Hybrid Combat H8 Quick Results


Hybrid Combat’s 8th event goes down tonight at the Père Arthur Guertin Community Center in Gatineau, Quebec.

Mandell Nallo submits Alexandre Arsenault via Anaconda Choke @ 1:42 of Rd2***Nallo becomes the inaugural Hybrid welterweight champion***

Dan Lariviere defeats Darryl Hartley via Unanimous Decision

Derek Dexter defeats Rindi Pippers via Unanimous Decision

Chris Schrauwen defeats Eric Nadon via Unanimous Decision

Dustin Ashford defeats Jeff Andrews via Unanimous Decision

Harley David defeats Ralph Jean Pierre David via Unanimous Decision

Trevor Leroux defeats Cedric Mongeon via Unanimous Decision

Jean Maxim Chevrier defeats Yves Lanthier via TKO (punches) @ :40 of Rd2

Mathieu Charrette defeats Chris Hennessey via Unanimous Decision

Gaetan Lauzon defeats Danny Vitous via Unanimous Decision

Mathieu Papineau defeats Audray David via Unanimous Decision

10 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat H8 Quick Results ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Great matchmaking and well worth the money.

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  2. Brett Portieous says:

    Harry balls you are totally right.. I had 3 fighters on the card and every fight they were hanging over the rails booing in my fighters faces it took alot of composure not to push them out of there face. These guys were extremely disrespectful. Hopefully their fans show a little more class at the next show or they shouldn’t b allowed back.

    Brett Portieous

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  3. Rongway says:

    Agree with Harry Balls. Guys at Patenaude Kung Fu should be embarassed that jerkoffs like that are representing them. If their goal is to make themselves look like a bunch of douchbags, then great job. Other than that, best Hybrid show so far.

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  4. Rongway says:

    Message for Brett Portieous and CMMA Fighters:
    Great job representing Cornwall Fighters. CMMA guys ALWAYS bring it at Hybrid and have some great rising stars. (“Dynamite” Dexter, Kenny Hiltz, Aundray David, Trever Leroux, Adam Leroux)
    Big Fan!

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  5. Brett Portieous says:

    Thanks alot!

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  6. Sifu Pat says:

    My students that are fighting are always respectful in and out of the ring. We have a great relationship will all the schools that are there. Most of the guys actually are or become friends with alot of their opponents. Hard to control the fans who come to those events. They are not members of our schools. It”s actually disrespectful to blame the two guys for what the crowd does. I do not like or encourage that behavior from any of my students.

    Patrick Marcil

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  7. harry balls says:

    Fair enough. Good on your two fighters. But anyone who attended can confirm that the only time there was a massive chorus of loud boos was when their opponents were entering the ring. Make of it what you will. Those kids put a ton of work in and it was totally bush league of the ‘fans’ to do it. If the roles were reversed, you’d be pissed too.

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  8. Brett Portieous says:

    No one blamed the fighters.. the fighters were more then respectful.. but the crowd that came to support the students were. Its ok to cheer and boo thats what you buy ur ticket for but when your over the railing yelling in peoples faces when they are about to enter the ring is a bit much. As a gym owner I know it is hard to control the fans but this type of behavior will destroy your image in this sport really fast.

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  9. harry balls says:

    I don’t think it’s okay to boo guys in amateur It’s low class. If someone is showboating in a fight or rubbing it in after a victory, perhaps.
    If it’s pro and you are a chirper like Koscheck tearing guys apart in their hometown, fine.
    But not to guys walking out who are taking their first steps in this sport. It’s ammy and none of these fighters were out there denigrating guys pre-event.

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  10. brent says:

    Dan Lariviere looked real sharp seems to get better each fight..Keep your eyes on this guy!!

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