ECC 11 Quick Results


Justin Steele defeats Jeff Black by TKO at 3:39 of Round 2
Coel Peach submits Adam Piercy by Guillotine Choke at 3:16 in Round 1
Matt Acorn defeats Jeremy Josey by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
(All 3 judges appeared to have scored the fight incorrectly and the crowd booed the decision)
Mike Murphy defeats Jon Williams by TKO at 0:57 in Round 1
Mike Kent defeats Todd Henry by TKO at 4:33 of Round 1
Anthony Craig defeats Aaron Myers by TKO at 9 Seconds of Round 1
(Appeared to be an early stoppage)
Gavin Tucker defeats Ryan Connors by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
(Fitplus coach Scott MacLean was kicked out of the ringside area after arguing a bad call by referee Hubert Earle)

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  1. derek leblanc says:

    after this night of fights. the referrees really need to be questioned after some of that. Congrats to all the winners regardless

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  2. Hank902 says:

    I thought Acorn won the 1st and 2nd and hung on for fear life in the 3rd. Josey was the hometown guy so people booed but it was a good call!
    The Craig vs Myers stoppage might have been a tad early but Myers was rocked and was gonna get drilled again.
    Earl is a joke. He makes the show about himself and that’s why he tossed MacLean.

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  3. Hank902 says:

    In the Connors/Tucker fight they were down and under the ropes (fights were in a ring). Connors had guard with 1 butterfly (I think) and Earl tried to restart them with Tucker in side control. He gets them set up in the center of the ring and is standing over them ready to restart the fight and MacLean starts yelling. Earl walks away to argue with MacLean (unprofessinal on Earls part IMO) as soon as he leaves Tucker and Connors almost start fighting again until Tucker realizes that Earl has his back to them. Earl throws MacLean out MacLean squirts water at him as he’s leaving. MacLean will likely face a fine of some sort but Earl is a real joke in the Maritime MMA scene!

    Mike Murphy is a killer! This guys is the type of fighter that will build a real fan base and make people want to go to the fights! Would love to see him fight a guy like Justin Bourgeois or Brad Duguay next.
    Would like to see Kent vs someone with a little more fight in them. Maybe Aldric Keith or Jeremiah Bernard.
    Coel Peach is gonna be a welterweight to keep an eye on! He’s a big strong guy with smothering top and and he cut the ring off very effectively to prevent Piercy from using his striking. Had a couple big throws, some slicing elbows and finished it off with the nice sub. Piercy is no slouch at all he just looked to be over powered in this fight. He’s young and will be back, maybe the next one will be at 155lbs.

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  4. trent_thorne says:

    jeesh guys this show sounds like a disaster! yikes! shitty deal for the fighters!

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    Isn’t Hubert Earl the commissioner? Why is he reffing fights as well? Is this normal in other commissions?

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  6. Stenson Stark says:

    Hubert Earle is a joke.

    Everytime he refs it becomes the Hubert Earle show. We cannot stand him here in Halifax.

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  7. fitplusmma says:

    Hubert Earle has a history of becoming the center of attention at NS mma events. Whether it’s yelling at the public during weigh-ins, talking disrespectfully to athletes/coaches or getting himself involved while reffing. He even cut the promotor short of finishing his thanks to the sponsors on Thursday so he could issue a warning to coaches and corners. This guy knows little to nothing about the sport of mma and most of the combative sports that mma is derived from. Hes a boxing referee and nothing more. Unfortunately hes been appointed to a position that offers him some sense of control and he wants everyone to know it.

    Last nights card was fantastic and there were lots of great fights but Hubert tried to make it about himself. Unfortunately, he got called on it and was embarassed for being in the wrong. Rather than act like a professional he came thru the ropes to physically confront me. I wont tolerate another adult trying to physically intimidate me and got sent from ringside. It wasnt the smartest choice to throw water on him, but it was definitely the least of the things that I wanted to do. I think it was something a long time coming and hopefully others voice their opinions of Hubert to the commission. Hubert is a distraction and a deterrent from mma professionals trying to conduct business in NS.

    Bottom line is the fans pay their money to watch a sport take place not Hubert Earle become the center of attention. Congratulations to all the competitors and thanks to the ECC for putting on an entertaining night of fights.

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  8. Hank902 says:

    Card was anything but a disaster Trent. It was a well run event which was on time and for the most part well matched. Earl is a clown and set the card off on the wrong foot but the other stuff was par for the course. Questionable stoppages are on every card st every level. IMO the stoppage may have technically a little early but it was only the difference between a TKO and a KO. Myers was rocked then dropped the red stepped in but Myers was getting back up. Myers still looked dazed and with 5 mins left he wasn’t gonna survive the round IMO. Unfortunately the stoppage leaves that small window of doubt but even Myers corner didn’t complain about it.

    Good card can’t wait for another?

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  9. derek leblanc says:

    card was well done and need to give props to ecc and ricky goodall as matchmaker. as for hubert. he is the head of the combat sports division. Mickey Mcdonald is the commish for the boxing authority. Earle has had a history of messing calls in mma and being the center of attention of both mma and boxing shows. After looking at photos the myers fight was the best decision in the end now because like hank said it made the difference from ko and Tko. still felt josey had the fight getting the 3rd and sweaking the 1st but to each his own.

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  10. derek leblanc says:

    also i will give props to Scott Maclean for calling out earle during the match. Glad someone will call him out on his shitty job

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  11. craig ferguson says:

    Derek if you’re reporting on this event, why not call the officials to task? If you think the referee is doing a “shitty job,” why not ask him about it? A major local coach and promoter was ejected from the fights. This didn’t strike you as newsworthy enough to warrant a few more lines of type?

    You occupy a privileged position as a journalist. You don’t need to act like just another internet fanboy spouting off in the comments section. You’re in a position to call attention to it and see if something can be done.

    You say the referees need to be questioned – go question them! I know Hubert Earle does interviews.

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  12. Derek LeBlanc says:

    its not that I do not want to report about it. I wanted to wait a day or two to let heads cool down and let people think before they say something instead of just getting something right away and having people say something without thinks.

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  13. Derek LeBlanc says:

    thinking i meant to say

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  14. Derek LeBlanc says:

    also i would like to correct myself. the comment i said about earle and his boxing referre is what i overheard an boxer and trainer say last night at the show.

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  15. bradley says:

    nicely said about earl boys i had one of those early stoppages b4 when i was just knocked down and he told me to stay on the ground and i lost the fight for some bullshit call and u guys just explained it perfectly and clearly….ill fight murphy some day guys i want him to have 2 or 3 more fights under his belt first right now im concentrating on bigger things…or if the money is right ill fight anyone haha

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  16. Ricky Goodall says:

    The card, besides a few minor mishaps was an overall success. Despite any short comings from the commission I believe the way the fights ended were how they would have either way.


    The Aaron Myers vs Anthony Craig fight MAY have been stopped prematurely, but the end was clearly visible. Myers would have been badly hurt had the fight kept going. When he was helped up he didn’t remember what happened at all.

    The Josey/Acorn fight was a win technically for Acorn because of his ability to hold Josey on the ropes. There were some times when Acorn was holding the ropes and the ref didn’t see. Find me a fighter who claims to have NEVER tried this and I’ll show you a liar. I’ve done it too. “It’s only illegal if you get caught.” Who do I think is the better fighter? Despite being a teammate of Jeremy’s, I think my reputation as having a fair opinion will be enough to say I think Jeremy was the better fighter in the match, landing more damaging shots and staying busier. Although Acorn was able to hold him against the ropes, Josey still stayed busy and was striking the entire time, while Acorn threw nothing. The referee let them stay tied up for far too long and should have broken them apart. Everyone in the building, including Acorn and his corner, whether they will admit it now or not, had Josey winning the fight. I can agree with the decision only based on the fact that “the fighter that controls the center of the ring will be deemed the more aggressive, controlling of the two.” Again, Acorn achieved this by keeping Josey on the ropes, and the ref did nothing to stop it.

    I don’t believe there were any other bad calls. Despite what happened in the Connor/Tucker fight, there is no argument as to who won, and I really doubt that an argument over whether the position was half-guard or side control really changed the outcome of the fight.

    The rest of the fights were full of action, and I was honestly worried for a few of my teammates when matching this card. I tried my best to keep them evenly matched, while offering all fighters a chance to cause an upset and move ahead in their career. I think we achieved all of this on Saturday night for all of the guys who won.

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  17. Also, for anyone who enjoyed my match making, be sure to check out the rebirth of East Coast Fight Productions in May 2011. I will have a fully loaded card with some great post fight entertainment. Check out for more info in the near future.

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  18. Matt Acorn says:

    I wouldn’t dwell too much on the 3rd round, the fight was still mine regardless of who won it, and yeah I was tired, I fought 3 weeks ago and partied for a few days afterwards so my stamina wasn’t up to par. But all that aside I did what any smart fighter would do in that situation and bulled him in the corner and kept control of the fight.

    As far as him landing the more effective strikes, I don’t know what fight you were watching but I’m sure I dropped josey
    twice in the first two rounds. I drew blood with my second punch, and I was landing super man punches and caught him with strikes and a hard kick to the ribs in the 3rd and was in control almost the entire fight on the ground… Anyone who seen our faces later that night knew josey received way more damage. I had a bump on my nose… Which was still badly broken from 3 weeks prior.

    Finally, crowds don’t score fights for a reason, that’s the judges’ job… I also don’t score fights but my corner and I knew I won the fight and didn’t feel the need to parade around the ring trying to convince the judges that I won. I obviously wasn’t well liked as josey was the hometown guy, hence the boos.

    I hate posting on these forums but for some ridiculus reason I feel the need to defend myself and my first hard earned win. I assure you I’m going to come back 100% better and I’m going to take my next opponent’s f@$&ing head off. I’ll be thinking of you all when I do so ; )>

    Thanks for adding fuel to the fire.

    Ps. Much respect to Jeremy, he’s tough as nails and has a lot of heart. I hope nothing I’ve said in this post is taken personally.

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  19. mike kent says:

    Thanks to ECC, Peter Martell and Ricky Goodall for a great event. i thought that besides the already stated mishandling of things by hubert the event went off without a hitch and was very entertaining. Some big upsets, knockouts and great crowd participation.All of the fighters came to put on a great show. Looking forward to particpating on the next ECC card and also Ricky’s upcoming card.

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  20. mike kent says:

    I believe that the Acorn/josey fight was great and you could argue it either way. Being Joseys teammate i was very impressed with how he handled the size disadvantage and fought through adversity and showed alot of heart and conditioning.i was also very impressed with how Acorn came back from a tough loss three weeks earlier and brought the fight to jeremey.

    Also hank i think i may possibly be fighting one of those two fighters sometime in 2011.

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  21. Hank902 says:

    Hopefully its Bernard that could be a good stand up fight!
    When is the next ECC and ECFP?

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  22. Jeremy Josey says:

    Wow i’m glad to see matt’s and mine fight is causing such a great debate

    Firt i want to say Yes i thought i won the fight . I thought i won the 1st and third round with matt winning the second

    That being said i don’t want to take anything away from matt’s win

    it great fight and and experience i will never forget . Thanks Matt and ECC

    I will simpley give my perspective of the fight and why i thought i won

    Matt’s was a great challenge to fight and i am proud of how i met the obstocales he presented

    1st round matt overwelmed me for the first 30 seconds then it went to the floor from here i felt i did enough over the next 4 mins with reversals , a submision attempt and with keeping him on his back more than me to win the round

    2nd round this round no question was all matt’s he did drop me in the second while we were in the corner once but i recovered rest of the round i was mostly on the bottom

    3rd round , i felt i got the better of the exchanges before we got in the corner once in the corner i felt i was more effective with my strikes to the body with my hands and knees and constant knees to the legs , in the last 10 seconds i broke and land a bunch of punches to fury in the end

    Again i my not taking anything away from matt or his performance just giving my perspective

    i wish matt nothing but the best in the future and look forward to seeing him fight someone taller….lol

    Videos go up on youtube tonight so if you want to take another feel free

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  23. mike Kent says:

    Yeah my strengh is mauy Thai and my first two fights were entiely on the ground lol I can’t wait to have a nice stand up war ….. I think jerimiah is 170 now . Not sure though.

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  24. Again, I was just sharing my opinion. I think between promoting, match making, cornering and fighting over 25 events collectively earns me some kind of credibility as far as voicing my views.

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  25. Aches says:


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  26. Maybe we’ll see the rematch sometime soon then?

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  27. fitplusmma says:

    I am writing this in regards to the Feb 19th ECC event at Palookas Gym. I would like to take this time to apologize to the public, my peers and the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority for my actions after being ejected from ringside. The saying “Two wrongs don’t make a right” is a fitting saying for the events that transpired that evening. I acted totally out of character and let my emotions control my better judgment. That night I failed in my responsibilities as a father, a coach, a teammate, and a role model. My actions were unprofessional and reflected poorly on the sport of MMA. For my actions, I truly am sorry.
    Scott MacLean

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  28. fitplusmma says:

    I am writing this in regards to the Feb 19th ECC event at Palookas Gym. I would like to take this time to apologize to the public, Hubert Earle, my peers and the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority for my actions after being ejected from ringside. The saying “Two wrongs don’t make a right” is a fitting saying for the events that transpired that evening. I acted totally out of character and let my emotions control my better judgment. That night I failed in my responsibilities as a father, a coach, a teammate, and a role model. My actions were unprofessional and reflected poorly on the sport of MMA. For my actions, I truly am sorry.
    Scott MacLean

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