Bazinga: Jimmo Looks to Make Big Bang at MFC 28


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If you were a wrestling fan growing up, you dreamed that one day you would get that title shot for the Heavyweight championship belt. With Ryan Jimmo, his dream since he started MMA in 2007 was to get that title shot. After four years, he finally gets that chance when he faces Dwayne Lewis at Maximum Fighting Championship 28: Supremacy this Friday night. Some fighters may doubt themselves when they are ready for a fight like this, but Jimmo is not like most fighters.

“I think this is a little overdue,” says Jimmo about his title shot. “I think it should have been me and Wilson Gouveia for the title but it helps to gain a little more experience so when I get the title, I can move on to bigger and better things. It is not that big of a deal really, but is great and I have been looking forward to it for some time.”

While Jimmo may be well-prepared for this Friday night, there is no doubt that Lewis has been getting better as he moves farther along in his career. After starting his career at 4-5, Lewis’ move to Light-Heavyweight has paid off for him. Lewis has since gone 9-1 with his kickboxing skills being the key to that. Having faced and beaten Lewis before, Jimmo has a good idea on what to expect.

“I know he is a heavy handed guy and he is a danger to knock anyone out. I am training very hard to come up with the proper game plan to make sure he doesn’t touch me with fists,” says Jimmo.

It has been a long and winding road for the Saint John, New Brunswick native. Prior to MMA, Jimmo learned Karate from his father and competed in the sport for many years. He was winning numerous tournaments and even picked up a silver medal at the Pan American games. After a weekend of MMA training in Halifax, he became hooked and decided to move to the Nova Scotia capital.   During his time in Halifax, he split time between Titan’s and Fit Plus where he was able to grab his first nine victories and lone defeat and had his try out for season eight of The Ultimate Fighter. He decided that if he wanted to move forward in his MMA career, he needed to make the move to train and live in Edmonton. He has since added to his winning streak after signing a multi-fight deal with the MFC. Now facing Lewis, it is like his career path has taken a route back to the start.

“I guess it has been like my career has come full circle where both of us progressed,” says Jimmo.  “I remember before our first fight, backstage I said to him, ‘hey man it doesn’t matter who wins we can just say we won because both of us were bald and we can say the bald guy won.’  It is a little ironic that it is now a championship fight against my first win. It makes for an interesting situation.”

It is hard to ignore what Jimmo has done in his career or more so what he did in his last match against Wilson Gouveia. He was able to handle the UFC veteran with ease and have his way in both the stand-up and ground department.  It not hard to imagine him in the octagon in the future. Even when Top MMA News did a poll a few months ago, he was voted as Canada’s top Light-Heavyweight and is quite possibly the number one Canadian fighter not in the UFC. With all this hype that has been surrounding him, it is hard not to get an ego out of it.  Jimmo says handling an ego is the Christmas gift you did not want when you were a kid.

“It is like that sweater that your mom would buy you that was a little too big so you could grow into it,” says Jimmo.  “You are like that with your ego as well. You think something great about yourself and then you grow into it. An ego can be a good thing. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, he had a humongous ego that no one could beat him and it helped carry him to higher places.”

While we know the Jimmo in the cage/ring, outside of the sport he is a quiet guy that focuses on his art, which is the only thing that can tear him away from his favourite TV show, The Big Bang Theory. While we may see no stereotypical nerd stepping in the cage anytime soon, it does give people insight of what kind of person Jimmo is.

“I love physics and I am a science nerd. If I wasn’t a fighter, I would be a scientist,” says Jimmo.  “My favourite character on The Big Bang Theory is Sheldon. He reminds me of myself a bit because he is a little anal retentive and he is quirky and weird. I just love science and it celebrates nerds a bit and I am a nerd myself.”

I think is safe to say that Jimmo will be representing the nerds come Friday night against Lewis.   Fans will find out on Friday if Jimmo’s performance will be Revenge of the Nerds or if Lewis will be giving him a wedgie.

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14 Responses to “ Bazinga: Jimmo Looks to Make Big Bang at MFC 28 ”

  1. Johnny Vegas says:

    jimmo rocks

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Go Jimmo!

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    The sky is the limit for this guy.

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  4. LMJ says:

    JIMMO IS THE BEST AND THE BEST GET BELTS—LET’S DO IT JIMMO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. bc says:

    can u watch this ppv on internet fellas? thanks

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  6. LMJ says:

    This is not ppv–it is on HDNet channel !!!!!!
    Watch Maximum Fighting Championship—-Friday night !!!!!!!!

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  7. Great article Derek.Jimmo deserves the title.Lewis isn’t going to know what hit him.

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  8. the "ordeal" stone says:

    a quote from D-Bomb.
    “If I win the title, yes I will run for mayor of Fort McMurray. And I will win … by knockout!”

    this poor guy is delusional……thinking he is gonna knock out jimmo, and wanting to be mayor of fort mac.
    can’t wait to see what JIMMO is going to do to him !!!!!!

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  9. Mitch Clarke says:

    If Jimmo wins, does he run for mayor of fort mac?

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  10. bc says:

    cant count out that right hand

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  11. trent_thorne says:

    ya man you cant cont out Lewis! Im actually gonna take him on this fight! whatever the outcome im hoping someone gets finished!

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    holy man, Dwayne was only kidding around about running for mayor.

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  13. gd up says:

    lewis is gonna ko him!!!

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  14. Mandingo11ca says:

    You the man Jimmo

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