Canadian MMA Rumor Mill – Feb 22


The folks here at Top MMA News hear a lot of rumors every day.  However, these cannot be confirmed with a solid source and therefore they never get posted.  Now, Top MMA News is trying to bring these rumors to the Canadian MMA fans with a weekly article from the Gossip Queen.

Not only will the Gossip Queen post up rumours, but she will throw in some true stories that Top MMA News did not have time to write up during the week.

Without further ado, here is the first post from the Gossip Queen:

  • Although Aggression MMA announced their Lightweight Tournament, not all participants have agreed to participate nor have signed contracts yet.
  • Nick Denis is looking to make his comeback from a year long absence hopefully in April/May.
  • A Canadian Middleweight superfight is rumoured to potentially take place out west in mid ’11. The rumoured participants are said to be a much loved multiple time UFC veteran and an up and coming grappler who’s rather untested.
  • The River Cree Commission and The Enoch Cree Nation (River Cree Resort) a reportedly at odds over a few things and the Chief is not too pleased, the fall out of this, if any, is still to come. There is talk that River Cree Combative Sports Commission is not a valid commission and merely a corporation.
  • At least one Canadian MMA star will be featured in an upcoming documentary about the more personal side of MMA.  The documentary will also feature at least a couple current UFC stars.
  • It’s looking more and more likely that a leg of the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP will be held in Canada, most likely in Ontario.
  • A once much hyped prospect out of Edmonton looks to be a surprise competitor in the new season of The Ultimate Fighter.
  • Markhaille Wedderburn has once again gotten into a war of words with another Canadian MMA fighter. The heat stems from Wedderburn once again missing weight. He might have taken a little too big of a bite this time.
  • Matt MacGrath had a fight lined up in the MFL against Steve Vigneault and at Casino Rama against Jordan Mein that were three weeks apart.  MacGrath pulled out of the Mein fight this week.  The rumour is that he was forced to choose between the two fights so he honoured the one he signed a contract to fight on.
  • WRECK MMA appears to be headed back to Afghanistan in March 2011.
  • Look for MFC to announce an April show in Windsor Ontario soon.

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