AFC Halifax Officially Postponed


The AFC regrets to inform its fans that AFC 5 “High Tides” in Halifax, N.S. has been postponed. The AFC has been approached by many people about co-promoting events in cities outside of Victoria. AFC decided to try a co-promotion with a Halifax group wanting to produce an event with the AFCs’ oversight. The AFC gave the co-promoters guidance every step of the way to help them produce a smooth event. Unfortunately the Halifax co-promoters were unable to meet their time lines and tasks. Because of this the AFC has no choice but to postpone the event.

AFC’s Executive Producer Jason Heit issued this statement: “The AFC has a high level of standard. Unfortunately the group who approached us with a co-promotion have not lived up to this standard and we had no choice but to not postpone the show. We hope to be able to promote the event in Halifax soon but as of yet the new date is not booked. We apologise to the fighters, the fans, and anyone this has inconvienienced. After this experience co-promotion events in the future are unlikely, we have worked too hard to put our businesses reputation in the hands of others.”

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