Amateur MMA Coming to Edmonton March 12


Amateur MMA is coming to Edmonton thanks to the efforts of a group of individuals including: Frank Lee, Craig Moore, Keijiro Noda, Dean Panas, Marty Fedec, Pat Reid, and Mickey Ali.  The first event that will feature amateur MMA will be Frank Lee’s Combat League, which will be held at the Edmonton Event Centre on March 12.

The amateur MMA portion of the Frank Lee event will be overseen by a new sanctioning body called the Edmonton Amateur Combative Sports Council headed by Mickey Ali.  A modified version of the Unified Rules will utilized, except the following:

  • No CT scan required
  • Same day weigh-ins to avoid big weight cuts
  • No knees or elbows to the head – standing or on the ground
  • No heel hooks, knee bars, neck cranks.
  • 3 x 3 minute rounds

Pat Reid, Executive Director of the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission had this to say about the new amateur program.

“I applaud their efforts – opportunities for beginning fighters to gain amateur experience was one of the missing pieces of the combative sports industry in the City of Edmonton. That no longer is a problem. Hopefully the organisation can stage an event a month and continue to grow interest in the skill of mixed martial arts in this area.”

Additionally, the ECSC will soon require fighters to debut in the amateur ranks.  Reid explained the proposed pro rule change.

“The ECSC will soon make it a requirement that pro debut fighters who want to fight professionally in Edmonton must have amateur experience, must have a winning amateur record. With amateur events in Calgary and Edmonton, opportunities for amateur fighters are available – and hopefully other commissions will continue to expand the opportunity.”

Tickets for the amateur event, which also includes Muay Thai bouts, are available at Frank Lee’s, through the fighters on the card, or from Dean Panas.

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28 Responses to “ Amateur MMA Coming to Edmonton March 12 ”

  1. Jason says:

    Nice step forward in Edmonton in my opinion… looking forward to the first event!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    “No CT scan required”

    How come?

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  3. ERE says:

    this is awesome for fighters to get some experience before they go pro! We all know there are a lot of fighters who should not be fighting pro. Maybe Kalmakoff(sp?) would fare better in this! haha

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Gtreat advancment in Edmonton. Hopefully all Canadian commissions follow suite and make it mandatory to debut in amateur.

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  5. Moemar says:

    I think the same day weigh ins are bad. This should be preparing you to go pro including how your body handles weight cuts. I wouldnt want to fight pro if ive never cut weight for a fight before.

    Big Rig

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  6. trent_thorne says:

    right on man! this is a huge step forward for MMA in Canada! I wish this was implemented years ago! I would have taken full advantage of this, as i am sure others would have aswell. Good stuff!

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    If I remember correctly, you thought you were a beast and talked alot of smack prior to your debut. So I’m not too sure if you woulda fought ammy.

    Maybe you thought about it after your introduction to MMA by Allen Hope :)

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  8. trent_thorne says:

    yep you got it Bobby! I wony deny it man ive said and done allot of douche bags things in my past! Getting my ass beat by Hope was the best thing that ever happend to me!

    If wanna see a much improved version come watch march 11th!

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  9. Dean Panas says:

    We talked in great detail about the CT Scan and other medical requirements. We gathered rules and requirements from numerous commissions across North America and discussed it with people involved in all aspects of combative sports around Edmonton (Craig Moore deserves more credit than he will EVER get!!!!!).
    We approached Mickey Ali with as much information we could get on how amateur MMA is run across the contintent. It is amazing how things very from city to city, province to province, and state to state!!!! We definitely had some of our own opininions on what we wanted to see, and those opinions even varied among our own group. The main thing we agreed with was we wanted things to be run very strict, but very fair, with fighters safety being the upmost importance!!!
    This is amateur MMA designed to provide a stepping stone for fighters to fight in Edmonton. The bloodwork requirements will be the same as the ECSC and ECG’s are required as well. With the issues of CT scans; there was a big concern raised by many that the cost would stop fighters from fighting in Edmonton. People also mentioned that amateur boxing and Muay Thai do not require them (I know there is head gear required in amateur boxing and some levels of Muay Thai). I believe the EACSC has decided that amateur MMA fighters will not be required to provide a CT scan but will be required to get one if they are knoocked out by a head shot.
    The weigh ins were also an issue that was thoroughly discussed. I did not want to see amateur fighters cutting to much weight. It is amazing how some people think they can cut 15 pounds because they train with guys that have “no problem cutting 20+ pounds”. Cutting weight HEALTY is a science and needs to be taken seriously!!! I wanted to have a “double weigh-in” with guys weiging in officialy the night before the event, and then 2 hrs before the evnt as well. A fighter that gained more than 10 lbs would not be premitted to fight (once again that was my prefernce). We did discuss the issue but it would be up to the council (once formed) to make the rules. They decided a same day weigh-in would be the best way to provide a fair outcome for both fighters involved. We will discuss the weigh in procedure after the event and get input from fighters and trainers who are involved in the show.

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  10. trent_thorne says:

    so when does this officially come on board?

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  11. Kendall says:

    yay no more Patrick Gladue’s and Jason Roricks and Bobby kalmakoffs!

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  12. Trent – there’s a card on March 12.

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  13. trent_thorne says:

    ya sorry what i was trying to get at was, there are shows between then and now with debuting fighters without any amature experience. Will this new rule effect those shows or will it be for any show after the 12th?

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  14. Mike Davis says:

    LOVE IT, love the ammy to pro rules, maybe would of stopped my face being smashed in for 3 rounds my first fight. Wish I got to do ammy fights first. Love that you have to have ammy experience before turning pro, this way at every pro event you know your going have more skilled fighters. This will make a much deeper talent pool in Edmonton and area. Also the fact that same day weigh ins is just something I like also. Until recently I walked around 140 and fought at 135 so I would of loved that. Great job wish the best.

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  15. Mike Davis says:

    is there a minimum fight rule or can a guy go 1-0 and turn pro?

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  16. Dean Panas says:

    That is a question you will have to ask the ECSC. The EACSC is strictly the amateur council. We at Frank Lee’s Amateur Combat League are promoters only and have nothing to do with how the EACSC will run things.
    I do know of atleast one other group that has approached the about running an amateur show.

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  17. James Petryk says:

    I think this is positive too, especially with the clarification that CT scans will still be required if someone has a KO loss (that was gonna be my only criticism until I read the comments). I woulda for sure taken this route if it was available. There’s been “amateur” stuff before, but not properly defined and regulated like this. Hopefully it works out!

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  18. James Petryk says:

    Although… watching amateur MMA, depending on how much training experience these people have, it might be pretty painful to watch. I realize a lot of pro fights are as well, but hopefully it doesn’t become the norm for amateur fights. I guess most of the audience doesn’t actually realize this anyway, so maybe a mute point.

    That being said, was there any discussion regarding a “proof of training” background or something, where certain gyms’ owners/trainers/instructors would be licensed to vouch for someone’s background… almost like a doctor’s note is often required now? I realize this isn’t fool-proof, but might be something to consider. There’s a chance that there will just be more people now that shouldn’t be fighting, fighting.

    Still, overall, I think a step in the right direction.

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  19. Dean Panas says:

    I know what you mean when it comes to a crap shoot with amateur MMA James. That’s why I am very happy that we have a combined MMA and Muay Thai card.
    As far as checking into fighters abilities; we have definitely tried to find quality fighters. We have fighters from Frank Lee’s, Kyle Cardinal’s, Tony Beebe’s and Lee Mein’s stables (just to name a few).

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  20. james says:

    hey at least if they don’t perform the best its still amateur. in my opion they couldnt do any worst then the under card of any pro card here in edmonton. i beleive they will be good because you wont have any bums lookin for a couple 100 dollar pay checks. anyone thats willing to fight in the amateur league is more than likely looking to have a good career and has a decent back round. if they wanted to just fight they;d fill a slot in the under card of a pro card and get a few dollars.

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  21. James Petryk says:

    Well, now they won’t be able to with the amateur fight requirement. So I guess that will improve the pro cards undercard fights over time.

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  22. James Petryk says:

    I watched the fights tonight. Seemed reasonable for amateur for the most part. However, I believe there should be day before weigh-ins so fighters have the opportunity to learn how to cut weight. In addition, no “independents” like there were tonight. It isn’t safe. And perhaps some sort of prerequisite of knowing how to defend poorly executed standing guillotines… Other than that, I was entertained! Wish I had the option a year ago!

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  23. BigBoi says:

    Having a rule set for new fighters is great. Look at Shooto.

    Not paying fighters is stupid. Fighter works for free while promoter gets paid.

    Guys will still cut weight for a same day weigh in.

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  24. Brett1558 says:

    James Petryk. I was the “Independant fighter” and I just want to know as to why that is not safe
    / at no point in that fight was I hurt or even felt a punch. Hell even ask the guy I fought, even he could see in my eyes that he hadnt hurt me. So before you go saying stuff like that maybe consider that it was only ammy and that the basis behind it was to get guys experienced. And I’ll have you know that after my fight i was offered a spot in the Pix facility. For the simple fact that none of them could believe that I did’t go out or even show signs of getting hit.

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  25. James Petryk says:

    It isn’t safe because you were not properly trained. I realize it is MMA, but that doesn’t mean you should be training as part of an organization still. It could have easily gone a different direction. There are many gyms that will take advantage of you. Just because a person is 0-0 or that they are fighting amateur does not mean they have not been training for many years. Not having a proper gym means you do not have appropriate representation and you do not have an appropriate corner (likely this is the case, I’m not saying it was the case with you). What if you DID get a cut? Also, just because you don’t “feel” a punch doesn’t mean you aren’t taking punches or taking punishment from those punches. Adrenaline does a mighty fine job of allowing us not to feel any pain. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that you are being punched in the head and that is dangerous.

    It takes a lot of guts to get in there and for that you deserve a lot of credit. The fact you didn’t get hurt means you deserve even more credit without a doubt. But you may be in the minority on that one. Just because you didn’t get hurt doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t get hurt. I’m talking about independent fighters in general, not you specifically. I’ve seen a lot of local shows… I’m not really sure that I’ve seen someone that is fighting as an independent win yet (I could be wrong). That says something. Thankfully, there aren’t many around.

    In any case, I’m glad you will be training within some proper structure going into the future. It actually kind of indicates that you agree with me doesn’t it (in that a team or club is better)? If you thought being independent was better, then you probably wouldn’t care too much about “being offered a spot” on a team. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to be “offered spots” to train at many reputable clubs. You just have to walk in the door, try a class or training session, and sign up. If they have a special team that trains each other specifically for competing in MMA, there are possibly try-outs or whatever, but regardless of the setup, fighting first and then joining later is a little backwards.

    In any case, good luck in the future. Again, nothing was intended as a personal attack on yourself. The whole point of this amateur idea is to keep people safer… I’m just spewing off ideas to make sure that the intention is realized.

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  26. James Petryk says:

    sorry – second sentence should read:

    “I realize it is AMATEUR, but that doesn’t mean you SHOULDN’T be training as part of an organization still.”

    Makes a little more sense.

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  27. BigBoi says:

    Fighting MMA is not a right.

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  28. Brett1558 says:

    No worries, I understand exactly what you mean, for people without the proper training it is not safe for them to get in the ring and do that, and I didn’t take any of it personal I realize that you were just sharing your thought and alot of what you had to say are good ideas. Thank you for the support and I’m really looking forward to putting on a better show for the fans next time, after I get some better training.

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