Transferring Skills: Top Kickboxer Piercey to Debut at ECC


When you see names like Brock Lesner, Bobby Lashley and Royce Gracie, you see guys that made a name for themselves in another form of martial arts before entering MMA. With Dartmouth’s Adam Piercey, he has done it himself in the world of kickboxing and he will use his pedigree against Coel Peach at Extreme Cage Combat: Redemption this weekend in Halifax. While both fighters will be making their debuts, Piercy knows it will not be easy.

“I have trained really hard for this fight and I am really excited to get in the cage for my MMA debut,” says Piercy. “Coel Peach is a definably a tough competitor. He has a couple of boxing fights under his belt and he is a judo black belt. I know I have my hands full but I am excited to get in there and test my skills.”

While Peach has his background in Judo, it does not measure up to what Piercey has done in Muay Thai. Piercy has been in numerous events including getting third place at the world championships in Thailand. Considering Piercey is still young, he still has the time to accomplish much more but MMA was not in his plans when he first started training. It was not until one person at Fit Plus came up with the idea and it has rolled on from there.

“One of my friends was doing jiu jistu and I always wanted to try combat sports. I went one day to try  jiu jitsu class and I just kept coming. Eventually, Scott Maclean talked me into Maui Thai and I really loved it. I trained every day and have been going from there.”

When a fighter comes into MMA with a skill set that shines above the rest on paper, the opponent will do whatever it takes to make sure they are not in that comfort zone. A prime example is when someone fights Jake Shields. They figure that since he is a world class grappler that they will try and stand with him only to get sucked in the entire time. With Piercey, his first fights will be the opposite of Shields and they will try to keep him off his fight because with only four ounce gloves, his punch is sure to sting some more than before. While this could be Peach’s game plan going into Saturday night, he could be in for a rude awakening.

“I think Cole will try and take me down’” says Piercey. “I know his judo is very good and I think he will try and throw me on my head. I am definitely prepared for that and I have been in worse situations in the gym. I don’t think he is going to put me somewhere that I haven’t already been. I am prepared for that but I don’t train kickboxing so I ready to wherever the fight goes.”

Now you may be asking yourself why Piercy has not tried to get into MMA before, if he is training with some of the best fighters the east coast of Canada has to offer, it is not like he hasn’t tried. He was ready to make his debut on the W-1 card back in October against Jeremiah Bernard but there was some mix up and he was off the card.

With the Canada Winter Games happening this month in Halifax, thousands of amateur athletes have come to the Nova Scotia capital to use this platform try to obtain their big break. Similarly, the world of kickboxing does not provide the big bucks unless you get into a major promotion like K-1. While it is hard to catch that big break for anyone, Piercey has been having to pay his own way to get to matches across North America but has also had the support of his family and friends. While the thousands of participants at the winter games are looking for the right words, Piercey didn’t mind throwing out some words of wisdom for people like himself are trying to do.

“It is all about dedication, you have to put your time in the gym and just work hard. If you are having a bad day just go in and at least do something. Try to stay relaxed and do it because you love it and not because someone else wants you to do it or because it’s where the money is. Do it for the love because, at the end of the day, it is all about you and not anyone else. “

While Piercey is doing it for the love of the sport, we will see if it transfers over to a win on Saturday.

10 Responses to “ Transferring Skills: Top Kickboxer Piercey to Debut at ECC ”

  1. Pinky says:

    Looking forward to this event! And just an FYI, his name is Coel Peach. :)

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  2. Robin Black says:

    What weight is this?

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Oh I see 170

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  4. Hank902 says:

    1 thing that’s not mentioned in this article is that Piercy is a BJJ blue belt @ least so he has ground skills.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Can he make 155?

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  6. Hank902 says:

    I would have thought so but its hard to tell hes tall.

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  7. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Hank I did know about the blue belt but with the quote of him and his training with the guys help provided but good catch on your part. Also my bad Robin on the weight class. I tend to forget at times

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  8. Hank902 says:

    Sorry man wasn’t ripping on your story. Most people think kickboxing when you talk about Piercy but he’s a capable grappler as well. Most would think judo when you talk about Peach but he’s actually trained with Jason Naugler who’s one of the most experienced boxers around here. Makes for an interesting fight!

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  9. Derek LeBlanc says:

    hank I know you were not ripping my piece but you make some more interesting information to the piece then i put down. Besides you can rip the piece if you want. There will always be haters out there that don’t like it

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  10. Hank902 says:

    I love the fact that there are stories about Maritime fighters and coverage of events on the East Coast.

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