Too Tuff 1 Weigh-In Results


Fighters weighed in Friday night for the debut event of Lethbridge’s newest promotion company: Too Tuff Promotions. Due to last minute fight replacements and the fact that some fighters were not able to make weight, some of the scheduled bouts have been agreed to continue at a catch-weight. Four pro bouts and seven amateur bouts will be featured.

Among the eleven fights scheduled, three are title fights. The co-main event is a professional bout between Lethbridge`s Jarod “The Milkman” Milko and Cranbrook, BC`s Brandon MacArthur for the interim Welterweight title. Regardless of the last minute changes to the card, all of the fights have some serious firework potential and will provide great entertainment the fans want to see.

Official Weigh-In Results:

Jeff Taylor (168) vs. Travis Halmrast (163) catchweight

Jesse Seberg (145) vs. Matt Jackson (143.5) Pro

Tj Hoogstein (168.5) vs. Jonathon Cummings (170)

Steve Hiltner (134) vs. Zach Snyder (141) catchweight

Stuart Fontaine (187) vs. Jesse Dayrider (195) catchweight

Ryan McCracken (170) vs. Ben Calfrobe (171) Amateur Title Bout

Garrett Raines (169) vs. Joe Keesick (175) Pro

Adam Imhoff (126.5) vs. Nick Urso (126.5)

Chris Carriere (189) vs. Tanner Tolman (186.5) Amateur Title Bout

Brandon MacArthur (177.5) vs. Jarod Milko (175.5) Pro Title Bout

Casey Kelly (159) vs. Derek Boyle (160.5) Pro

6 Responses to “ Too Tuff 1 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. freesoft says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

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  2. L-Boutin says:

    Who’s the promotor for this event ?

    I’m not usually a fan of events handing out titles in their first show, but to each their own.

    (And titles being awarded to guys who missed weight ? Kinda weird, is it gonna be the 189Lb title and the 175.5Lbs title ? Even 171 is missed weight in a title fight usually)

    How many guys missed weight at this event ? There are a lot of “catchweights”. It’s seems people aren’t even trying to make weight lately.

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  3. harry balls says:

    that was my thought. Is the catchweight just how things shook out, or was there douchey shenanigans afoot once again?

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  4. B Boy says:

    congrats to all fighters

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  5. Brad Wall says:

    Too Tuff promotions, Max Gibb and Jay Anderson.

    Lots of catch weights due to changes in matches. Example Travis Halmrast was fighting at 155 orginally had his opponent pull out Tuesday. He Walks at 163 …Taylor was fighting 170. So as the match maker I asked Taylor and his camp if they’d do a catch weight.

    Yes it’s frustrating when guys don’t make weight.

    Big credit too Garrett who took a fight against my fighter Joe Keesick, who was 5lbs over. But Joe lost 20% of his purse and I hope he learned from it?

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  6. UPDATE: Brandon MacArthur’s weight was mistakenly reported as 170.5. In fact, it was 177.5.

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