Top MMA News MFC 28 Breakdown – Ragin Kajan Style


Ragin' Kajan delivers the goods to MFC fans. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Ragin Kajan Johnson here with my take on MFC 28. Unfortunately, due to injury, I am unable to fight on this card, but it is a good time to practice my psychic abilities. The MFC is really proving why they are the best show in the country with this one. Really good matchmaking as well as a bunch of big names. Lightweight division is really heating up. It’s getting deep with names like Fickett, Veach, Whitson, and Glover, not to mention yours truly. I am choked that I am not on this card, but I will be back in May to set it off. MFC for tha win, Killin it!

Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis (13-6) vs Ryan “Big Deal” Jimmo (13-1)
I have got Jimmo winning this one. His ability to be elusive and stick to his strategy should prevail over Lewis’ only game plan of hitting him with a huge right hand/right hook. However boring some of Jimmo’s fights have been, he does not take much damage and he always has his hand risen at the end. Bottom line: he does what is necessary to get the W and I believe on Friday we will see more of the same.
Ragin Kajan Prediction: Jimmo by Decision

Drew “Night Rider” Fickett (40-13) vs Matt Veach (15-2)
This one is very hard to call. Fickett and Veach are mirror images of each other stylistically. Fickett has the edge on experience but Veach does not exactly come up short in that department either with 17 fights of his own. I hear good things about Fickett lately. It sounds like he is taking the game more seriously and has stopped a lot of his bad habits. Gun to my head I would have to give the edge to Fickett. He has wins over bigger names and is more used to the spotlight.
Ragin Kajan Prediction: Fickett by Submission (RNC) in Round 3

Sheldon Wescott (4-1)  vs Thomas “Wildman” Denny (27-18)
This one is close as well. Really good fight for the fans as both these guys are bangers. Westcott is pretty green but the younger hand maybe hungrier. Denny has fought tougher guys and is more used to the limelight. This one will not go the distance! I say Westcott by TKO either at the end on the first or beginning of the second. Good matchup though.
Ragin Kajan Prediction: Westcott by TKO in Round 1 or 2

Will Demarce prevail? (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Richie “Hell Boy” Whitson (10-1) vs Curtis “the Demon” Demarce (10-7)
So I’m obviously very interested in this one. I love Curtis as he’s a good friend and he actually called me to ask my opinion on whether or not he should take the fight. Unfortunately, I have to say I have Whitson winning this. Curtis has been on a tear but has not really faced the same kind of competition as Whitson. Demarce has a decent ground game and it would definitely be best for him to take the fight there. Whitson is a big power puncher with good anti-wrestling so the way I see it this is kind of a striker vs. grappler matchup. I do believe though because he’s had much more time to train, I have to say Whitson by TKO in the third round.
Ragin Kajan Prediction: Whitson by TKO in Round 3

Robert “The Beast” Washington vs Tyrone “T Money” Glover
Another striker vs. grappler matchup here. Washington has very dangerous power punching and elusive footwork. Glover has great Jiu Jitsu and a nice outside single. This fight will be won on wrestling and strategy. For Washington to win, he needs to use his footwork and jab to set up his right hand, while stuffing any takedowns and keeping the fight on the feet. For Glover to win, he needs to take Washington down. He will have a tough time doing this and if he ends up on the bottom, Washington is dangerous on top of people. Watch out though, Glover’s guard and leg lock game is tight, so I would not want to be on top of him either. I have to go with my gut and say Glover by sub in the first or second although Washington definitely has what it takes to knock him out if he can avoid the takedown and be smart enough not to try to take Glover down.
Ragin Kajan Prediction: Glover by Submission in Round 1 or 2

Emanuel “The Hardcore Kid” Newton (13-6-1) vs Rodney “Sho nuff Tha Master” Wallace (10-3)
This one I’ve got Wallace with an edge on the stand-up and Newton with an edge on the ground and pound. This fight really depends on who is better on the day, but I have to go with Newton by decision. I think he’ll take Wallace down and grind out the decision.
Ragin Kajan Prediction: Newton by Decision

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  1. Johnny Vegas says:

    MFC Rules and Kajan Rocks

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  2. Phil Baroni says:

    KAJAN is the man

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  3. Thanks to Kajan for the great break down. Class guy and one of my favorite Canadian fighters. Let’s hope he gets healthy and MFC brings him to Ontario for MFC 29 because he is such a great talent.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Yea too bad Kajan had to miss this one, look forward to seeing him being healthy and ready for next show.

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  5. TravisH says:

    Demarce FTW!!

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  6. David Letourneau says:

    I have veach winning his match up, hes a stud wrestler.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Demarce’s hands looked great in his last fight in Winnipeg at CFC. If he throws those combos with confidence he might surprise Whitson on the feet.

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  8. gd up says:

    sick card … Jimmo gettin put to sleep!

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