MFC 28 Quick Results – Jimmo Wins MFC Gold


A loud, sell out crowd showed up for MFC 28.  They got to see Ryan Jimmo crowned champion of the MFC Light-Heavyweight division. Here are the quick results:

Ryan Jimmo defeats Dwayne Lewis by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 3:13 of Round 3 and becomes the MFC World Light-Heavyweight Title
Drew Fickett submits Matt Veach by Armbar at 0:36 of Round 1
Richie Whitson defeats Curtis Demarce by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Thomas Denny and Sheldon Westcott fight to Draw
Emanuel Newton submits Rodney Wallace by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 4:34
Tyrone Glover defeats Robert Washington by Split Decision
Dan Ring submits Garret Nybakken by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:21
Brendan Kornberger defeated Paapa Inkumsah by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


43 Responses to “ MFC 28 Quick Results – Jimmo Wins MFC Gold ”

  1. Both Westcott and Demarce started strong but just could not finish. Good showings though.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Big Congrats to Jimmy, he deserved that strap for awhile.

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  3. DLewis FAN says:

    Take nothing away from Ryan , but that win was the result of the unintentional headbutt and it shoulda been ruled a no contest …. just saying

    (EDITED: changed name as I confirmed with Dwayne that he did not write it.)

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  4. the "ordeal" stone says:

    Lewis – you are funny, tough but funny.
    I wouldn’t think you’d want to get into the ring with him again. Not taking anything away from you, but he made you look silly. Clearly there are two top level teirs in MMA, and Jimmo happens to be on the top one. I didn’t actually see a head butt – but I guess you were there…..sort of.
    best of luck next time.

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  5. trent_thorne says:

    Lewis, ur right i would really love to see a rematch on that one! Shitty way to win a tittle fight! hopefully Jimmo will see it the same way and you will get another shot at him! Jimmo is good but i wanted to see you guys engage a little more congrats to both of you!

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  6. Jarrod Evanyshyn says:

    unfortunately I have not seen the fights yet, I am down in LA and I can’t find HDnet anywhere. I am curious to know what happened curtis’s eyes from a spectator/analyst. From what I hear this was an absolute war.

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  7. LMJ says:

    It was a great fight—the better fighter won !!!!

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  8. Fair Play says:

    After numerous replays and yes noticing some head contact at centre ring there is no way any argument for a no contest. The mauling Lewis fell victim to in the 3rd was just the beginning of the end. It was obvious Jimmo was following a plan that he could take 5 rounds if needed. If there would have been a 4th we likely would have watched Jimmo’s back the whole time while he pounded on a defenseless Lewis who was outmatched in every aspect. Great Win!

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  9. If a head clash caused the broken orbital bone in the third round of a five round title fight, it is a no contest. It does not matter if Jimmo was winning round 3 and you think Jimmo would win the 4th and 5th.

    That said, I have no idea if the head clash caused the injury.

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  10. Realist says:

    People really have to except the fight for what it is. it happens to much now where someone loses and complains that illegal blow or this or that or whatever the excurse may be but a fight is a fight and people gotta get over it. if it was gonna be a no contest, it would have been a no contest but dont take anything away from Jimmo, he won that fight and deserves the belt. Kinda reminds me of when Owen Carr beat Marc B last year. People can say all they want and cameras can show angles but there are also angles that the camera and people dont see. the bottom line is, is that it is what it is and Jimmo deserves that win, contrats big guy, you earned it

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  11. Fair Play says:

    I agree a head clash, if confirmed as the cause, would result in a no contest; however, thats not what I was saying. I just believe the fight was only going to get worse for Dwayne as it went on. And, I feel Jimmo earned the belt and would have won whether it happened or not. He made it clear again that he is on another level than whoever the MFC has to offer.

    to: DLewis FAN…poor judgement essentially posing as Dwayne and flooring accusations. Looks bad for both fighters.

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  12. the man says:

    fairplay you look bad for fighters, u running ur mouth and dont know shit. jimmo one not sure if it was the head butt with the accumulation on punches either way you cant predict a fight, keith is right ur wrong please never speak again in reguards to this cause you look like a huge dumb ass

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  13. Fair Play says:

    Not surprisingly the excuses begin.. Take it ez tough guy every website out there makes predictions about what they think is going to happen or what might have, its part of the entertainment you TARD and for the second time I agree with Keith but people spouting off about a headbutt is much worse than simply stating where someone thinks the fight would have gone. So…the man, act like one and stop crying about the loss and criticizing others for their opinions.

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  14. Nothing wrong with Fair Play stating he thinks that Jimmo would have dominated the last two rounds if the fight continued.

    Nothing wrong if someone else says that if fight continued, Lewis would have eventually caught Jimmo and TKO’d him.

    That is good comment board fodder, IMO.

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  15. BigJatt says:

    Laugh, I cant wait to see Arjan Bhuller take Jimmo to school at Wrestling Nationals in March. Top 3 Jimmo? Laugh.

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    What’s Ryan supposed to say, I’d like to come in last at Wrestling Nationals?
    Clearly there are some very good and accomplished wrestlers in Canada.
    It’s just a goal of his to try and achieve. He very much respects Canadian wrestling and wants to challenge himself.

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  17. 2 funny says:

    Was it a headbutt or not. N fairplay ur an dumbass go whine somewhere else

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  18. 2 funny says:

    Good website fellas lots followers trents got a good point I’m sure jimmo didn’t want the w like. That

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  19. Keenan says:

    well enough people on both sides of the fence on this topic. If some it should be diff and some say jimmo earned it.. throw up the rematch. Leave the past in the past. Its done already.

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  20. mmafan says:

    Lol at Jimmo the guy fights SCARED and looks like a HOMO when he fights!! Wait till he fights someone who presses him he will try and run like a little gay poodle like he is but will get KTFO forsure.

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  21. LMJ says:

    Pretty bad that some people are so jealous of Jimmo and all his talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  22. imitefite says:

    i DVR’d the MFC, and watched the exact head clash that caused Lewis’s eye to swell. IMO also should have been a no contest with a rematch. Shyt way to end a title fight.

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  23. 2 funny says:

    Sounds. Like jimmo shouldn’t. Have. Got the win too bad he’s got a “fake” title a rematch I shuld hope its really no ones fault besides the ref not determining that

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  24. Robin Black says:

    Congrats to Jimmo and Lewis for their great hard work. Both great fighters.

    I feel a bit dumber for having read this thread this morning.

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  25. LMJ says:

    I agree, Robin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. Sean Quinn says:

    IMO, Jimmo/Lewis was one of the worst fights i have seen in a long time.

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  27. bc says:

    Hard to find this fight on internet anyone know where thx

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  28. LMJ says:

    check out–—-and type in jimmo vs lewis

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  29. bc says:

    Thx lmj ill try it

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  30. bc says:

    Wow clear clash of heads there both fighters fault shuld be no contest

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  31. Doug Jimmo says:

    Take a second look just before the “soft head contact”. Dwayne’s head get rocked by a right and you can see Ryan’s red glove coming off his turned head right on his left eye before they engage. Its close but obvious once you see his head turned and where Ryan’s glove is that its the punch that caused the initial damage. His body also drops right after the punch which is a little more evidence how hard he hit him.

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  32. LMJ says:

    We saw the same thing, Doug !!!!!!!!!!

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  33. L-Boutin says:

    So…..we have 2 Jimmo family members that say it was a punch and everyone else figures headbutt…..weird ;)

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  34. bc says:

    LOL ya L-Boutin its the world against the jimmos lol its clear as day a clash of heads but i agree jimmo does have a hand LOL. You can even hear the “soft head contact” lol but it seems to be a lost cause. Too bad for the Chinno hope he dont lose too many fans from the shitty outcome n way his family wont admit that hey it was a clash of skulls

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  35. Jamie Locke says:

    Even if the heads did clash, what is Jimmo supposed to do, he went he fought and walked away with the W and a nice strap. It’s up to the officials to dictate if the heads caused the stoppage.

    Give the Champ some credit here, even if Jimmo watched the tape and thinks it should have been called than the only thing he can do is offer up a rematch. I don’t think its neccessary though.

    I think Jimmo was going to win that fight in deep water anyway, I have no interest personally seeing this fight again.

    Big congrats to the champ, can’t wait to see who’s next!

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  36. LMJ says:

    Thank you, Jamie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  37. Sean Quinn says:

    Please don’t let there be a rematch!!

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  38. L-Boutin says:

    After watching Jimmo’s last 4 fights in the MFC, I dread the fact that now he’s now going to be fighting in 5 round fights instead of 3 rounders.

    Talented fighter but such a boring style/strategy to watch.

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  39. Sean Quinn says:

    I agree. I give him props, he wins and doesnt ant damage.

    But soooooooooo boring.

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  40. Kendall says:

    he is boring, but who knows hopefully he can get passed that and make a legit run at the show!

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  41. Sheldon says:

    I would like to appologise for my performace at mfc i made mistake that i never make usually but i wanted to test myself and i did. i am a way better fighter then that. Thomas denny did what he had to do to get a draw i do belive it was my fight to lose going into that third round and i did exactly that. I would like a rematch on the next show in edmonton i owe it to the fans who come out and support me. i would like to thank my cornermen Adam lee mason craig malin and jeff demkiw and all the people who helped me get ready and my sponsors and most importantly the fans who spent there hard earned money to come watch me.

    I have alot to work on and ill do my best to get better.Thanks

    Sheldon Westcott

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  42. Sheldon you have nothing to apologize for. You stepped up and took on a challenge, and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

    I also had you as the favorite going in with this being your fight to lose. But you also had about 5 minutes of fighting in your past 4 fights or so, so in the end you got exactly what you needed.

    Ring time!

    Good stuff, you’ll get better each time, and we know you can offer more than we saw.

    You just have to realize we saw more than just technical skills.

    Keep up the good work, and again I apologize for not getting to our interivew before the fight. We’ll have to do it soon though!

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  43. Faux Faixa Preta Face says:

    Sheldon, youre the bomb yo!!

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