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Last night at Palooka’s gym in downtown Halifax, Extreme Cage Combat 11:Redemption took place in a packed house of just around 1000 people. The fans were treated to some Muay Thai to start the evening with four fights that entertained the crowd. There were seven mixed martial arts fights on the card and it was the first MMA event in Nova Scotia to take place in a ring instead of the cage.

Here is an in depth look of how the MMA fights unfolded:

Gavin Tucker vs Ryan Conners
Round 1
The two start with some boxing to begin the match with Conners getting the better of the exchange. Tucker tries to go for a takedown but is unsuccessful. Tucker then gets him along the ropes getting in some body shots and knee strikes. The fight moves back to the middle of the ring.where Tucker tries for another takedown but again has trouble. Conner gets back to his feet and connects with some right hands and a uppercut. Tucker gets in the clinch where both are getting their shots in. Clinch gets broken up with Tucker throwing some right hand punches. Conners answers back with some right hands of his own to end the round.
Top MMA news score the round 10-10

Round 2.
Both decide to stand and bang at the start of the round with Conners pushing the pace and getting the better of the hits. With this Tucker tries to move by the ropes and gets a good elbow in Conners’ face. Tucker gets a hold of him and gets some knee strikes in but Conners has the control and takes him down. Tucker is able to move around and get on top in side control. When this happens, referee Hubert Earle stops the fight to move him away. Conners’ corner Scott Maclean has an agrument with Earle which leads to Maclean getting kicked out of ringside, The fight resumes and the rest of the round is Tucker on top but he is unable to pass guard.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Tucker

Round 3
Tucker decides to charge in and is able to get a hold of Conners in the clinch. While he is going for knee strikes, one does land on Conners’ groin and he goes down. When the match resumes, Tucker gets a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine but is able to escape. Conners then tries for an armbar but can’t get a good enough hold. Tucker then tries to go for his back. Conners tries to get up but Tucker ges him back in the mat where Conners then tries for a triangle choke. Tucker is able to control and drop some elbows to finish the round
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Tucker giving the fight to Tucker 30-28.
Official Decision – Gaviin Tucker wins by decision 30-27 across the board.

Aaron Myers vs Anthony Craig
Round 1
Match starts off with Craig throwing a haymaker punch on Myers. Craig connects with the punch and Myers goes down. Craig throws another punch while Myers is going down. Before Myers has a chance to get back up, the referree stops the fight at 9 seconds of the first round.
Anthony Craig wins via KO at 9 seconds.

Mike Murphy vs Jon Williams
Round 1
Murphy starts the fight trying for a leg kick. After that, Murphy turns up the pace and starts connecting with various punching combinations that are affecting Williams. Murphy then gets him in a Muay Thai clinch and throws knees that takes Williams down and the ref stops the fight.
Mike Murphy wins via TKO at 57 seconds of the first round

Mike Kent vs Todd Henry
Round 1
The match starts with Henry throwing a leg kick but while he is doing this, he slips and things go downhill for him. Kent gets on top of Henry and starts throwing hammer fists down. Henry then turns on his back but Kent takes his time and is able to find openings and connects with some more punches. Kent then sinks in a rear naked choke but decides the let it go to rain down with some more punches. Kent tries to go for another rear naked choke but can not get it in this time. Henry tries to get back up but Kent keeps him down with more punches. Kent then gets on Henry’s back and starts hitting with some knees to Henry’s midsection. Kent then starts throwing more punches while Henry turtles up which causes the ref to stop the fight.
Mike Kent wins the fight via ground and pound at 4:33 in the first round

Jeremy Josey vs Matt Acorn
Round 1
Both start the fight exchanging punches but Acorn’s reach is helping early on as he knocks Josey down. Acorn then gets on top of Josey’s stomach and goes for some ground and pound. Acorn then tries to get on Josey’s back but Josey reverses. Acorn goes for a triangle but can not grab a hold of Josey’s head. Josey tries to see if he can get side control but goes back on top when was able to get it. While Josey is trying to pass guard, Acron turns him around but just to see Josey regain control. Josy then goes for a near naked choke but gets flipped around where Acorn is able to drop some elbows. Josey is to move around and grab Acorn’s foot. Instead of going for heel hook, Josey goes on top and drops some elbows to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Josey.

Round 2
The round starts with Acorn eating some punches until he gets Josey into the corner. Acorn then hits with a knee and a uppercut that takes Josey down. Acorn tries to get on Josey’s back but Josey is able to reverse. Acorn gets back on top and wants the fight back on its feet. After standing back up, Josey goes for a takedown but he is stuffed and the ref moves them to the middle of the ring. Josey is trying to get up but can not however the ref stands them back up. Acorn is able to get Josey down and keep him down for the rest of the round. Both fighters look tired going back to their corners.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Acorn

Round 3
Acorn throws a leg kick but then Josey goes in and connects with a superman punch. Acorn tries to go in for his own superman punch but can not connect. Josey is able to use that opening and get Acorn in the clinch. Acorn looks tired but he musters the strength to put Josey in the corner. For most of the round, both fighters remain in the same spot. While Josey is on the inside he is getting the better of the exchange and is throwing mulitple knee strikes while Acorn is getting the odd punch to the body. Josey is able to break free in the last 15 seconds and throw a fury of punches to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Josey and has Josey winning the fight 29-28
Offical Decision-All three judges score the bout 29-28 in favor of Matt Acorn who gets the decision win. The crowd is not happy with the verdict and lets the judges know with loud chorus of boos.

Adam Piercey vs Coel Peach
Round 1
The two start in a standup exchange until Piercey goes for the takedown and gets it. Piercey tries to pass his guard but is unsuccessful. Both fighters get back up on their feet. Peach then throws Piercey down but ref moves the ground game to the middle of the ring because of fear of the fighters falling out of the ring. Peach then moves into side control where he is able to hit with some elbows and cut Piercey above his eye. After some moving around on the ground, Peach is able to sink in a guillotine choke and Piercey submits.
Peach wins the match via Submission at 3:16 of the first round

Justin Steele vs Jeff Black
Round 1
Black starts the fight and keeps throwing repeated head kicks. Steele is content to absorb a few shots and waiting for an opening. Both fighters are able to get clinches on each other. Both are getting the odd shot but both are able to block each other’s takedowns. After a few minutes, Black is able to get him down but not for long as Black wants the fight back on its feet. Once Steele is up, Black charges and gets Steele into another clinch. Black is able to score another takedown. Black lets him get back up. Both start to throw punches to end the round
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Black

Round 2
Steele rebounds from a tough first round and starts throwing punching combinations that is able to drop Black. Steele then gets on top of him and starts doing some ground and pound. Black tries for a triangle choke but can’t get it. Steele then just keeps landing punches and elbows to the head. Steele then decides to drop some elbows on his rib cage then starts throwing punches to Black’s stomach. Black is hurting and the ref comes in to end the match.
Justin Steele wins the match via ground and pound at 3:39 in the second round.

Top MMA News Awards of the Night went out to:

Knockout of the Night-Anthony Craig

Submission of the Night-Coel Peach

Fight of the Night-Jeremy Josey vs Matt Acorn

10 Responses to “ ECC 11 Play-by-Play ”

  1. Mma says:

    I don’t recall peircey getting a takedown.. Coel used his judo take Adam down but piercey ended up on top ..

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  2. Aches says:

    Acorn clearly won rounds one,two, and even three. He pushed the pace and controlled the stand up all rounds,and utilized his ground and pound while they were down. This fight was obviously Acorn’s.

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  3. Hank902 says:

    Acorn won 1&2 but I’d give Josey 3. Acorn held on for dear life in the corner and did little. Josey st least tried to fight and IMO took the round with the late flurry.

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  4. danw84 says:

    In the Craig v Myers fight you claimed at the end Myers won and KO Of the NIght went to Myers but Craig won. Small mix up?

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  5. ApexStone says:

    Acorn dominated the stand up game 100%. I do not recall seeing Josey connecting with a superman punch at all. Josey was knocked down three times, and the fight was almost stopped several times because Josey was not doing a good job of protecting himself.
    This review is very biased, along with some of the other fight reviews, which is sad to say..

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  6. Anthony Craig did win the Myers fight. Article has been corrected. Thanks !

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  7. Hank902 says:

    Apex-Acorn didn’t dominate anything he had the edge in striking in 1 and 2 but was gassed in 3. The recap was very accurate.

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  8. Matt Acorn says:

    “very accurate” is not a good way to describe the recap.

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  9. Martin Lowe says:

    Good work by Accorn, might need to work a bit more on the conditioning and ground control but other then that not bad. He could be a contender in the LHW class in the near future.

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  10. TheGeneral says:

    Were we all watching the same fight? Acorn totally dominated the 1st and 2nd round, and pushed the pace in the 3rd. He dropped Josey three times with strikes during the first two rounds. I think a lot of the comments are really one sided. Why isn’t the video of round 1 posted yet? That really shows Acorn’s domination.

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