Video – Nick Ring Recaps Fukuda Win


Calgary’s Nick Ring talks to Ariel Helwani following his close UFC 127 win over Riki Fukuda.

7 Responses to “ Video – Nick Ring Recaps Fukuda Win ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Oh Nick, you hunk of man….

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    That’s what i was thinkin.

    I thought Nick looked really slow in this fight. I was a little surprised. But to be honest with you, I scored it 29-28 for Nick. I was losing my mind listening to Rogan.
    It was a close fight, but Nick won the first two round, imo. I certainly wouldnt have given it to Fukuda.

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  3. James Petryk says:

    Clearly rusty… but I gave the first round to Nick (he got taken down, but he threatened with subs the whole time and then stood up). 2nd probably to Fukuda… but there is an argument for Nick, depending on how much value you put on takedowns when nothing is accomplished once you are there. 3rd yes, clearly Fukuda.

    If you watch the fight without the biased commentating, you might see a different first two rounds.

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  4. Mike Davis says:

    I agree Quinn, Rogan made it sound much more one sided. Which it was not, he was hugging Funaki’s balls so hard that whole fight and making it sound like Ring was doing nothing. I gave rd 1 and 2 to Ring in that fight. Those takedowns did nothing.

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  5. anonomouse says:

    Its safe to say I think we all know Riki that fight. The crowd, Rogan, DW even Nick and anyone else with a brain.

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  6. Brando says:

    Joe had me convinced that Fukuda was robbed. second time I watched it with the volume off and gave Nick round 1 and 2.

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  7. kev says:

    Watch it without volume & joe rogan hugging the shot out of fuckydo’s nadds. Nick took rounds 1 and 2 for sure. Fuckydo took round 3.

    Get over it

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