Armageddon FC Appearing on CBC’s Dragons Den March 9th


Victoria natives Jason Heit and Darren Owen bring their professional mixed martial arts organization Armageddon Fighting Championships (AFC) before the investment savvy experts from CBC’s hit show Dragons Den.

The pair flew to Toronto to film their appearance on the popular program and have since continued to promote their successful events. So far, the duo has been tight-lipped about what transpired on their trip to Toronto. Friends, family and industry personnel have pushed for information, but the partners have remained coy about the outcome of the taping, telling all those who have asked that they’ll have to tune in to find out. The episode featuring the Armageddon Fighting Championships will air March 9th on CBC at 8pm PST.

More than just an opportunity to find potential investors in their organization, the appearance on the popular series also gave the pair the opportunity to market their brand to a wider audience. The Armageddon Fighting Championship is currently broadcast to 8 million homes across Canada on multiple TV deals including Chek and The Fight Network.

After months of keeping the results of the show a secret, the AFC owners will finally be able to answer the question, “What happened on Dragons Den?” With a devilish grin Armageddon Executive Producer Jason Heit issued the following statement “I cannot spoil the surprise of what happened during the filming. What I can say is that this is unlike anything you’ve seen on the Dragons Den before.’

AFC 5: Judgment Day takes place Saturday, April 2nd at Bear Mountain Arena in Colwood B.C. Tickets and webcast are available at

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7 Responses to “ Armageddon FC Appearing on CBC’s Dragons Den March 9th ”

  1. Johnny Vegas says:

    AFC is not worth $10-

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  2. canadx says:

    My bet says Heit drop kicks Oleary then shakes a few pizza million out of the other dragon.

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  3. brian says:

    Just watched the show, I LOL’d when they claimed to big the biggest MMA promotion in western canada and how they have a loyal following based off of putting on only two events. I doubt that the deal really went through after the show was filmed…

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  4. canadx says:

    keep laughing brian- the presentation was great
    AAFC got $$ and great biz partners.
    (yes jonny vegas can keep his $10)

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  5. I like Dragon’s Den and it was cool to see the show have MMA on it. I am curious if the deal still went down once the cameras were off, all the due diligence was performed, and the lawyers got involved.

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  6. canadx says:

    hey johny vegas- have another sour grape.

    I find it odd that the meanest critism of mma are mma guys. Crys of “hes a bum” at a fighter who was typically some thing like 29-2, killed boxing

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