WRECK Strong and Proud Play by Play


Wreck MMA returned to the Casino de Lac Lemay and once again raised the bar in terms of visual presentation and production for a regional MMA event. 1200 plus fans packed the casino’s conference hall to see their favorite fighters compete. The event had a heartwarming start with a tribute to the team that put Wreck Afghanistan together. Next, Wreck MMA honored two Canadian soldiers wounded in the line of duty. Now, on to the fights.

Joe Riggs vs Jordan Mein
Rd1: The fighters started off with a slow pace until Riggs landed a solid straight that doesn’t phase Mein. Mein goes to the body but Riggs comes back with a jab. Mein lands a solid jab and Riggs retaliates with a hook to Mein’s grill. Mein back with a hard jab, hook combo that lands on Riggs. Riggs goes straight for the takedown but Mein stands right back up. Mein throws a head kick, Riggs ducks under but can’t capitalize and Mein lands two solid fists to Riggs face that cause Riggs to roll to his back. Mein hovers over from above and lands two vicious bombs from the top that land clearly on Riggs’ mean mug.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Mein

Rd2: Mein pawing out his lead left to keep Riggs at bay. Mein comes over the top with hook and Riggs comes under with one of his own. Mein lands a straight kick right on Riggs chin then puts Riggs on his back. Mein stands to deliver a shot, Riggs tries to grab the ankles to trip Mein but instead eats a Mein sandwich. Mein using good head movement to avoid Riggs’ haymakers and comes back with shots to the body and leg kicks. Mein drops Riggs with a right hook to the chin and follows him down with more raining blows until the ref has seen enough.
Mein defeats Riggs via TKO (GNO) @ 4:30 of Rd2

Markhaile Wedderburn vs. Mark Holst
Rd1: Showtime is out the gate quick and pushes Holst against the cage. Holst pummels out and now holds Showtime against the cage. Quick separation and a Showtime kick sends Holst flying backwards into the fence. Showtimes slips and Holst lands a punch then jumps into Showtimes’ guard. Holst rides out the round on top inflecting little damage.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Holst

Rd2: Showtime showing some nice leg kicks. Holst returns with vicious leg kicks of his own. Holst shoves Showtime up against the cage. Showtime muscles Holst down with a body lock but Holst uses an Omoplota to sweep Showtime and winds up in side control. Wedderburn attempts to roll but Holst sinks in a hook and looks for the RNC. Wedderburn defends so Holst tries to soften him up with short punches. Wedderburn eating a lot of Holst leather from the turtle position. Wedderburn rolls and Holst takes mount. Holst rains down the punishment until Wedderburn turns again and Holst sinks in the choke and coaxes the tapout with seconds left in the round. Epic ending.
Holst submits Wedderburn via Rear Naked Choke @ 4:56 of Rd2

Matt MacGrath vs. Kalib Starnes
Rd1: Starnes throwing from the outside and clinches with MacGrath against the cage and drags him to the ground. Starnes rides out the round on top landing very few punches but controlling position.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Starnes

Rd2: Starnes tries to keep McGrath at bay with front kicks but McGrath is able to get inside and drag him down. MacGrath is on top for all of a second until Starnes reverses and ends up on top. Starnes in mount, transitions to half guard and slides his arm under MacGrath’s throat. Starnes then rolls and locks in the second hook and and puts MacGrath away with the rear naked choke.
Starnes submits MacGrath via Rear Naked Choke @ 3:14 of Rd2

Dimitri Waardenburg vs. Remi Morvan
Rd1: Morvan throws a low kick and Waardenburg jumps right over and forces Morvan to the mat. Morvan attempts a triangle but Waardenburg fights right through it. Morvan turns and Waardenburg appears to land a knee to Morvan’s head while he was grounded. Morvan appears to go motionless for a split second. Remi fights through it and catches a Waardenburg strike from the top and attempts an omoplota. Once again, Waardenburg escapes but finds himself back in a Morvan omoplota. Waardenburg ecapes again but Morvan uses a high guard to keep him close. Morvan transitions to an arm bar but Waardenburg uses the opportunity to pass to side mount. Morvan quickly regains position as Waardenburg rides out the rest of the round on top.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Morvan

Rd2: Morvan pushes through a Waardenburg flurry to land the double leg. Morvan stands as to let Waardenburg up but cracks him one when he attempts to stand. Morvan leaps inside Waardenburg’s guard landing some punches. Morvan takes Waardenburg’s back but can’t cinch in the RNC. Waardenburg twists back around while Morvan continued the assault from the top. The round ends with Morvan searching for another RNC attempt.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Morvan

Rd3: Morvan attempts a takedown straight off the bat but Waardenburg steps away. Morvan lands the double leg but Waardenburg can’t be held down. Waardenburg lands the takedown on Morvan and rides out the round fighting off submission attempts.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Waardenburg
Waardenburg defeats Morvan via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Mike Reilly vs. Robin Black
Rd1: Robin starts off with a tight hook, body kick combo. Reilly grabs on and Robin trips him down. Reilly quickly throws up his legs, adjusts his hip and locks in the arm bar which forces a quick tap out from Black.
Reilly submits Black via Arm Bar @ :57 of Rd1

Jesse Gross vs. Pablo Santos
Rd1: Gross using some nice level changes to keep Santos guessing. Gross lands a left jab that causes Santos to slip, then clips him with a right hook that drops him to the ground. Santos quickly rolls to his back while Gross pounces in for the attack. Gross works the short elbows from half guard. Gross postures up and wails on Santos with big haymakers until the ref steps in and saves him from further punishment.
Gross defeats Santos via TKO(GNP) @ 3:12 of Rd1

Alka Matewa vs. Jesse Ronson
Rd1: Alka slaps Ronson’s head with a high kick. Alka lands a solid straight then feeds Ronson with knees from the Thai Plum. Ronson attempts a doulbe leg but Alka sprawls out to avoid it. Ronson with the body lock muscles Matewa to the floor. Matewa has Ronson almost completely bucked off but Ronson grabs the fence pulls himself forward and maintains the position. Ronson continues to land GNP from mount but quickly transitions to a arm bar Matewa fights it off for 10 plus seconds but eventually gives in and taps out.
Ronson submits Matewa via Arm Bar @ 4:51 of Rd1

Amer Hussein vs. Mustafa Khalil
Rd1: Khalil pumping the jab keeping Hussein at bay. Khalil doing a good job of jumping in and out of the pocket while landing. Khalil getting more comfortable and landing some nice combos. Khalil all over Hussein with punches in bunches finishes off the round with a vicious left head kick.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-8 Khalil

Rd2: Hussein attempts a leg pick but Khalil is too quick. Khalil stalking Hussein around the ring landing from the outside at will. Khalil finally lands that elusive right hook he’d been looking for all night and drops Hussein who turtles on the canvas. The ref quickly calls the fight to save Hussein from any unneeded punishment.
Khalil defeats Hussein via KO (Hook) @ 2:25 of Rd2

Mike Sledzion vs. Jeffrey Laughren
Rd1: Laughren lands the double leg but gets caught in a guillotine. Laughren holds on but Sledzion tightens up the choke and coaxes the early tap.
Sledzion submits Laughren via Guillotine Choke @ :55 of Rd1

Jamie McLean vs. Jeff Harrison
Rd1: McLean comes out and lands a brutal teep kick straight to Harrison’s bread basket. McLean quickly body locks Harrison and both fighters jockey for position. An errant low blow by McLean briefly halts the action. McLean lands the takedown but Harrison cinches in the omoplota then quickly transitions for a triangle. McLean escapes just in time to eat some Harrison fists on the ground, Mclean gives his back, and the finish is academic. Harrison cinches in the RNC and the ref quickly stops the fight to save Mclean from dreamland.
Harrison submits McLean via Rear Naked Choke @ 3:43 of Rd1

Tyler Hardcastle vs. Kyle Vivian
Rd1: Tyler comes out swinging but Vivian throws back harder and rocks Hardcastle. Vivian lands an easy takedown and quickly takes Hardcastle’s back but Hardcastle stands and shrugs him off. Hardcastle tries to pounce on the grounded Vivian but he trips the leg and takes top position. Vivian quickly locks in the arm triangle. Hardcastle is able to turn out of the choke leaving Vivian on top. Hardcastle gives his back and Vivian sinks in the RNC but once again Hardlcastle fights it off. Hardcastle fights his way back to his feet and lands a few solid lateral elbows on Vivian who brings the fight right back down to the mat. Vivian lands in Hardcastle’s guard and finishes off the round with some GNP.
TopMManews scores the round 10-8 Vivian

Rd2: Vivian bullies Hardcastle up against the cage and lands the single leg. Hardcastle attempts an arm bar off his back but Vivian fights it off. Hardcastle transitions to a triangle and locks it in tight for the come from behind tapout finish.
Hardcastle submits Vivian via Triangle Choke @ 1:55 of Rd2

Marc Lefebvre vs. Christopher St. Jean
Rd1: Lefebvre attacks right away but eats a St. Jean jab. Lefebvre bullies St. Jean against the fence. St Jean lands a vicious superman punch then flurries on the stunned and bloodied Lefebvre. Lefebvre regains his composure and clinches against the fence then lands a body lock takedown. St. Jean rolls Lefebvre and winds up in mount. Oddly, St. Jean stands up. Once again, Lefebvre bullies St. Jean against the fence And works the knees to the body.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 St. Jean

Rd2: Slow start for the round, Lefebvre throws the kick, St. Jean catches it but cannot finish the takedown. Both fighters looking gassed, Lefebvre body locks and pushes St. Jean back up against the cage. An exhausted Lefebvre looks for the takedown but can’t finish. Clinched up against the cage, Lefebvre throws more knees to St. Jean’s body. After a restart, Lefebvre finally lands the takedown against the cage and lands in St. Jean’s guard. St. Jean quickly locks in a triangle attempt. Lefebvre escapes and looks for the knee bar. St. Jean takes mount and use some GNP to finish off the round.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-10

Rd3: Lefebvre again bullies St. Jean against the cage. St. Jean is finally able to separate and lands three solid hooks on Lefebvre forehead but once again Lefebvre clinches. St. Jean separates again lands two big knees from the Thai plum then a third knee while Lefebvre was ducking in. Lefebvre showing a chin of granite as St. Jean has thrown some hard shots but Lefebvre won’t go down.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 St. Jean
Lefebvre defeats St. Jean via Majority Decision (29-28, 30-27, 28-29)

Where to start? Firstly, some great fights took place tonight so let’s not take away from what was an exciting night of action. Secondly, Wreck MMA does a tremendous job supporting local and national charities with each and every event they put on – They are class acts. Lastly, some big news coming out of this card. Jesse Ronson will return to action in April at the next Ringside taking on a returning Mike Ricci. Mark Holst announces he’ll come out of retirement if Nabil Khatib wants to settle things.With Kalib Starnes’ win, he’ll now face Patrick Cote at the aforementioned Ringside card. And finally, Jesse Gross once again looked like the super prospect that he has been touted as and now requires a step up in competition. Oh and in case you haven’t heard Jordan Mein is now officially a stud; he just proved it.

Alright now, down to the hating. Let’s start with the refereeing, two obvious and flagrant fouls took place tonight that could have changed the outcome of a fight.  As well, there were a few decisions I disagree with.

  • Firstly, Jesse Ronson grabbing the fence pulling himself forward right before being swept lead to the fight ending arm bar. It may not have changed the outcome but most certainly changed the time of that outcome. What’s worse is the referee was right there in correct position and did not even mention it. I understand bracing yourself against the cage but putting your fingers through the cage, closing your fists, and using it too pull yourself forward cannot be allowed and at least should have warranted a stand up.
  • Secondly, Waardenburg landed an knee, ala Pride days Mark Coleman on Morvan’s skull, that the referee completely disregarded. Considering Guillard on Dunham and Noons on Gurgel, either make this a legal tactic or start calling the fouls. Please pick a side and stick to it refs.
  • Lastly, the two fights that went to decisions were completely wrong. Not just oops a close round it could have gone either way wrong, but who are the blind judges and what the hell are they watching? Note to judges if fighter A lands a takedown on fighter B and spends the next 5 minutes fighting off submission attempts then fighter B wins the round, this isn’t rocket science. St. Jean had a Lee Murray style robbery take place tonight, Lefebvre is a tough dude but did little more then hold St. Jean against fence and prove he likes the taste of MMA gloves. As for Waardenburg versus Morvan see aforementioned comment regarding judging.

Alright time for bed, got all the hating out of my system. It feels better.

29 Responses to “ WRECK Strong and Proud Play by Play ”

  1. harry balls says:

    I agree with Lefebvre -St. Jean.
    I really didn’t know which Morvan-Waardendburg was gonna go. That said i have never taken am MMA judging course haha.
    You know the old chestnut: Never leave it in the hands blah blah….

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  2. harry balls says:

    Addedum: I agree with YOUR take on Lefebvre -St. Jean, not the judges…

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  3. Steve says:

    Oh men Alka is fuckin’ killer. I really liked his walk out.

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  4. Vibealive says:

    I agree with all of that… what a great night of fights… The BEST Wreck event yet!

    I’d LOVE to see a Holst vs. Khatib fight though!!

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  5. Seb Chenier says:

    Agreed with the St-Jean robbery. I don’t know what fights the refs were watching but that fight wasn’t close. I think even Lefebvre was surprised that he got the win

    And the foul on Remi should have been called. It was flagrant and Dimitri got off scott free.

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  6. Conan says:

    Steve? What? How is Alka a killer? That was one of the most annoying entrances I have ever seen. How can someone be so into themselves to make an entrance like that? Showtimes wasn’t that much better. I think if they put as much focus into their preparation as their image perception they would have some good success in the cage.

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  7. many says:

    very proud of mark lefebvre that sob cant take a punch

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  8. harry balls says:

    +1 to Conan. There is a line between confident and arrogant. Maybe i am not the one to draw it, but i found both of those walk-ins offputting.

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  9. I am a sucker for walkins.

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  10. Conan says:

    I like a good walk in too. Diego Sanchez, Clay Guida to name a few. Those guys are in a zone when they come out. I feel the two I referred to just want to look good coming out.

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  11. Yeah…but I love the Kajan Johnson dancing and the Chris Stranger Standing Bear entrances too.

    They don’t have to be serious. Do you guys hate the Pride entrances as well?

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  12. Papagaio says:

    great night of fights!! wreck mma just put themselves on the map with that show.

    Mark Holst looked awesome in dismantling Wedderburn. (was there really any doubt?!)

    I agree that St-Jean got robbed. He landed the most damage and put up a few submission attempts. The thing I bet the judges looked at was that Lefebvre controlled St-Jean against the cage for more of the fight. (not landing any damage, but just controlling him)

    Jeff Harrison looked awesome.

    The Kalib Starnes fight was the most boring of the night. (the crowd wasn`t into it)

    Mein looked great against Joe Riggs. I hope to see more from him moving forward.

    But to recap…the fight of the night was owned by Mark Holst. Wedderburn came out trying to be the showmam with his entourage. Boots put an end to that pretty quickly.

    Where is Showtimes`s posse now?

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  13. Conan says:

    Keith, they just really came across as full of themselves. I wasn’t the only one to think that.

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  14. Paul Ebejer says:

    Well hands downs Wreck does it again and they prove every show that they are one of the best organizations out there! Big thanks to Nick & Kris for putting on yet again another amazing show. It was so good to see a lot of old friends and it was amazing to see some of the folks from Kandahar. Also continuing to support the folks that protect our country every day and folks the men and women that do protect our country do it cause they believe that we should have the right to be able to have the freedom to do the things that we love to do! Now to the fights! I’m very proud to say all the fights I’n one way or another made this show an honored to be part of. Hollywood Hardcastle showed his potential that night when most people counted him out, more so when his opponent came in almost 7 pounds over weight! Tyler you made Team TugBoat, your friends and family very proud of you that night and I know this is just the start to a very promising career. We worked the game plan to a tee! Alka Matewa you are a beast and this loss will make you rebound better then ever and when you come back at 155 I would not want to be the guy standing across from u in the cage!!!! For the poor judgement of the reffs and judges what can u really say besides WTF!!!!!! Again great night of action and can’t wait for the next card, wait till you meet the next member of Team TugBoat it will blow your mind! From Team TugBoat thanks to everybody that made this card possible.

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  15. Papagaio says:

    Paul, we`ve never met, but I just wanted to say that you look much more in your element leading your team from outside the cage.

    I was impressed with Hardcastle`s late comeback in the fight. As for Matewa, if he`s able to bring his ground game to the level of his Muay Thai, he`ll be a force!

    Good luck to you in the future.

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  16. Paul Ebejer says:

    You know I agree with you 100000000% and it felt great not to get my ass kick and it’s was a honor to watch my boys got at it! Tyler turned a lot of heads that night and Alka is off to Brazil I’n the next month for a few months! I have a really strong team coming into 2011 and you will 2 more of my guys I’n the next few months. Our teammate and ground coach Frank should be making his debut as a pro hopefully I’n may and this man is a bad ass on the ground! Your right it felt better to be out side of the cage instead of I’n it. Thanks for the support and hopefully we will meet up one day!

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  17. Papagaio says:

    Cheers to that! We do know some people in common, I`ll make a point to introduce myself next time around. Again…good luck in 2011!

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  18. Pat G says:

    Hardcastle impressed me with his resolve, his face looked like a hot iron was put against it. Vivian was fuckin GIVING IT to him but he managed to win impressively.

    I also wonder where Chrissy went.

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  19. David Letourneau says:

    Im not quite sure why anybody takes issue with any particular walkout to a cage or ring, Each person is different moments before they must go out and fight in front of a bunch of strange people who are gonna cheer or boo them. For the most part im a calm walkout guy but sometimes emotions just get you at the last second and you find your self ripping your clothes off way too early and screaming yes. what ever gets you in the right state of mind to go to battle.

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  20. Steve Green says:

    Alka matewa looked awesome. Hope to see him on the next card; Want to see MUAY THAI….

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  21. Pat G says:

    Matewa has awesome standup! His footwork, hands and MT in general are excellent. Hopefully he will fight again and the other aspects of his game will catch up.

    As for his walkin, who cares? It’s just their way of expressing themselves, entertaining the crowd and getting hyped.

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  22. Lux says:

    Marc Lefebvre had control on St.Jean 85% of the fight. Blood doesn’t mean more damage! Although there was alot of blood the cut was actually very small. The take downs by Lefebvre where hard. And his control was amazing. Congrats.

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  23. Paul Ebejer says:

    U will see both Matewa and Harcastle again I’n about 6 months! They both are back training already and they know what they need to make there game better and so do there coaches. Thanks again for all the support for Team TugBoat and we will be seeing you very soon!

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  24. Papagaio says:


    It’s no disrespect to Lefebvre. The fight could have been scored either way. (the judges didn’t all see it the same way either)

    He absolutely controlled St-Jean against the cage for most of the fight which is what gave him the decision, but some would argue that St-Jean landed the most damaging blows (not judging just by a cut), he rocked Lefebvre a few times, swept to mount at the end of round 1 and had some submission attempts.

    Some people might weigh that heavier than simple cage control. That’s all I’m saying.

    (not saying it’s controversial…Lefebvre did win the fight. maybe saying St-Jean was robbed was a bit of a stretch, but it could have gone his way)

    it’s like they say…never leave it in the hands of the judges!

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  25. Papagaio says:

    And the article up top also scored it for St-Jean.

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  26. Lux says:

    As per the article above:
    Note to judges if fighter A lands a takedown on fighter B and spends the next 5 minutes fighting off submission attempts then fighter B wins the round, this isn’t rocket science.

    What was failed to be metioned was that even though fighter A Landed a takedown, fighter B got out of it and was able regain control.

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  27. BigBoi says:

    Fight took place in Quebec.

    You are not fighting under the full unified rules in Quebec.

    It does not matter what the bottom fighter does, under Quebec rules the fighter on top is winning the fight.

    If Fighter A spends 3 minutes of 5 on top and gets beat up for the other 2 standing, Fighter A wins the round in Quebec.

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  28. Here are the official rules regarding Judging of Quebec MMA fights:

    195.18. The judge shall base his decision on the effectiveness of the contestants, taking into account the following factors:

    (1) a blow struck to any vulnerable part of the body;

    (2) aggressiveness, as demonstrated by the contestant’s forcing the fight during the round by making the greater number of attacks;

    (3) conspicuous ring generalship, that is, skill in swiftly taking advantage of all opportunities offered, and the ability to cope with all situations as they arise, to foresee and neutralize the opponent’s attacks and to adopt a style with the opponent is not particularly comfortable;

    (4) defence by skillful evasions and parries; and

    (5) the ability for a contestant to take down an opponent on the mat.

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  29. Thanks for posting that Gary. Those are definitely not the unified rules.

    Defense is not taken into account at all in the unified rules. As Big John said, the only bonus a fighter gets for good defense is that he gets to keep fighting.

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