stop blowing smoke and look at what is actually possible. And like many people have said that canadian list EVERY one of them would give u a tough fight (tougher than last night) and 5 of them would beat you 8 out of 10 times.

    So let’s hear from aggression and see what they have planned!!!!

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  23. Priest says:

    Hey Ryan, When are you gonna come out with a Facebook page, i haven’t been able to find anything on line

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  24. Robin Black says:

    Mein and Garcia are tougher and more relevant opponents than 95% of the non-UFC welterweights out there in the US

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  25. Sean McManus says:

    ^^ agreed Mr. Black…

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Also Mein and Garcia are very very heavily on the UFC’s radar now, which is appealing.

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  27. mmafan says:

    Pretty sure Ford has been on the radar with the UFC but his Criminal past is what is holding him back

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  28. Robin Black says:

    He’ll end up there at some point if he keeps driving forward.

    1 big win over the right guy he’s there.

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  29. Papagaio says:

    To ignore Jordan Mein because he`s not currently in the UFC is just silly. I think he`s the biggest prospect out of Canada right now. He`s got to be on the UFC`s radar.

    I predict Mein will be selected for the undercard at UFC 131 (Vancouver).

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  30. Telling it like it is... says:

    Can someone please explain why Robin would think Garcia would be on UFC radar or considered a top welterweight? Let’s start looking at who these men have fought and beat, Mein yes but Garcia, let’s start keeping this real.

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  31. fight fan says:

    If you think about the direction that the top 3 canadian fighters mentioned on the pole are going in, I think most people agree they are all moving up. With that being said, Ryan Ford is def the best and the brightest welterweight outside the UFC canada has to offer, so why would he fight someone that is of little reward for a win. Just so he can be jammed up in forum controversy for fighting someone of lesser caliber. None of these other fighters have fought the caliber of guys that ryan has with maybe the exception of one. Of those three, In which I mean Macdonald, Mcgillivray and Mein, only mein is a credible fight for ryan. I think its would be a good win for Ryan and vice versa for Jordan. I think this is the only option for a fellow canadian fight for ryan. and not a very good one. I think Ryan and Jordan and canadian MMA would all be served better fighting other american or international opponents like some of the other guys previously mentioned. Those of you who have seen ryan fight know he puts on the best fights in the country. I think mein vs ford should be saved for the big stage. And Im pretty sure that the MFC isnt the only promotion that can find tough fights. Actually other than wescott they dont even have any of the top canadian welterweights!

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  32. Alex Caporicci says:

    I’m not really sure who Ryan should fight next (but I do have some ideas.. lol), but I’m sure the guys at Aggression will find him a great opponent.

    But, I just wanted to say I spent a very small amount of time with Ryan this week and watching him with other people/fans and he is a really good ambassador for the sport in Canada and I wish him the best of luck. I never met him prior to this show and his demeanor made me a fan.

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  33. Robin Black says:

    There’s a million things that go into why guys get offered UFC fights and “who these men have fought and beat” is only one of those things, and not even the biggest one.

    Some guys get in at 7-0 with no big wins when they have all the other clean marketebilty stuff in place, other guys get in there at 50 fights.

    I’m just goin by what I’ve heard around Garcia’s name.

    If there are other things standing between a guy and the UFC, there’s a point when he’s beating everyone all the other buzz names so undeniably that the UFC has to get him.

    If there are some young guys rumored to be getting a peek from the UFC, if he’s into it, a guy like Ford can just go and keep continuing to take that attention away until there’s no one left.

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  34. logically speaking says:

    Fight fan,, u say why would he fight someone who would be little reward if he wins. Well if Ford had beat any one of those canadian names for one this whole conversation would not be going on. Instead he beat a guy that as far as I am concerned would not last 3 rounds with any of the guys mentioned. And second if he was to beat say mein, garcia, allessio!!!! Well then I guess all the critics would truly be shut up. So who decides who is a worthy and reward worthy opponent??? Did this same person pick JJ Davis? Ford is not in the UFC and until he is (which won’t happen with more JJ Davis’s) There is only two ways to see it ducking top talent locally to bring in smoke and mirrors from abroad.

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  35. fight fan says:

    The fans decide who is worthy and who is not, but all smart fighters must weigh risk and reward to better there career. I agree that mein or alessio is a worthy fight but maybe you should check with alessio to see if he is interested in that fight because I bet he doesnt want anything to do with ryan. And for that matter, check with the rest of the guys on that list if they wanna crack at ryan. I bet most become disinterested real quick. Just like claude did after ryan called him out twice. Just a hunch! And as far as smoke and mirrors, ryan and his fans prefer to see him fight international talent cause he is one himself. Ryan has made his career fighting tough guys from all over with good records so before the rest of these canadians get consideration maybe they should do the same.

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  36. I understand Ford wanting ex-UFCers. Getting a win over a name opponent like a Josh Burkman or Ben Saunders does a lot more for Ford’s career than a win over Cory MacDonald.

    Maybe a separate ex-UFC Welterweight poll is in order?

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  37. harry balls says:

    If they put a good guy in front of you, fucking take him. Don’t worry about the UFC/ex-UFC status bullshit. People will pay money to see worthy opponents. The rest will come when it comes…

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  38. ruckus780 says:

    This is bullshit,,,What the fuck does Ryan Ford need to do to get respect,,,He gives yall the oppurtunity to pick his opponent and still,,No dissrespect to none of the aforementioned canadians but 8 out of ten times Ryan would get beat!!!Are you serious logically speaking Drain the cum out your brain stupid Lima dummied Ford hey,,Rewatch the fight Ford nearly knocked his head off his shoulders the first exchange,Ryan won the first round and got caught in a armbar in the second,,So your point logicaly just got dummied,,,Ford dominated healy in there first fight with barely any experience and made a rookie mistake leaving his arm out there,,name a fight where healy was dominated in such a matter,,,second healy fight was a razor thin split dec,,,Which can be argued in both warriors favor,,,As far as the mfc goes Ryan built that house,,And Mark as well as Dave Pavebitch gave ryan nothing but dissrespect on to many occassions to make that work,,,so fuck mfc agression getting bigger then them quick,,,Hd net are you serious the score is much bigger and in way more homes watch,,,And if you guys think local cats like ryan mcgilvary or sheldon westcott are even in his league ask them if there honest they will tell you whats up,,,So why would ryan fight any of the cats mentioned when they do little or next to nothing to raise his stock in this game

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  39. logically speaking says:

    Ruckus I see a few of your points but regardless how u suger coat it. He losty to healy, he lost to Lima, and other than spratt he has fought only international wash ups, guys like spears who has what been forking hay since he had his shot on the tuf show? The list of canadians above has far more talent and reward than any of his so called big international wins. Is the UFC coming to canada because our fighters have no REWARD when they are beaten??? Hell they are building full cards of canadian talent and no Ryan is not one of those guys yet so maybe he should focus on fighting guys THAT WILL increase is stock to the UFC. And stop making silly comments like let the fans pick my opponent then when they do he says the picked has no reward! Well he can sit and look all mighty by calling out guys THAT THERE IS NO CHANCE IN HAPPENING. Hell I am gonna call out GSP because no one else will make me the greatest unless I beat him. See my point not gonna happen.

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  40. Cody Rempel says:

    Looking on Fight Matrix’s top 40 Welterweights, the only ones not on the UFC, Strikeforce or Bellator rosters are: #21 Siyar Bahadurzada, #29 John Alessio, #35 Jung Hwan Cha, #38 Keita Nakamura and #40 Delson Heleno… additionally there’s #42 Eduardo Pamplona, #46 Taisuke Okuno and #49 Erick Silva

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  41. Jamie Locke says:

    No matter how you look at this conversation, Ryan Ford asked the fans to speak up about who we all think he should fight next.

    I think the majority of Canadian MMA fans have summed up that the best fight we’d like to see if Ford vs Mein…

    Both these guys can say the other doesn’t equal a good risk vs reward, but it’s a great match up that’s for sure.

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  42. Hank902 says:

    Personally i like the idea of outside talent rather then fighting another Canadian fighter. I just automatically thought he was speaking of Canadian talent but why should 1 Canadian have to fall in order to boost another. I really like Ford vs Saunders or Hazelett(if he’s still gonna fight at 170lbs). They are guys who won fights in the UFC and have proven they are for real. TJ Grant made his way to the UFC much the same way by beating Reiner, Petz and Beau Baker (who was coming off a win over Tommy Spear).

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  43. ruckus780 says:

    Logically Speaking,,,Tommy Spears Came so close to winning tuf,,Taking out a very tough Ben Sanders in the process How is he a wash up,,,Nabil Khatib A grizzelled veteran how is he a wash up,,,Ryan Ford Is a fighter thats what he does,,,And you can ask any org ryan has taped up his fist for,,He has never ducked ran or said no to an opponent,,So if you want these fights to happen write a letter to Harvey or moin from aggression mma Cause they all about the fans and unlike pavelich take us into consideration,When making there cards,,Dont take issue with Ryan Ford cause look at the facts Claude Patrick is in the ufc with no way near the leval of opponents Ryan has Fought,,,And not only that he ran scared out of the tfc when ryan signed with them,,,Left a belt behind got called out 3 times,,,and came up with every excuse not to fight Ryan and to me I dont think its wrong for Mr Ford to want to fight cats with some international exposure,,Instead of a Jordan Mein,Who nodissrespect to Mein Clements or anyone else Have no where near the name value of ryan ford,,And mcgivary gimmie a break Fordo would destroy him

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  44. Priest says:

    Thanks for the link jason, i appreciate it

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  45. evmister says:

    I disagree, Mcgillivray is fIckin tough, with some slick jiu-jitsu and solid boxing, but I agree Ryan is an ultra talented fighter

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  46. Priest says:

    Hey Ryan, so was Budden there on his own, or was the whole slaughter house fam in the spot?

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  47. chris pye says:

    how about this

    Hayato Sakurai

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  48. Tim Hague says:

    I like the Burkman or Saunders fights. Coming from a guy who know what it takes to get recognized, Joe Silva would take a serious look at Ryan if he destroyed one of those 2 guys.

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  49. Saunders would be a sick fight but harvey was just informed that he is locked with bellator. I think we are getting close to an opponent.

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