Where No Fighter Has Gone Before – AFC and Utherverse Announce Deal


VICTORIA, British Columbia, Feb 1 – Thanks to Armageddon Fighting Championship (AFC) and Utherverse, MMA fans have a new way to indulge in their common passion – AFC Virtual World.

In short, AFC Virtual World is a space where members worldwide – through their own unique avatars – can experience past and live AFC fight cards. But to fully appreciate this three-dimensional experience, it needs to be experienced firsthand.

“Multiple members can view events together, cheering or booing just like they were there in person, making this a totally different and unique MMA fan experience,” says AFC president Darren Owen.

“I’m excited to bring MMA into a virtual environment,” says Utherverse president Zak Zarry, “it provides many opportunities for fan interaction and activities that have not previously existed.”

Members can access the AFC Virtual World via a cover charge. Replays of past AFC events will cost about 60 cents, replays will run every two weeks, leading up to live AFC events, which have a ticket price of $3.00.

To download the AFC virtual world visit: http://www.utherverse.com/afc/

7 Responses to “ Where No Fighter Has Gone Before – AFC and Utherverse Announce Deal ”

  1. showtying says:

    still low level show lol

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  2. Get Realz... says:

    All they have to do is make weight and they’re more professional than you.

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  3. Sean Quinn says:

    Youre such a classless loser. Go and eat another twinkie you idiot.

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  4. Darren Owen says:

    I think for someone to be able to judge a show they should actually have to be in attendance at the venue. This would require leaving your hotel room. I was busy last week, anyone know if Wedderburn made weight or won his fight?

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  5. CarwinFan says:

    Yikes…just went to sign up and it asks me this:

    Pick the 3D client which suits you best.

    RLC = Virtual Amsterdam (Adults Only)
    VV = Virtual Vancouver (18+ but less adult orientated content)
    RV= Rude Virtual

    Will a virtual blowjob feel the same as the no blowjob I get now?

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  6. Duffy Young says:

    This show is a joke

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  7. Pavelduche says:

    Hey Duffy Young aka Scott Zerr;

    Shouldn’t you be under Marks desk right now earning your minimum wage?

    AFC already sells more tickets than MFC and will likely be more profitable before the year is over. PLUS they even have the balls to leave their home province, unlike your boss’s clown show.

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