The Return of the Mac


Kingston native and former top ranked Canadian Welterweight, Cory MacDonald, will finally kick off his 2011 campaign March 4 in Montreal at UGC 26: Rage. MacDonald will square off against Jason “Sumo Samurai” St. Louis in a Welterweight showdown. Top MMA News confirmed this fight with sources close to the negotiations.

MacDonald (11-2) has had a quiet past two years collecting wins over Thiago Goncalves in 2009 and Chester Post in 2010. MacDonald has been splitting his training between Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal and recently started training with the Zahabi pro camp. Being a six time UGC veteran coupled with the fact that most 170 lbs fighters will not fight him may be the reason Cory agrees to take on fighters seemingly below his grade. Let’s hope a W over St. Louis moves MacDonald on to bigger and better things.

St. Louis (12-11) has not seen the inside of a cage in competition since September 2007 when he ended a three fight losing skid by defeating Victor Daychief via Triangle Choke. Fighting MacDonald will be a huge step up in competition for St. Louis but as far as risk versus reward goes, Jason has nothing to lose in this fight and a lot to gain.

UGC 26: Rage goes down March 4 in Montreal at the Metropolis. UGC is a mixed fight card usually featuring professional boxing rounded off by a few MMA matches.

9 Responses to “ The Return of the Mac ”

  1. BigBoi says:

    Aw gawd no.

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  2. harry balls says:

    Would like to see him throw down against someone who is at his level…

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  3. hank says:

    I’ve seen MacDonald fight a couple times he’s really good but he needs to break Ties with UGC and start fighting people that matter he’s wasting away taking these brutal fights. There is no way you can tell me that W-1 or Ringside can’t find him a suitable opponent. That’s BS no one will fight him in UGC maybe.

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  4. Telling it like it is... says:

    Cory is one of Canada’s top welterweights and there is no BS to it at all. All promotions, Ringside included, have been approached specifically to match Cory for a high level Welterweight fight, only one promotion has come remotely close to actually making it happen. However in the one case, the opponent offered carried to heavy a purse for the promotion to legitimately make it happen and timing an issue. Other promotions have specifically stated they would love to have him fight, however they could not find a welterweight that was willing to take the fight. With promotions trying to build their fighters, Cory is at a level that is too fast a step for many.
    As for UGC, at least there is one promotion actually willing to make a fight happen close home to keep Cory active. So Hank, keep active as a fighter or continue to sit and wait?

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  5. MMA fan says:

    I say have him fight someone like Jordan Mein, you can’t tell me Mein wouldn’t take the fight, I know he would

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  6. Unzelle says:

    Put him up against Ryan Ford, would love to see that fight.

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  7. harry balls says:


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  8. Get Realz... says:

    Ford needs to continue to step up in competition before taking on someone like MacDonald. He has struggled against top talent, failed to finish fights he should have (Katib) and lost to smaller fighters.

    Right now Cory would destroy Ford.

    That said Cory doesn’t need to lay a beating on Jason either.

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  9. hank says:

    I’m sorry but I have a hard time believing that. The fight with skidmore was booked for like 2 months as was the Post fight so its unimaginable that those were the best options out there. If they were last minute replacements then so be it but that wasn’t the case. He’s had 4 solid opponents in halifax maybe he should hit the East Coast a little more LOL
    Or take a fight at 185lbs
    Here’s hoping he finds some good fights in 2011 because he’s a very good fighter.

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