Matchmakers and Promoters can View Suspended Fighters


Attention all matchmakers and promoters! Please make the following activity mandatory for your promotion prior to signing any fighter to your promotion.

  • Go to and search that fighter name. If he is suspended, it will show up in yellow at the top.

Here is an example of what you will see if the fighter you search for is suspended:

If you see that your fighter is suspended, contact the listed commission (In the case above, that is CL – Cold Lake, Alberta.) to find out when the suspension is over or what a fighter must do to lift the suspension.

This fighter database is the official database used by the Association of Boxing Commissions for MMA fighters.  Allowing the promotions and the public to now view this information is a great decision by the ABC.

Now there will be no excuse for flying in a fighter only to find out that he is suspended and we all make MMA a much safer sport.

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