Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford signs with Aggression MMA


Aggression MMA LogoAggression MMA LogoIt’s official. According to a tweet by Aggression MMA today, Edmonton’s Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford has signed a deal with Aggression MMA. It will be interesting to see what unfolds as earlier today the MFC confirmed that Ford is under contract with their organization until the end of September 2011.  Despite MFC claims, Ford did not mention that he was the target of any racial discrimination by Mark Pavelich.  Ford’s manager, Steve Gavin, countered the MFC’s claim that they have not been in contact stating that they have been in talks with MFC.  Ford’s side is saying that the MFC breached their contract by not paying Ford money due from tickets sold.

Aggression MMA is gaining some serious momentum in Edmonton following an announcement last week that they had acquired TFC (The Fight Club) – another Edmonton promotion. Aggression MMA also announced Josh Hill vs. Diego Wilson for the first ever Aggression MMA Bantamweight Title.

Stay tuned for more details as they unfold and we hear back from Top MMA News staff at the Aggression MMA Press Conference currently underway in Edmonton, AB.

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10 Responses to “ Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford signs with Aggression MMA ”

  1. NakMuay says:

    I look forward to hearing what the Pav has to say about this haha, im sure he will bitch and moan for months

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  2. Mike davis says:

    Wilson vs Hill has got me amped up holy crap this is going be amazing! Could not ask for a better title fight for 135 with guys out of the top 5!!! I am amped!!

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  3. Davis… that fight is truly the silver lining in today’s crazy Ford/MFC/Aggression day.

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    That title fight is sick! Would have loved to see that in BC, where Diego could have represented.

    I would like to see Aggression make a move back into Vernon/ Penticton. They could have done much better there on another weekend.

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  5. kev says:

    ford is an idiot. you cant have 2 contracts at once!!! No matter what they say about mfc pres mark pavelich, he’s running a business, and is doing a good job by the look of things.
    Ford shouldnt be signed by anyone, he has no credibility, cant even commit to a contract.

    I’ll never watch ryan ford fight again.

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  6. Pavelduche says:


    How many names do you have on here anyway?

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  7. ruckus780 says:

    Kev your an idiot,,,,obviously there aint 2 contracts,,,,pavabitch breached,,,,Ryan Ford upholds all of his commitments,,,,Look beneath the surface,,,Theres much more to this story then you know but anyways keep supporting mma and get your tickets for aggression in march and come see the most exciting welterweight in canada do his thing

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  8. BigC$ says:

    Ryan holds it down for his family, thats who he answers to, thats who he fights for. Wanna play?, you gotta pay! and apparently MFC was not paying so they maybe they will realize what they have when he’s gone. Keep it G’d UP Ryan!!

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  9. Marcus LMA Hicks says:

    Congrats Ryan,I know no matter what show ur on u’ll do big things. Keep ur focus on u and ur fam and doing what u do. I feel bad for the ‘REAL DEAL’s next opponent. Im sure hes gonna take his headaches out on you,lol

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  10. Duffy Young says:

    fords a fraud

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