Ryan Ford Recaps Win, Challenges Readers to Pick Next Opponent


Aggression MMA LogoAggression MMA LogoCody Bargholz caught up with Ryan Ford after he defeated Johnny Davis in the second round of his Aggression debut. Ford talks about taking a boxing fight next. Ford hopes to fight for the Aggression Welterweight belt in June. Against who? Ford tells Top MMA News to put up a poll and let readers decide.

Why not vote on who you think the Real Deal should fight next?

Which Canadian Welterweight should Ryan Ford fight at the next Aggression?

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54 Responses to “ Ryan Ford Recaps Win, Challenges Readers to Pick Next Opponent ”

  1. Tim Hague says:

    Would Riggs do 170 again? That would be a great fight!

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  2. trent_thorne says:

    honesly man i dont think Riggs has it in him to fight at 170 anymore! Remember how he looked when i fought him! Shit even when he fought Mein he didnt make weight! Plus he is or was in the Bellator middle weight tourny. dont think 70 is an option for him any longer?

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  3. Etown780 says:

    Look thru all of Ryan’s fights he walked out of the cage the exact same way he walked into the cage! He does not get touched, he got caught a couple of times in an arm bar due to lack of experience. As he grows with the sport and his mental game gets better he will be a serious contender for what ever organization he fights for. I say he is #2 welterweight in Canada

    Agression MMA needs to step up their game for the show they put on very disappointed in the branding and marketing. Please for your next show spend some of your money to make the WOW FACTOR! Put that Fn Goof and his GOOF son out of business

    1.Weigh ins – Good location but didn’t even know what was going on. Your signs were a joke have some ring girls, speakers, music just some ideas

    2.Your show – Why was the main event @ 12:30am people were falling asleep. Also have your venue set up with a way better walk out entrance for the fighters that is their time to shine

    This is all constructively and grow your show!!!

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  4. Arashidofighter says:

    I think he would walk all over most of thoseguys jordon neon would-be a good one but bad fight for both men because they are both close to the big show and a loss for either could set him back but I think Sheldon Westcott is a very underated fighter and he needs to fightsome true contenders to see what he really has so I say ford bs Westcott cause I think ford isstronger but I think Westcott is a better ground guy

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