New Commission Replaces River Cree


There is talk coming out of Enoch Alberta, the home of River Cree Resort and Casino and the River Cree Combative Sports Commission, that the River Cree Commission does not have the support of the Enoch Cree Nation.  As a result, the River Cree Commission will be replaced by the Enoch Cree Nation Combative Sports Commission.

Word is there is a changing of the guard as we speak and a new commission will be in place for this weekend’s Maximum Fighting Championship.  The new Enoch Cree Commission will oversee the weigh-ins on March 24th and the fights on the 25th. Sources say that the new commission will be headed by Kyle Cardinal, a member of the Enoch Cree, a BJJ black belt, and a top MMA official from Alberta. Top MMA News will have all the latest on this developing situation.

River Cree has had a storied past, running shows where they have no jurisdiction.  In the past, they have attempted to run a boxing event in Alabama when Tim Sylvia was to meet Ray Mercer. This is very troubling, considering they were never a legal commission sponsored by the band council but only a legal corporation.

It’s about time something is done about this and Top MMA News applauds the Enoch Cree Nation  Council for taking action.   There is no word on how this will affect Dale Kliparchuk’s, the Vice Chairman of the RCCSC,  involvement in the Association of Boxing Commission’s Committees for MMA Training, MMA Scoring, MMA Amateur Rules, or MMA Database.

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    They picked a great guy to lead the commission… Will Kyle still be able to officiate with the Edmonton commission?

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  2. I doubt it.

    What I’m hearing today is that River Cree commission will oversee this event. BUT will be under the supervision and guidance of Kyle Cardinal. (Unanimous vote passed last night to appoint him director of the Enoch Commission)

    This is because they allegedly weren’t given 30 days notice? So I guess since there are no events scheduled in the next month, this will be their last.

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  3. K, got another update from the Gong show.

    Sounds like the Enoch Lawyers have just asked that they fire the River Cree guys and end them right now.

    So apparently this is what’s happening as I type this.

    Will be on top of this waiting for confirmation.

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  4. Keith says:

    Hope this is settled and fast. Seeing those guys head of anything has been a sad state of affairs for all of Mma. I can’t wait to see what happens with the ABC Boxing Commission…. whether they will get rid of Dale, like they should.If only they had listened to the trouble they’ve caused over the last several years,to everyone and anyone they come in contact with, they would have been long gone.

    I know several people who are very happy to see them finished. Maybe now all of Canada won’t be seen as a ccomplete farce and an embarassment in the martial arts sport.

    Way to go Coach!

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  5. I am very surprised at the timing of this and actually feel sorry for the MFC staff having this happen right before the show.

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  6. jeffrey wilson says:

    No doubt all the updates are coming in the form of text messages from Kyle Cardinal himself.

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  7. jeffrey wilson says:

    seems like this while MMA crowd is into backstabbing and bitterness. Get on with your lives, guys.

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  8. Where is there any backstabbing?

    This is called reporting.

    And I can guarantee you Kyle isn’t any of the people feeding me information.

    He’s the guy I’ve been HOUNDING to try and get confirmation from.

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  9. Jay says:

    What’s with the dislike of Dale K? He’s done some good things and spoken up against some of the dumber things going on.

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  10. Dale has done some good things for MMA, I agree.

    He’s also done some bad things.

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  11. jeffrey wilson says:

    Let’s see…closed door meetings, not open to the public, with only lawyers and Indian chiefs present, and Kyle, and you are getting the information as it happens. Then you would say that he is not the one feeding information? It doesnt take a rocket scientest to figure out where the information was all coming from.. But then again, most MMA types are not known for their brilliance, only their bitterness and backstabbing.

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  12. From I hear Kyle is in the meetings. How could we both be getting the information as it happens?

    Not all of what my sources tell me is true. But so far most of it has been bang on. Usually when I’m getting my info, Kyle is in a meeting.

    MMA types are known for their bitterness and backstabbing?

    who’s bitter and who’s backstabbing?

    The only bitterness i sense is from you “Mr. Wilson”

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  13. harry balls says:

    What about head-stabbing? Ask Coletti. He has some bitterness about it….

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  14. Jeffrey, you are making this sound like nobody knows what’s happening here.

    This is a bit more widespread than you might think.

    How about the fact that these guys all got in a shouting match in front of everybody at the medical meeting yesterday. Sounds it got pretty heated.

    Today will be an interesting day.

    I feel sorry for Mark and everybody at MFC with this going on. They work hard on their shows and hope this doesn’t mess anything up.

    Bottom line there will be some great fights tonight and if you don’t have Bell, you should be watching it.

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  15. alandale says:

    It’s long overdue for karma to spin around and bite Kliparchuck and MacKechnie in the ass. I don’t feel bad for pavelich to be caught up in this even as he aided K&M in their plan to leave the Edmonton commision a shambles and move out to River Cree to set up their illegal commission as their poster child promotor.

    People have been saying since day 1 that working out at the river cree under the old regime was taking a huge liability risk becuase they had no legal status as a commision in canada and never produced any doccumentaion to prove their legitimacy when asked. K&M simply hid behind the smoke and mirrors that their location on indian land provided them while the Enoch band was woefully unaware that they had been rooked.

    Thankfully there has not been a serious disabilitating injury or worse during any of the events out there as everyone from fighters, ring officials and broadcasters would have found themselves libel for a major lawsuit if lauched with no insurance to back them one it was discovered in a court of law that the old river cree commission was nothing but a numbered company contracted to the marriot. the insurance would have been void on that discovery and a lot of people could have been on the hook for a lot of money.

    Kyle Cardinal now has a serious choice to make. If he is indeed the board chair or executive director of this new Enoch commission, then his involvement in the sport of MMA as a trainer, corner man, and or ring official must come to an immediate halt, or find himself in a horrible conflict of interest situation and have zero credibility.

    Fun times….pass the marshmellows…

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Kyle Cardinal can train guys at his leisure and corner guys on any show anywhere that the commission he works on is not involved in.

    His work on the commission should make him a cornerman that is even better versed in rules of conduct.

    He can be a ring official in other jurisdictions as well. Again, his commission work will make him that much more educated. We need more and more educated people in these positions.

    I dare you to tell Bill Mahood that he can’t coach and corner and be a judge and do commission work. He’d kill and eat someone if they told him that.

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  17. alandale says:

    You cannot be involved as a commision chair/executive director and actively train/ manage fighters/ or be a ring official in other jurisdictions and not be in an obvious conflict of interest situation.

    Every decision he makes as a commission member or E.D puts him at odds with any move he makes as a trainer or official, and casts wide dispersions on his impartiality. Even now as he has been straddling the fence between trainer and official he’s put himself in situations where his imaprtiality has been questioned and he’s even found himself suspended by other commissions for trying to be on both sides of the fence at the same time.

    Not saying Kyle is a bad guy at all, but he must realize that by taking on this role for the preceived good of his band, he must step aside from being involved as a trainer or official.

    What if he has to suspend fighter A for an infraction, and that fighter is someone who may be in the same weight class as fighter B who Kyle he trains and in doing so elevates his own fighter into a potential title or payday match? How could that decision to suspend fighter A be seen as impartial, even if Kyle followed the letter of the law?

    Conversely what if Kyle is reffing a card between two fighters and one of them is in line to headline an event out at the new river cree down the road? Let’s say that there is a contreversial stoppage (regardless of the situation) which results in said fighter preserving his main event status. How would that not be precieved as a conflict of interest?

    People in this game need to realize that fighters should fight, trainers should train, officials should officiate, and commission members should strictly be executive officials. Those who try to be jack of all trades erode the credibility of the sport, no matter their intentions.

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  18. Robin Black says:

    So Bill Mahood, and many other very very respected guys, officiate and judge while being trainers and are given the respect that they deserve. They understand that they must be impartial.

    Coaches judge and officiate in wrestling, boxing, grappling, kickboxing, etc.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    There is the odd time that, even with impartiality, they are concerned with the APPEARANCE of impropriety, so they excuse themselves.

    Gray area still in a growing sport.

    You make some good points to think about.

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  20. alandale says:

    The higher up the chain you go it gets to the point where you can’t excuse yourself from everything. Certain small commssions are almost forced into a COI situation simply due to a lack of experienced people to work all roles seperately. It’s crucial for the legitimacy of the sport, the legitimacy of the contest and the fairness of rules to maintain absolute impartiality in any role.

    You yourself had a major issue with ‘pete’ with an obvious COI situation, so you should be able to understand the potential rammifications of someone being in a higher profile role trying to wear multiple hats. It just doesn’t work and will lead to a lot of people casting stones at every move you make no matter one’s intentions

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  21. Robin Black says:

    Yeah you know you’ve really got me thinkin about this…..

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  22. Robin Black says:

    I sort of have a “you have to trust people to be impartial” kind of opinion but maybe its a sad truth that that’s just not the safest thought process.

    Interesting stuff.

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  23. Great points Alan.

    I hate to harp on it, but an illegal commission is NOT excusable. Especially when somebody is constantly shitting on other commissions and their procedures.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is no perfect commission.

    But you can’t get more illegal than simply a numbered corporation. That makes it a legal entity, but not a legal commission.

    I’d like to see the books audited and an investigation launched, and lets see where all the money has been going.

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  24. jeffrey wilson says:

    Marc-Andre….If Kyle is in the meetings, how could he be feeding you info at the same time? It’s called text messaging from a cell phone. It doesnt take a rocket scientest to figure it out. Im sure the lawyers and Indian chiefs werent feeding you the info. And dont count on all be accurate just because it came from Kyle.

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  25. Robin Black says:

    Who would text message info to a writer, for no pay, while in the middle of meetings that were important to your livelihood?

    Marc-Andre is like my BFF and I still wouldn’t text him in the middle of meetings that were important to my career.

    Plus if guys are gonna gossip getting wasted on skype is better for that.

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  26. Faux Faixa Preta Face says:

    EDITED due to ignorance

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  27. HAHA, my point is, he was busy in meetings, why or how would he or anybody in the meetings be texting me the info?

    Plus my info hasn’t all been correct. It mostly is, but definatley not coming from any of the people you mention.

    I’ve never spoke to the Chief, any lawyers or Kyle Cardinal about any of this stuff.

    I’ve reached out to Kyle a few times, but either got a “No comment” or no response.

    I’m sure he’ll speak to us when it’s all said and done.

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  28. jeffrey wilson says:

    Robin, how do you know its not for pay. Who’s talking money here? This industry does not attract the most honest people.Besides, there is really no problem texting from meetings.
    Do you guys not think that if the commission were so illegal, the RCMP would not have shut them down long ago? There have certainly been enough complaints about it being illegal over the years.Do you not think they would have consulted lawyers to make sure what they were doing is legal? Are any of you guys lawyers? Like those two or not, they cannot be accused of being dumb. They would not be dumb enough to do the illegal.

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  29. Robin Black says:

    I meant no pay from the writer.

    I know these sons of bitches at They sure as hell don’t have money to pay for info.

    I have no doubt that there’s goofy shit that was goin on with that commission. No argument there.

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  30. alandale says:

    They weren’t legal from day one. They were a numbered company on contract to the hotel chain that operates the resort. The band got snookered and didn’t do their own due diligence when they allowed them to set up shop. They now understand that they put themselves in a dangerous liability running events all this time and took quick steps to fix that. They will now have to go through the proper gov channels to become legit.

    K&M aren’t dumb in the slightest, just extremely sneaky and underhanded

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  31. jeffrey wilson says:

    seems to me this entire industry is sneaky and underhanded. You dont exactly find cream of the crop people anywhere in the industry,not the commissions, not the promoters, not the fighters, not anyone affiliated with them, including the fans. It is full of people who hate each other, who tear each other apart, have axes to grind, and want to put each other out of business. In fact, is there anyone who does not have a criminal record, a shady past, or a sleazy lifesyle in this whole industry? Looks everyone is an unhappy, unhealthy lot, content spew hatred about each other, and attack one another.Hilarious

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  32. Jay says:

    Hey Robin, most commission members sign off to not be involved in the sport from a coaching/cornering perspective. You can still help train and be on the mat but it is generally frowned upon to be heavily involved in all aspects of the sport. The thing is it is hard to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.

    While I think its a great thing for someone like Kyle to be involved in the commissioning side of the sport I think we’re going to be hurting due to him being limited in his ability to ref.

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  33. Kendall says:

    Kyle seems like a great fit for the job.

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  34. jeffrey wilson says:

    But did he actually get the job?

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  35. alandale says:

    My guess is it was only temporary. Once River Cree goes through the proper steps to become a truly legit commission, then I would speculate that you’ll see who is invloved going forward

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  36. jeffrey wilson says:

    So all this National Enquirer-like hype for nothing?

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  37. canadx says:

    the whole commision file is tied to provincial and perhaps the federal goverment not dealing with mma. Its a goofy subject that essentially requires higher political decision.
    Polls probably show the voting public (and a lot of mma fans do not vote) are not in fav of mma even existing so there is political risk to govt dealing with this issue. Its easier to kick it down to the local “govt” (whatever that means).

    In reality there are no legitmate mma commisions.

    es there may be idled boxing commisions or whatever but this is not a sustainable condition. Personally i think it is at a precrisis state now.

    Indian reserves are not a good place for legal clarity so i do not see progress in thebnear future. Im trying to think of that quote– “its all in fun, then someone loses an eye and it becomes a sport”

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  38. Rod Onoferychuk says:

    The starting point is in Section 83 of the Criminal Code (FYI – it received Royal Assent back in March of 1881).

    It proscribes “prize fighting”, it defines (vaguely) what a prize fight is and isn’t. A prize fight is not: “a boxing contest between amateur sportsmen, where the contestants wear boxing gloves of not less than one hundred and forty grams each in mass, or any boxing contest held with the permission or under the authority of an athletic board or commission or similar body established by or under the authority of the legislature of a province for the control of sport …”.

    Some provinces, such as Ontario and Manitoba, have created Provincial commissions. Provinces such as BC and Albert have chosen not to. Instead, local government, empowered by provincial statute (in Alberta, the Municipal Government Act), often end up passing by-laws that provide for the creation of sanctioning bodies for combative sports. As a result, implicitly or explicitly MMA, and Muay Thai are deemed “boxing events”. However, two decisions in the early 2000s MAFA (Ontario) and CHANG (N.B.) held that boxing meant “Queensbury Rules” – so it is possible that the legitimacy of such deeming provisions could be challenged in court.

    It gets tricky when the purported Commission is formed for events held on Indian land. It is doubtful that provincial law would apply, as the land is governed by federal law. The Indian Act contemplates the formation of a commission the control or prohibition of public games, sports, races, athletic contests and other amusements. I do not know if the Minister of Indian Affairs ever approved such a by-law in the case of River Cree. Perhaps a band resolution may be all that is required. Further there may be an inherent aboriginal right to prize fight – this has never been addressed by the courts (cases in the past have pertained to hunting and fishing). If so, it may be the case that there is no need to form a commission.

    Regardless of any alleged misconduct that Mr. Kilparchuk or Mr. MacKechnie have committed, the River Cree Commission under their guidance put on efficient and safe shows. I hope that the new commission under Mr. Cardinal’s direction does so as well.

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  39. jeffrey wilson says:

    Is there in fact a new commission under Mr Cardinal’s direction? There has been no confirmation that this is fact.

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  40. Rod Onoferychuk says:

    Mr. Wilson,

    You raise an excellent question.

    In determining whether or not a provincial commission is ‘valid’ one need look no further than the statute that provides for the creation of its existence (for example, the Athletics Control Act can be found on CANLII under the Ontario Statutes).

    Commissions formed by a municipal by-law/Indian Band should have the requisite documentation readily available to the public, but that is certainly not the case in all instances.

    This is especially problematic for fighters, trainers and even referees who, under threat from some commissions that their current licenses will be suspended or cancelled for participating in a ‘non-sanctioned’ event, desire to ascertain the legitimacy of a commission, but find it very difficult to do so because there is no registry for commissions in Canada.

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  41. jeffrey wilson says:

    There has been no official announcement that Kliparchuk and Mackechnie are out and Cardinal is in, or that there is a new commission at River Cree. Was this a whole lot of hype for nothing?

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  42. No hype. Still waiting to see how this resolves. Last rumor that I heard was that the Enoch Nation and former River Cree Commission members were trying to negotiate a severance. That said, I don’t think the new commission is ready to hold events yet. Will dig into this further when I have some time.

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  43. jeffrey wilson says:

    Nor will they ever be

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  44. This worries me,
    im a promotor out of Cranbrook B.C. my city asked for our first event that we would bring in a commission to run the event then following up from the event depending on how well it does we would create one in Cranbrook, We have had “trail” “Vernon” and “pg” fall through for us and now we have been talking to “river Cree” an they sounded very possible in coming down to run the event AND NOW I FOUND THIS BLOG!, not really sure on what we should do? if anyone could help me with this problem email me or call me

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