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Hey big boys, in my rumour mill last week, I suggested an April MFC card and the River Cree Commission in trouble with the Enoch Cree Nation. Whaddya know? I am not just some dumb chick, both were in the news this week.  My gossip this week brings a lot of info from the west with a sprinkling from the east.

  • A well-matched Ryan Machan vs Brad Cardinal fight will be added to the Aggression MMA card.  This together with the Diego Wilson/Josh Hill and Adam Lorenz/Will Romero fights makes for three bouts with Top 10 implications on the March 11th card.  Nice matchmaking, Aggression boys!
  • As I had hinted to last week, Ryan McGillivray will be on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.
  • East Coast Fight Promotions under Ricky Goodall will resurrect to try to crack that tough Nova Scotia market this spring.  There last show was three years ago.
  • Victor Valimaki is out of his rumoured March 11th fight due to injury.  As well, Estevan Payan was unable to get his passport and is now off the Aggression card.
  • Will someone help out my friends in Manitoba and book a show?  CFC and CFM have no cards scheduled for the remainder of the year.  In fact, there is a big hole between Sudbury, ON and Lloydminster, AB/SK where there are no legal pro fights scheduled.  What’s a girl to do on Saturday nights in the Canadian Shield if there is no MMA to watch?
  • Ontario rules that you may not be aware of:
  1. No rings allowed.
  2. No Ontario refs for the first shows.
  3. No debuting fighters allowed.
  • Head butt or no head butt, do not expect Dwayne Lewis to rematch Jimmo on the April MFC card.  He has a broken orbital bone that will require surgery.
  • Kajan Johnson is the leading candidate to be the opponent for Marcus Davis’ MFC debut.
  • The Evolution Fighting Championships (EFC) 8 card on April 23rd looks to have at least 2 title fights, most likely at 135lbs and 185lbs.
  • Will Ryan Ford fight on March 11th?  I don’t think we have heard the last from Pavelich on this one.  Injuction junction – what’s your function?
  • Aside from Maximum Fighting Championship news, there is lack of info coming out of Ontario as fighters continue to be reluctant to commit to fights.  Most are shopping around for the best offers of cash and TV exposure as this is definitely a fighter’s market right now.

Bye for now.  If you want to help a girl out, send your rumours to

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