Elite 1 MMA – Moncton – May 7


Date: May 7, 2011
Location: Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, New Brunswick

Main Event:
Eric “Butterbean” Esch (12-8-1) vs. Dean Storey (0-0)
*** for Elite 1 MMA Super Heavyweight Title

Co-Main Event:
Steve Rogers (4-3) vs. Ricky Goodall (6-4)
*** for Elite 1 MMA Lightweight Title

Mike Thibideau (2-4) vs. Jeremy Henry (3-3)
Alderic Keith (4-0) vs. Mike Kent (3-0)
Dan Fowler (2-3) vs. Troy Wilton (1-0)
Damian Rose (0-1) vs. Dave Cloroni (0-0)

Amateur MMA:
Jeff Miller vs Matt Turple

19 Responses to “ Elite 1 MMA – Moncton – May 7 ”

  1. Tim says:

    Looks like another show that I have to go watch. Elite 1 is doing a great job! I heard they are working on a Big fight this summer and it is going to cost them lots of money. If that card in the summer happens it will be something everyone will not want to miss….. Glad to live in New Brunswick…

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  2. cody krahn says:

    what i wanna know is where are they gonna find someone talented enough to fight butterbean………*ahem*

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  3. Let’s remember that there is a business side to MMA. Butterbean will put butts in seats.

    I would not be complaining if Butterbean were headlining a Winnipeg show right now, because there is no Winnipeg show right now. If having Esch fight on your card means you make enough coin to hold another card, I say giver!

    Let’s not forget that PRIDE had him fight 2 or 3 times and he was in Jackass 1 KOing Johnny Knoxville (which was awesome).

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  4. Dean Panas says:

    He also fought Nick Penner on TFC’s first card. A great guy with a lot of stories!!!!

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  5. Robin Black says:

    I freakin LOVE Butterbean. Fights his heart out. Great character.

    Lee Mein vs Butterbean!!!

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  6. Steve Williams says:

    Chris Johnson Vs Chad Cox Catch Weight 195lbs.
    Alderic Keith Vs Mike Kent
    Steve Rogers will defend his Belt against Ricky Goodall at 155lbs
    Amateur title Jeff Miller Vs Matt Turple.
    Butter Bean Vs Dean Storey local Boxing hero.
    And we are woring a another great fight that night.

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  7. EastCoastWarrior says:

    I wonder if Tim is Elite1 in disguise again. They always blow it by advertising for their company in uneducated internet rubbish. One step closer to WWE in my opinion. I hope butterbean sits on Steve.

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  8. Tim says:

    EastCoast Warrior. Wow what a Name you must be a big fighter on the east coast. Elite should have you on the cards, You must be the next big thing.They are selling shows out and many are going belly’s up on the east coast so if this is WWE wow We love WWE. Richard Arsenault,Jason Mackay ,Justin Bourgeois,Ricky Goodall,Shawn Marchand,Chris Johnson,Jeremy Henery,Dan Severn. and more are all WWE I guess. My name is Tim. I live in Moncton. I am related to the owner of Elite 1. And yes I am proud of them. 12 shows and still going strong. They must be doing something right. What is your name ? My buddy told me who Eastcoast fighter was last night. haha.

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  9. Eastcoast Warrior is a guy that has a beef with Elite 1. ECW will have to realize we are here to stay . If YOU don’t like what we are doing that is fine. But if you watch our show I think you would change your mind. We can not win everyone over thats is ok. We are who you are. Many fighters on the east will benefit from us. . East coast Warrior if you want a free ticket to see what we are doing it is a done deal. Many who hated us are now working for us bro!!!

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  10. Butterbean sitting on me will hurt let’s hope he don’t..lol

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  11. Martin Lowe says:

    Butterbean is a heavy hitter, dont let the fat fool you.
    I would love to see some lighter big names in the future though, guys that are fast and can entertain the fans more then the heavy guys can like Severn.
    IMO the Severn fight was slow and boring.

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  12. UPDATE: Added Dan Fowler vs Troy Wilton

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  13. darren lee says:

    There r good fighters out there and i am one of them i was told by Steven that i would be put on a fight card in BC but that never happend.

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  14. BigBoi says:

    Why is Butterbean fighting a guy making his pro debut?

    Why is Fraud Williams allowed to promote?

    Sorry, I mean Gumshoe Seefood Williams.

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  15. CR says:

    How does a guy with no pro fights get a title fight his first time? Tomoto can?

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  16. BigBoi says:

    Dean Storey isn’t a ‘can’ per say but he’s not a serious threat to anyone in shape. Saw him fight Cook back in the day and he gave him a good fight. His boxing record has him at 8-16 though so hardly a threat to Bean.

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  17. Update: Chad Cox injured

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  18. Hank902 says:

    Any coverage for this show??

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