Poll: Who Will Win the Aggression LW Tourney?


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Who will win the Aggression LW Tournament?

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About the Participants

Shane “Shaolin” Campbell (2-0) holds an undefeated record in MMA, and is considered one of the most decorated Muay Thai practitioners competing in the sport today. “Shaolin” was the 2009 WMA World Muay Thai Champion, as well as the 2007 WKA World Muay Thai Champion. All told, Campbell has competed in over fifty Muay Thai fights.

Estevan Payan (9-3) holds a pro MMA record of 9-3, and is a two-time Bellator veteran. A member of the well-respected Arizona Combat Sports fight team, Payan has trained with former WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner in the past, and is known for showcasing his skills in crowd-pleasing fights.

Ryan Machan (12-6) returns to the 155-pound division after trying his hand at welterweight. Machan is a formerly nationally-ranked lightweight who holds notable victories over currently ranked competitors Kajan Johnson, Gavin Neil, and fellow tourney participant Brad Cardinal.

Mitch Clarke (8-0) is currently the number ten-ranked lightweight in Canada and was the last lightweight champion of The Fight Club. The undefeated Clarke is hoping to win the Aggression title and prove that he belongs higher in the national rankings.

Tim Jenson (6-1) has been on the sidelines since 2007, working to improve his game, and has chosen Aggression as his new home to display his evolving skill set. Working under world-renowned trainer David Lea of Toshido Fighting Arts in Kelowna, Jenson is set to make his mark on the Canadian fight scene. He’s is a former Rage in the Cage champion, and holds notable victories over Ben Greer and the highly regarded Jordan Mein.

Trevor Wright (5-3) started his career with a bang, but has hit a tough streak recently. He is now looking to rebound under the guidance of Kent Brown. Hoping to prove to Canadian MMA fans that he is a legit contender, Wright will look to take flight at the Aggression MMA lightweight tourney.

Brad Cardinal (11-5) is currently the number six-ranked lightweight in Canada, and holds notable wins over Myles Merola, Musa Toliver, Thierry Quennville, and fellow tourney participants Trevor Wright and Kurt Southern. Cardinal is riding a seven-fight win streak heading into the tournament.

Kurt Southern (7-3) is a tough fighter looking to utilize the tournament as a springboard to regain his national ranking. He holds notable wins over Mukai Maromo and Martin Grandmont

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30 Responses to “ Poll: Who Will Win the Aggression LW Tourney? ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Mitch Clarke

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  2. Jay says:

    Payan or Cardinal.

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Payan or Cardinal, I am with Jay.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Watch out for Southern

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  5. kendall says:

    i dont see any of these guys beating out Clarke!

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  6. kendall says:

    how bout a 185 tourney? serious any chance this might happen ever? like to see how Harris would do.

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  7. Mike Davis says:

    ^ what Kendall said!!

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  8. Dean Panas says:

    Everyone knows I’m a big fan of Mitch!!! But look out for Jenson!!

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  9. steve bartha says:

    Shaolin all the way hommies

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  10. AJ says:

    jenson is a machine what about machan coming back down

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  11. cody krahn says:

    I’m not picking a winner although I’ll be rootin for my training partner Shane because I think he’ll be fighting Mitch in the finals.

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  12. Jordy says:

    Machan is def the most well rounded and already holds a win over brad cardinal ( they nicknamed him gumby after that fight with Machan) and brad holds wins over two of the the tourney fighters and he is also very big lw when he makes weight…. Good luck to all!!!

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  13. duane says:

    i predict clarke backs out!

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  14. Jeff Harrison says:

    Go Shane! KO

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  15. bc says:

    southerns wrestling look out

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  16. GRAHAM WEENK says:

    Kurt southern wins it

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  17. harry balls says:

    somebody put a bantamweight tourney together soon. Watching that Perez madness has me fired up….

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  18. Sean Quinn says:

    Bantamweight tournie would be ideal! There are so many of us, we could do a 16 man tournie easily. How fucking insane would that be???

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  19. Darby Soop says:

    Brad Cardinal is taking it

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  20. Wolf says:


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  21. Jeff sharkey says:

    Shane shaolin Campbell!!!

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  22. ERE says:

    I think Mitch takes it. He is very well rounded, and his wrestling an ability to hold guys down might be too much for some of these guys

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  23. Jamie Locke says:

    Apparently Mitch is out with an injury, so I guess he won’t be taking anything.

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  24. BC Boy says:

    Clarke has a bad case of protect your record flu.

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  25. Billie Bueckert says:

    Southern gives anyone there hands full. He bring it.

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  26. Billie Bueckert says:

    bring it

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  27. Kendall says:

    Clarke would have killed Campbell in the finals! Krahn your fucking nuts!!! Too bad this tourny aint happening anymore

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  28. Hey kendall. What makes you think the tournament isn’t happening any more?

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